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Dildos for Men

Buy dildos for men discreetly online. Prostate toys are the most common of all mens dildos; realistic shapes pack in the pleasure with minimal effort. Pegging is another type of male dildo, a popular practice for guys looking to discover new kinky ways to explore the realms of foreplay & sex.

50 Best Dildos for Men

Penis shaped and tapered male dildos are the most popular type of dildo for guys. Men enjoy the feel of anal stimulation during masturbation and foreplay with their partner, and some specifically choose a dildo with a curved shaft for prostate stimulation or a prostate dildo. There's even a few vibrating options and tiny probes for curious first timers that make an appearance on this best sellers list.

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Buying Your First Male Dildo

So you want to purchase a male dildo? You're not alone. This is a not-so-secret category for guys that's far more popular than anyone would expect. Newbies typically choose something with a thin or tapered head; “tapered” means that the tip comes to a slim, rounded point instead of a fat, blunt end.

Most of the dildos for men for sale are penis shaped. It's the top selling design. The advantage of a penis shaped dildo head is that you'll feel more pressure and the texture of the circumcised shaped mushroom head is a true delight when inserted into his anus.

If you're not comfortable using a penis shaped anal dildo, then try one of the more narrow, curved or slim probes. These toys are imported from the anal toys category. Men who do not want a phallic shaped anal toy typically choose the beaded pegging style probe first.

Some of the best guys dildos are for the prostate. They feature a curve or tilted shaft that rubs the male G-spot upon penetration. His backdoor pleasure zone, (also known as P-spot) is located a couple of inches inside the rectum, facing forwards.

Ram Trainer
One of our best selling dildos for men.

Vibrating Anal Dildos for Men

The other best selling male butt dildo vibrates too, the buzzing amplifies everything to a stunning finale. We absolutely suggest any customer buys a vibrating male anal dildo at least once! Some have multi function vibrating patterns, which are a good idea to have because some men find the constant vibration too intense.

A man typically begins with a prostate toy first and moves up to a male dildo later because some of these selections are larger and thicker than a beginner might like. Of course you can still buy a small and thin male dildo that's better suited for first timers. The feel of P-spot toy and dildo is similar, and they are interchangeable devices for his sexual stimulation.

To sum up the selection of man dildos for sale, realistic dildos for men fulfill a gay fantasy and vibrating dildos provide a powerful buzz. Inflating probes offer a completely unique feel compared to any other toy, these are a whole new dimension for the advanced user.

Straight & Gay Dildos for Men

Regardless if you are gay or straight, all guys experience equal sexual satisfaction from butt play. The anus is jam packed with sensitive nerve endings that greatly enhance sexual pleasure. Guys who buy a male dildo report much stronger orgasms, and even more forceful ejaculations.

Why? Pressure back there intensifies the sensation of masturbation. The massive collection of nerve endings are just inside the anus, so it doesn't take deep penetration to stimulate the region.

In fact, you don't even need to insert anything into the anus, you can buy a cheap guys dildo and press the rounded head on the anus without even inserting it all the way. Most men who are purchasing a large dildo will start out by pressing it on the sphincter first which will eventually relax and loosen to the point where the head can be inserted.

It's the same premise with anal sex. Guys like to use a realistic dildo before anal sex because it helps them relax and “trains” the anus into being able to accept something thicker, like a man's erection. This sounds like a tip for gay men, but straight guys employ the same tactics.

The Best Mens Dildo Tip for Big Pleasure

Vibro Butt Buddy
Stun your butt with intense vibration.

Squeamish about inserting something into your butt? You don't even need to insert anything into the sphincter to enjoy sexual pleasure! The massive collection of nerve endings lie just inside the sphincter, but you don't need full-on insertion to feel good.

Firm, blunt pressure over your anus is all you need to experience the jolt of pleasure. This is one of the reasons why guys purchase a large male dildo with a wide head – they're not necessarily intended for penetration, but the wide head offers presses over a larger area stimulating the nerves. A bonus? It the head is big, you don't have to worry about it accidentally slipping in.

Secret of the Small Non-Phallic Male Dildos

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of anal stimulation during masturbation, but are not interested in an obvious looking penis shaped anal sex toy, select one of the non-phallic option instead. These are usually thin probed shaped toys that poke into the butt easily.

The mild stretch of the anus is very invigorating. Tilt the toy forward toward your testicles and you'll notice the tingle of prostate stimulation. The sensation is similar to as butt plug, but the main reason to try one of these long handles devices instead is because they are easier to control and move.

A plug is designed to be stationary whereas the dildo for men is a device made to be jiggled, swayed, poked and thrust. It's also easier to couples who are wanting to try anal foreplay; one partner handles the toy while the other has his hands busy doing other things! Your imagination is truly the limits.

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