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Penis Sleeves & Extensions

Cock sleeves & extenders are a popular sex toy for men to add new sensations to penetrative sex for both partners. Large cock extensions add extra length and girth to the dick while realistic penis sleeves enhance sexual pleasure. Most cock sheaths and penis extension sleeves have a firm tip that adds an extra inch or two.

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Buy a Cock Sleeve to Enhance Sex

Penis sleeves & realistic cock sheaths are a fun sex toy for lovers who want to add excitement to the sex life and make intercourse feel different. Vibrating cock extender sleeves provide extra stimulation for both partners. Discover how to use a penis sleeve for all the details, instructions and more before you buy a cock sleeve for sale online.

This users guide explains everything beginners and first timers need to know about penis sleeves and cock sheaths. It explains the differences between various sizes & types of cock extensions for sale and describes what sex with a small or thick realistic cock sleeve feels like for both men and women.

If you'd like a personal recommendation on the best penis sleeve to buy, review our comprehensive best penis sleeve listing complete with video reviews and tutorials to get the most pleasure during sex.

Amplify sex and buy a penis sleeve toy that feels ultra realistic made of body safe silicone to feel like real skin. These stretchy male penis extender devices are comfortable and highly luxurious and are available for sale in black, brown or white. Thin extenders work just as well for men with a small penis who simply want to make it longer.

Penis Sleeve Extensions to Increase Length and Girth

Cock extensions can add girth or length to the penis, or have ribbed or bumpy texture to enhance sexual pleasure for both partners.

The sheath slides over the dick to make sex feel different by adding girth or length to the natural erection size. Yes, the size will be bigger instantly when sliding the sheath over the shaft, but as soon as you remove it, the dick returns to its natural size.

Thick and big male extender sex toys have a secondary purpose you may not be aware of: Penis girth sleeves reduce sensations for the wearer to delay ejaculation. The thicker the sides, the more he'll experience reduced sensation during intercourse to help him gain more staying power in the bedroom.

Big cock sleeves add massive gains to the girth and overall size of his erection. If you're looking for a huge or thick erection enhancer for lovemaking, we've got you covered with some of the best and largest girth enhancers available for sale.

Check out the full details about our huge cock sleeves for sale here before buying online. It lists the best and most popular dick enhancer sheaths for men.

Best penis sleeve

Using a Cock Sheath for Added Sensation

A cock sheath is a clingy ribbed or realistic penis sleeve that slips over the entire dick. With this exciting erotic accessory, you can enhance your penis size, thicken the penis shaft, add length or enjoy one of the myriad of extra features providing added stimulation.

Penis extenders add extra insertable length for both the wearer and their partner. Penis enhancers can be combined with a cock ring for extra staying power to boost the strength of a partially erect dick.

Furthermore, it will reduce sensation for the wearer slowing premature ejaculation while providing more stimulation for her. The penis extension can be attached to cock rings or a ball strap to prevent it from falling off during sex.

Vibrating cock extension sleeves offer intense stimulation from a tiny vibrator that hides inside the sheath in a specially made pouch or pocket. Feel the buzz with a vibrating penis sleeve.

Do I Need an Erection to Put on a Cock Sleeve?

Yes, a penis sleeves will only work if the wearer can get an erection.

The entire penis must be erect. If you put a dick extension over a flaccid penis, it will just all off. For men who cannot become fully erect, the cock sheath won't work, they are too soft to be usable without the extra support from an erection.

If the dick is partially flaccid, wearing cock rings can help to hold it in place. If this is your case buy a penis extension that covers the entire shaft. Wear tight fitting cock rings to hold the cock sheath in place during intercourse.

Choosing your Penis Extension Enhancer

Shopping for male sex toys to spice it up? If you're looking to make your dick larger, longer or thicker, or add girth, check out the pictures and video demos of the best penis sleeves before ordering.

Each dick sleeve product page features a video demo plus multiple pictures with views from various angles. You can see exactly what these sex toys look like when worn and how easily the body safe silicone stretches around your cock and how much length and girth increase and extension to expect.

Solo play? Sure you can double these up as masturbation sleeves for men. If this is your intent, make sure to buy a penis extension that fits loosely or is larger than your penis size when fully erect. Buy one of our prostate massagers and enjoy your new sex toys combo!

Types of Extenders & Penis Sleeve Sex Toys

  • Cock Extensions - Have a firm tip to increase length anywhere between 1 and 3 inches.
  • Realistic Penis Sleeves - Feels like a real penis, but the added girth and length improves pleasure.
  • Vibrating Penis Sleeves - Has a vibrator that fits into the tip of the extender, or an external vibrator that stimulates the balls.
  • Huge Cock Sleeves - For big fantasy penetration, these kinky sex toys are for the daring & brave only!
  • Cock Sheaths - Thin penis enhancers that add texture but do not provide size gains or extension.

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