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Rabbit Vibrators & Dildos

The jack rabbit vibrator is a fundamental bedroom toy for women. The best rabbit vibrators with dual motors, G spot curve and rotating dildo heads combine clitoral & vaginal stimulation to produce a powerful, long lasting orgasm. Thrusting styles with beads add an erotic internal massage and the bunny ears are ergonomically shaped to hug the clitoris.

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Buy a Rabbit Vibrator and Enjoy a Full Body Orgasm

A jack rabbit vibrator is one the best ways for a woman to achieve a full body orgasm. What is a full body orgasm? It is the stimulation of her 3 top erogenous zones at the same time: G Spot, clitoris and vagina. Learn how to use a rabbit vibrator to experience this level of incredible sexual pleasure.

The rabbit vibrator has an insertable vibrating shaft and an external bunny ear shaped stimulator that vibrates next to the clitoris. The best styles have spinning pearls in the dildo. The most powerful, original and premium quality silicone rabbit vibrators have two motors:

The first motor is located in the rabbit dildo shaft that inserts into the vagina. This motor has a mechanism that gyrates and as a result, the shaft rotates in a 360 degree circle. Often the shaft is stacked with several rows of metal beads or plastic pearls that rotate on an axis in rhythm with the shaft. The second motor is located in the rabbit sex toy itself.

Rabbit Vibrator Ears

If you enjoy powerful vibration, buy a jack rabbit vibrator with a stiffer build. For a lighter touch, purchase a one with a flexible stimulator. In each product description we've described the flexibility of the bunny so you'll know how firmly it fits next to your body. For a complete sexual experience, buy a beaded rabbit ears vibrator with a rotating head and dual motor.

Rabbit Dildo FAQ

Q. Why are jack rabbit vibrators so famous?

A. The top reason why the rabbit vibrator is heralded as the best vibrator for women is because the split ears caress the clitoris from both sides, not just from the top like many other female sex toys. When the clitoris is completely surrounded by strong vibrations, it's enough stimulation to produce an orgasm within seconds. Furthermore, they mostly come in the appealing feminine colors of pink & purple.

Q. Do G Spot rabbit vibrators work?

A. Yes, they produce a more powerful orgasm. To enjoy the trifecta of sexual pleasure, select a G spot rabbit vibrator. They are easy to distinguish from the pictures, simply buy one with a forward facing curve. When the bunny ears contact the clitoris, the curve naturally rubs the G Spot. The rotating dildo head gives you a “massaging” feel inside your body which has some serious “wow” factor!

Q. What are the different types of rabbit sex toys for sale?

A. Most are battery operated, but the new trend features a USB rechargeable motor. It's an environmentally friendly option and the power is comparable to vibrating sex toys that require 4 batteries. Thrusting rabbit dildos have a shaft that moves up & down and sizes range from thin & small to thick & large rabbit vibrators depending on your personal preference. Consider a waterproof bunny sex toy for fun in the shower.

Q. Where can I read rabbit vibrator reviews?

A. Each adult toy has real first hand customer reviews available to read before you make your purchase online from our website. If you have additional questions about a particular feature such as the difference between rotating, the thrusting rabbit vibrator, and various silicone or beaded styles, our expert female staff are always happy to answer your questions to help you buy the best bunny vibrator to make you happy.

Q. What is the difference between jack rabbit and Jessica rabbit dildo?

A. They are identical, the only difference is the name. “Jessica Rabbit Vibrators” are named after the provocative adult cartoon character. It's an endearing term implying the lady who owns a Jessica Rabbit is a sexually charged, highly erotic woman. The “Jack Rabbit Vibrator” is in reference to the quick & voracious critter with a reputation for craving sex, this is an aptly named style in imitation of the fast rotating shaft and powerful vibrating stimulator.

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