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Clit Stimulator Toys

Clitoral stimulation greatly enhances the female orgasm. Clit toys are tiny external vibrators that massage the clitoris to increase pleasure during foreplay, masturbation and before penetrative sex. Shop our clit sucking toys, teasers, & clit stimulator sex toys for intimate tingling sensations.

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Best Clit Toys to Enhance Sexual Pleasure

The clitoris is the most sensitive erogenous zone and stimulating it with a sex toy unleashes intense orgasms. Clit massage with a small external vibrator feels intense and highly stimulating as it increases female sexual pleasure.

Clitoral stimulation with a massager, clit sucker toy or licking sex toy is the best way for couples to explore intimate foreplay together. Additionally, using a clit sex toy benefits women with vaginal dryness since the stimulating sensation encourages the body to produce its own natural lubrication.

The clit stimulator toy is best for ladies with a low libido who need to relax before sex. Let the teasing, massaging vibration take you away into ecstasy. Play with your clit toy alone for shameless self-love or play with your partner and spice up the sex life!

What is the Most Powerful Clitoral Stimulator?

Enrapture Warming Clit Vibe is the best clit stimulator capable of producing a clitoral orgasm within seconds. The extra powerful rechargeable vibrator has a large licking, kissing and teasing flap that covers the entire clitoral hood. It is our Sexperts personal favorite clitoral stimulator for women.

If you're seeking a vibrator with intense power, be sure to check out our selection of clitoral vibrators for sale. These dual motor vibrators for women provide a combination of vaginal insertion and clit stimulation for a complete blended orgasm.

Types of Clit Stimulator Sex Toys

If you're a beginner, shopping for a clit stimulator can be overwhelming; there are so many choices! Our Sexpert guide will help you pick the best clit toy according to what type of clitoral stimulation that feels best for you. Women are different in our likes & dislikes and with this many varieties, every gal will surely find their best sex toy!

  • Clit Sucking Toy - Satisfyer Pro 2 is our best selling clit sucker toy. The hypersonic air pulse toy creates a sucking sensation that can be used on any erogenous zone, great for nipple and clit play.
  • Clit Licking Toy - Kisser Clitoral Stimulator is a cheap tongue vibrator that feels slippery and smooth, just like a lover performing gentle licking oral sex. We think this is the best clit toy for beginners.
  • Clit Massager / Teaser - Exciter Clitoris Vibrator is the perfect small teaser for solo play; simply lay on the bed and hold the long handle to stimulate the clit with the textured & angled massager tip.
  • Pocket Rocket Vibrator - Revitalize Clit Stimulator is the standard pocket rocket sex toy that includes three caps that provide varying sensations. A perfect adult toy gift idea for women.
  • G Spot Clit Vibrator - Dual Kiss G Spot Clit Vibe is a budget friendly yet high quality vibrator that provides both internal & external stimulation. It's waterproof so have some fun in the shower!
  • Bullet VibratorBullet vibrators are simple & discreet, a contrast in design compared to stimulators with rabbit or butterfly designs. They are best used to help a woman have an orgasm during sex.
  • Finger VibratorFinger vibrators are made for lovers to explore each others bodies during intimate play. A gentle and subtle sexual enhancer that is one of the most popular erotic gift ideas.
  • Clit Sucker – There are two varieties of clit suckers: Vacuum suction devices or air pulse stimulators. Both female sex toys directly target the clitoris with pinpoint and intense sucking stimulation.

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