Rabbit Vibrators

A rabbit vibrator is the most prized womens sex toy and a fundamental bedroom accessory. To all first timers: We'll help you choose one!

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  1. Original Jack Rabbit
    Original Jack Rabbit
    Special Price $70.46 was $86.99

    A treat for the senses with the finest clitoral stimulator.

  2. Petite Jack Rabbit
    Petite Jack Rabbit
    Special Price $55.88 was $68.99 As low as $55.10

    Finally, the Jack Rabbit comes in a smaller size!

  3. Advanced Jack Rabbit
    Advanced Jack Rabbit
    Special Price $68.84 was $84.99

    G-spot love, clitoral buzzing & beaded shaft. Ooh-la-la!

  4. Triple Flex Vibrator
    Triple Flex Vibrator
    Special Price $46.97 was $57.99 You Save $11.02

    Stunning power & bending shaft make this a favorite.

  5. Dual Rabbit Vibrator
    Dual Rabbit Vibrator
    Special Price $34.82 was $42.99 You Save $8.17
    Out of stock

    Our favorite budget sex toy with lots of power!

  6. Thrusting Butterfly
    Thrusting Butterfly
    Special Price $54.26 was $66.99

    Thrusts up & down. A party in your pants & you're invited!

  7. Mini Rabbit Wand
    Mini Rabbit Wand
    Special Price $27.53 was $33.99

    Thinnest & most silent rabbit vibrator ever made.

  8. Dual Kiss
    Dual Kiss
    Special Price $25.91 was $31.99

    Powerful, inexpensive & sure to make you smile.

  9. The Wild Vibe
    The Wild Vibe
    Special Price $72.08 was $88.99

    Get ready for the finest shower companion in the world.

  10. Blush Rabbit Vibrator
    Blush Rabbit Vibrator
    Special Price $76.94 was $94.99

    Extra motor = extra fun! Sex toy innovation at its finest.

  11. Intermediate Jack Rabbit
    Intermediate Jack Rabbit
    Special Price $64.79 was $79.99

    Staggered beads offer a truly original sensation.

  12. Posh Thumper
    Posh Thumper
    Special Price $23.48 was $28.99

    Who said size matters? This sweet thing doesn't think so!

  13. Blush Desire
    Blush Desire
    Special Price $29.15 was $35.99

    Budget option cuts the cost without cutting corners.

  14. Thrusting Stroker Rabbit
    Thrusting Stroker Rabbit
    Special Price $63.98 was $78.99

    Beaded thrusting vibrator shaft moves up & down.

  15. Twisty Clit Stem
    Twisty Clit Stem
    Special Price $55.88 was $68.99

    Supremely sexy & stylish luxury vibe for ladies.

  16. Fluttering Butterfly
    Fluttering Butterfly
    Special Price $34.82 was $42.99

    Slim, velvety vibe with 2 motors & 10 functions.

  17. Evolved Sweet Vibe
    Evolved Sweet Vibe
    Special Price $58.31 was $71.99

    A super orgasmic treat best for smaller women.

  18. Thrusting Orgasm
    Thrusting Orgasm
    Special Price $122.30 was $150.99

    Softest thrusting rabbit vibrator we've ever seen!

  19. Ribbed Rockin' Eve
    Ribbed Rockin' Eve
    Special Price $51.02 was $62.99

    Check out this soft & thin crazy ribbed shaft!

  20. Black Velvet Clit Vibe
    Black Velvet Clit Vibe
    Special Price $18.62 was $22.99 You Save $4.37

    The classiest vibe with lots of power and little noise.

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70 items