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Mayla Green Sex Coach

Mayla Green's Sex Education

Last updated July 9th, 2019

Mayla Green is the resident sex coach at The Adult Toy Shop. She publishes tips on how to use sex toys, writes vibrator & dildo buyers guides and suggests unique ideas for couples looking to add erotic flair to their love life. With over a decade of experience working with adult toys & erotic novelties, her guides have insider tips you won't find anywhere else! The how-to articles and informative sex toy guides help you make a better and more confident decision heading towards the checkout page. She provides customers with unique ideas and perspectives that only a sex expert would know! Mayla has been featured in major publications such as Fatherly, Elite Daily, Kinkly,, Cosmopolitan, Romper, Yahoo Lifestyle and Bustle. If a customer calls to ask for advice, the answers given over the telephone are similar to the product information within these pages. The shy person will love this stuff - education without embarrassment! Never worry about asking a stranger a question. This is also a perfect resource for a first timer's reference. Enjoy!

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