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Cherry Arousal Gel

Tingling arousal sex gel perfect for tantalizing cunnilingus.

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Cherries, the symbol of sexuality combines with a tantalizing tingling formula that enhances each touch, each lick and each breath over the skin. Designed to be applied to the clitoris. Adds a tingling feel and makes oral sex taste better too eliminating any body conscious issues concerning odors or tastes. Contains Vitamin E and L-Arginine for soothing skin and a light tingle that's safe for your body.

Curious about other way to use this gel? Put a drop on your finger pad and press onto the clitoris. Be sure to spread it in a circular motion and reach under the clitoral folds. The tingling feel has a direct relation to natural vaginal lubrication, a woman who suffers from dryness will surely notice the sensation heightening, making the ides of sex as great as it used to be before menopause walked into your life! 5 fl. ounces

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