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Sex Toys for Couples

Buy couples sex toys discreetly online. It's the perfect remedy for married partners who are stuck in a sex rut. If your love life is boring, try a new romantic novelty or fun marital aid today. We like to say: "sex is not just for procreation, it's for recreation too!"

50 Best Sex Toys for Couples

This best sellers list is full of fun ideas & inspiration to improve your sex life. Is foreplay a thing of the past? Spice it up with these popular erotic toys for partners. If you're into fetish, romance or simply love being playful in the bedroom with your spouse, you're sure to find the perfect accessory here.

  1. Hollow Jock Strap On Dildo
    60% of 100
    Hollow Jock Strap Harness
    $45.76 $56.50 You Save $10.74
  2. Cloud 9 Pocket Rocket
    Cloud 9 Pocket Rocket
    $8.09 $9.99 You Save $1.90
  3. Slugger Black Penis Sleeve
    85% of 100
    Slugger Black Penis Sleeve
    $17.81 $21.99 You Save $4.18
  4. Apprentice Life Like Strap-On
    100% of 100
    Apprentice Life Like Strap-On
    $51.02 $62.99 You Save $11.97
  5. Nipple Vices
    100% of 100
    Nipple Vices
    $18.62 $22.99 You Save $4.37
  6. Advanced Nipple Suckers
    100% of 100
    Advanced Nipple Suckers
    $9.71 $11.99 You Save $2.28
  7. Lust Finger Sleeves
    100% of 100
    Lust Finger Sleeves
    $5.66 $6.99 You Save $1.33
  8. Garter Harness Strap-On for Women
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    Garter Harness Strap-On for Women
    $70.87 $87.50 You Save $16.63
  9. Lovers Remote Control
    60% of 100
    Lovers Remote Control
    $54.07 $66.99 You Save $12.92
  10. Finger Anal Pleaser
    Finger Anal Pleaser
    $12.14 $14.99 You Save $2.85
  11. Vac-U-Lock Realistic Strap-On
    92% of 100
    Vac-U-Lock Realistic Strap-On
    $94.93 $117.20 You Save $22.27

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Couples Sex TOYS are for Fun!

We've helping couples spice up their love life with fun sex toys for over 10 years online and have witnessed the evolution of the industry from dirty and taboo to something that's cherished and viewed in a playful light. Most notably, it's the attitude of couples in the bedroom that has changed now that lovers know how to use sex toys together.

Sex is no longer stuffy and serious, it is fun and enjoyable. We like to say: "sex is not just for procreation, it's for recreation too!" In fact, the term "couples sex toys" implies just that - it should be playful, they are "toys" after all!

Sex Toys for Couples in Long Term Relationships

Sex toys for couples are a godsend after several years of marriage when sex becomes routine and ordinary. We hear it all the time, and its even happened to us! We're in loving committed marriages too, but lovemaking eventually becomes stale. So pick up an erotic accessory or two and enjoy a refresh to your bedroom adult play. Vac-U-Lock adapters & attachments are one of the highest quality romantic accessories for partners.

Start simple with personal lubricant, it's the single most important adult novelty lovers can try. Learn how to apply lube and do it right for maximum erotic pleasure during lovemaking, masturbation and foreplay.

Unique Adult Novelties for Couples

Strap on dildos are the most typical style of couples toy simply because it takes 2 people to use one. Expand your horizons a little more and discover why a vibrator is the best toy for couples to use in the bedroom: it's all about incorporating the vibrator into foreplay.

Looking for a fun suggestion? Check my list of best couples vibrators. Another example is a clitoral toy; great for helping the woman orgasm multiple times during foreplay so when the time comes for intercourse, the sensation in her body is simply stellar. Nipple toys, suckers and vibrators are a fun, sexy accessory for partners - a light pinch or suction on the nipple enhances foreplay. Your partner will enjoy the sight of the dangling clamps too!

Vibrating penis rings and penis sleeves are an exciting sexual aid for couples, they both slide onto the man's erection and stimulate the partner during lovemaking. The quintessential adult toy for couples, learn how to put on a penis sleeve to make lovemaking feel more original and different and how to use a penis ring to add a nice buzz and some hands free texture to intimate adult playtime.

We suggest that partners buy dildos together. It's a delightful experience to watch your partner reach a powerful orgasm from a toy that you've been handling. A husband and wife can use a small stimulator before intercourse, he holds it on her clitoris and it helps her relax, so when it comes time for penetration, his erection feels so welcome in her vagina.

Romantic or kinky adult games and novelties like sex dice make fun sexy gifts to turn the affair into an entire night of romance and erotic fun. With the huge selection of adult toys for couples, your love life will never be in a funk again!

If you're looking for additional information or some recommendations for an adult gift idea for your spouse, we're always happy to help. Please call, email or click the "Ask a Question" tab on any product page. We'd love to hear from you!

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