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Fat Boy Ultra Girth Sleeve

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Beef up your dick and increase girth while maintaining comfort with the Fat Boy Ultra huge penis sleeve. It even comes with a stand! (Shown in the 3rd photo).

This is the most sensual dual purpose masturbation / girth sleeve we've seen in along time, the silky feel is higher quality than most. The silicone based material is called SilaSkin and took the manufacturer a year to develop the formula to get it just right – the perfect blend of silkiness, softness and stability for sex.

The deeply ribbed interior is peppered with tiny soft bumps that enhance the ribbed sensation even more. Thanks to the added texture this sleeve effectively doubles as a masturbation sleeve for men.

We flipped the sleeve inside out to show the texture, shown in the 5th photograph. The sleeve has been inverted, exposing the ribbed tunnel with edgy bumps along the way. Masturbate with this during moments alone - the closed tip contains the ejaculate and easily flips inside out for complete cleaning.

The original intended purpose is a sex aid for couples - slip it over your erection before intercourse. She will enjoy the smooth silky exterior while he feels the interior bumps.

It is the only penis extension made that offers men sensation too - usually sleeves only provide women with pleasure, but it is time to change what we know about penis extensions - the new wave has arrived - pleasure for men too!

Luxurious and never too tight, the padded testicle strap surrounds the scrotum like a soft, delicate hug and also prevents the sleeve from slipping off during lovemaking. Be impressed with complete and utter quality.

Total length: 7 1/2 inches
Added length:
1/2 inch
Added girth:
1 inch
SilaSkin – soft Silicone
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:
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