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Anal Toys

Buy anal toys for men, women and couples discreetly online. Anal sex toys enhance pleasure & orgasms for everyone. Butt toys can be huge for maximum stretching or small for gentle training. If you're a beginner or have a giant stash of anal play toys already, find the best anal dildo, trainer plug or deep tickler for sale today.

Best Selling Anal Sex Toys

Buy the most popular female and male anal toys on sale. Chosen from all subcategories and price points from cheap to luxury and experience levels from beginners to experts. A perfect sampling of fun anal sex toy ideas found within our online adult sex shop to boost pleasure in a huge way.

Buy Anal Toys for Men, Women & Couples

There are no subcategories dedicated to gender specific adult anal toys, but if you're looking exclusively for a big selection of mens or womens anal sex toys, the following quick guide will steer you in the right direction to make sure you find something best suited to your specific needs. Also check out full descriptions & pictures of the types of anal toys before you shop.

1. Anal Toys for Men

When it comes to ass toys for him, it's all about prostate stimulation. The prostate gland is also known as the P-Spot and is located inside the rectum, a mere 2 or 3 inches inside the anus sphincter facing the front. Big pleasure originates from this tiny spot!

Guys often use butt toys during masturbation because when pressure is applied to the prostate, it makes his ejaculations feel incredibly strong. Of course he will experience the same benefit during sexual intercourse – huge orgasms that feel ultra intense and last longer than normal.

2. Anal Toys for Women

Female butt toys feel best when used during sex or playing with vibrators or dildos. When the space inside the rectum is filled, it pushes against the vagina making it feel tighter. Anal training toys are perfect starter plugs for getting used to the feeling of anal stimulation.

She doesn't need to purchase a large probe, even a slim teaser has the same effect. Every movement from the dildo, vibrator or her partner's penis feels more sensitive and erotic; the anal pleasure enhancement is quite substantial. Check out the trendy diamond butt plug made just for gals!

When she wears a large ass toy, the bigger space it takes up inside the rectum encourages vaginal penetrations to "push" forward to the front of her body which increases the pressure placed on her G-Spot. Needless to say, she'll experience a massive orgasmic impact during both sex and masturbation.

Fun anal toys

3. Anal Toys for Couples

Anal sex with toys is the perfect way to spice up lovemaking in a naughty way. Pegging sex is by far the most popular kinky bedroom activity for men and women. Couples often enjoy anal stretching with anal trainer dildos and kits.

Training and stretching are often the first step before trying backdoor sex for the first time. Beginners always should start with something small and slim; the best anal toy for comfort.

The tissue inside the anus is delicate and rectal insertion often feels uncomfortable if the sphincter is not accustomed to the sensation of being stretched open.

Lovers who return to shop again often order vibrating and inflatable toys for the second round. These are very common for couples to play with together; the final frontier of playful kinky sex!

Large Ass Toys for Experts, Small Butt Toys for Beginners

Looking to order a specific size online? Check the filters at the top of the store page. Here you can select by size (small, medium or large) and length. Also get some fun ideas from our blog post on beginner anal toys.

If you want a discreet gentle tickler for first timers, choose something short, under 5 inches long. If you prefer to buy a deep & long anal dildo, then select the filter to show all big anal toys between 8-9 inches long.

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