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Types of Sex Toys | The Complete Sex Toy Guide

Last updated on August 21, 2020

The question "what are the different types of sex toys" seems like a generic query, but for the beginner who is curious about adult intimate pleasures, it's an obvious question to ask! If you're looking for video demonstrations or step by step instructions in hopes of enjoying your new type of adult toy to its fullest, you've come to the right place.

Written entirely by our sexpert with over a decade of experience working with adult toys & erotic novelties online. These sex toy guides, advice, and articles on various types of sex toys for men & women plus step by step video instruction and written manuals feature exclusive insider tips for amazing sex that you won't find anywhere else.

If a customer calls to ask for advice, the answers given over the telephone are similar to the product information within the sex toy guides below. The shy person will love this stuff - education without embarrassment! Never worry about asking a stranger a question.

Our Sexpert - Mayla Green


Mayla Green is our resident sexpert offering advice for amazing sex, she also teaches couples how to use adult toys and provides unique erotic sex tips for extreme wild passion. Mayla created all of our adult toy guides and blog entries detailing the different types of sex toys for men, women & couples who want to add excitement to their love life.

Her expert knowledge is an invaluable resource for our online store and also for our customers who trust her advice. Mayla has been featured in major publications such as: Ask Men, Business Insider, Fatherly, Elite Daily, Kinkly,, Cosmopolitan, Romper, Yahoo Lifestyle and Bustle Magazine.

Types of Sex Toys

It's a secret advantage exclusive for customers shopping with us to know more information about the different types of sex toys because once you explore one category, you'll notice familiar features among a range of dildos, for example.

So how do you know which one you'll like best? In the articles below explaining the types of sex toys, we explain the reason for these differences and what they mean for your pleasure in the bedroom. These buyers guides are essential reads before you shop!

Now that you know about the various types of sex toys, it's time to discover how to use them! The most comprehensive resource on the web complete with video demos & full step by step details. Sure you may think it's obvious, but even the most seasoned lovers can learn a thing or two from time to time and perfect their techniques. Sexual exploration is one of those exciting realms of humanity that is never lacking in innovation, new trends pop up all the time! This is a category not to be missed.

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Types of Sex Toys