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Clit Stimulators & Toys

Clit toys are designed for sexual arousal. If you have a low libido or vaginal dryness, this tiny vibrating stimulator will spice up the sex life. Clitoral stimulators are not just sex toys for women, couples use them together during foreplay. Our clit massagers for sale range from subtle for a gentle tease, to ultra powerful for a thrilling orgasm.

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Buy Clit Toys for Foreplay Fun

Clitoral stimulators are the most diverse category of female vibrators for sale. The vast array of designs, textures and clever uses seems virtually unlimited, sex toys for the clit increase your sexual pleasure and add excitement to your sex life.

New to all of this? Our clit stimulator guide explains it all! Knowing that the clitoris is a hot spot for sexual arousal and the key to unlocking powerful orgasms, we have the best clitoral vibrator toys for sale perfectly designed to improve masturbation, foreplay and sexual intercourse.

The selection of clit toys for sale with cute characters, adorable animals and pretty translucent color shades are the best choice for a hesitant beginner seeking gentle erotic massaging stimulation to get the mind and body in the mood for sex.

Some clit massagers are shaped like adorable critters such as a rabbit, dolphin or butterfly for pretty feminine appeal. The most modern, luxurious and popular of them all however is the Satisfyer Pro 2, one of the world's best selling and most famous clit pumps.

When a couple contacts us asking for first timer sex toys to enjoy together, we love suggesting the best clit stimulators. They are super fun to use with your partner and add a playful edge to your sex life. No vaginal penetration required for sexual arousal, so hesitant first timers don't need to worry about awkward feelings about a dildo getting in the way, clit toys are for external stimulation.

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Best Clit Sex Toys for Teasing Stimulation

If you're looking for instant gratification, some of the more powerful clitoral toys are capable of producing intense orgasms in an amazingly short amount of time, for example, the famous yet cheaply priced pocket rocket massager or clit sucking vibrator. There is no better "bang for the buck"! 

Most clit massagers are wireless for better portability and discretion. Other categories of clit sex toys include the hands free strap on with clit stimulator, small fingertip sex toys, cheap pocket rocket dildos and cock ring vibrators with external teasers.

The top shelf pick is the clit sucker with pumping and suction for a highly intense and powerful sexual experience while tiny tongue vibrators simulate oral sex.

Clitoral Stimulators & Massagers for Sexual Arousal

Clitoral stimulators are our favorite tiny vibrator for women who require additional sexual stimulation in order to relax in preparation for sex. The best clit toys are a popular choice for women who have a low libido and need a helping hand in the bedroom. The finger vibrator is a popular choice for couples during foreplay.

While the clitoris is massaged, the teasing sensation puts the mind “in the mood” for sex and as a result, helps the vagina to become wetter, the hall mark of a good female sex toy. Clitoral stimulation toys encourage the vagina to produce natural lubrication and feel more relaxed before sexual intercourse.

Clit stimulators are often purchased by seniors and mature women. They are the most gentle of all vibrators and only used externally massaging the clitoris making it the best option for menopausal women.

The subtle tickling sensation won't overwhelm a gal with sensitivities down there. On the other hand, some sucking or vibrating clit massagers are supremely powerful with a multi speed motor and firm touch for instant orgasms.

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