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Masturbation Sleeves

A small investment for superior pleasure, male masturbators are a hot commodity. Masturbation sleeves can be squishy soft with textured tunnels or closed ended to create blowjob-like suction on the penis. Hands free, vibrating and automatic male strokers are complex male sex toys that do all the work for you!

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Enjoying your New Masturbation Sleeve

  1. Poke some lubricant inside the tunnel with your finger and twist your finger inside until the entire tunnel is coated.
  2. Spread lube around the head & down the shaft of your penis. If you do not use enough lube, friction between your skin and the silicone or jelly can cause micro tears in the surface of any jerk off toy.
  3. Push your erection into the penis stroker hole and jerk off. Begin slowly so you can determine how much pressure is needed & where to hold it in order to prevent the male stroker from popping off your dick. (Using 2 hands to masturbate helps to give the device better stability and reduces the likelihood of it accidentally sliding off your erection.)
  4. To increase the tightness, squeeze harder. If you prefer jerking off quickly, hold the device loosely in your hand and jiggle.
  5. If your shower masturbator is open ended, squeeze the end closed to retain ejaculate so it doesn't spill out when you cum. (If it has a closed end, you can cum inside without needing to squeeze the tip).
  6. After you've ejaculated, rinse the tunnel with soap or toy cleaner & warm water. Cleaning is the same regardless of if it has a closed or open end. Rinse well and pat the surface dry.
  7. We suggest storing all male masturbation toys in the original box, or in a plastic container. Don't let it touch fabric, or it will attract dust & lint!

Automatic Strokers & Blowjob Toys for Better Pleasure

Looking for more pleasure? Consider the Automatic Stroker! Hands free sexual pleasure is yours. Vibrating stroker sex toys for men include a small bullet style vibrator that often rests in a pouch somewhere along the side.

Some auto stroker jerk off sleeves have vibrators positioned at the tip for vibration on the head of your cock, others have vibration in the middle so as you thrust the vibration sensation moves from base to tip.

Make your blowjob toy feel better with lube. Lubricant always helps to enhance comfort and is recommended every time you use a male masturbator or blowjob simulator. A nice wet sloshing feel creates quick and powerful ejaculations, and the wetness prevents friction with the material and reduces the chances the entry hole will tear. (Using one dry can cause the entry hole to tear and is never recommended.)

Some guys use a male stroker to practice delaying premature ejaculation by stroking until the moment they're ready to ejaculate – then stopping and letting it rest for a few minuets. Start again once you've calmed down and repeat the process. Delaying the orgasm is good training to last longer in bed, furthermore it feels incredible once you finally allow yourself to cum.

We love to promote male masturbation sleeves. They fulfill the quintessential “Less is More” mantra when it comes to sexual pleasure. Compared to other styles of sex toys for him, they don't look exotic and unfortunately are easily lost in the background when shopping solely via pictures online. These vibrating strokers are used for jerking off.

We must mention another mantra on this category of toys: “Don't judge a book by its cover”! These simple sex sleeves for men pack a powerful punch – and boost sexual pleasure more than you could imagine. Sex sleeves are discreet and easy to stash; truly the best sex toy for men looking to buy a male masturbator for the first time.

Ribbed Campus Stroker Sleeve
Masturbation sleeve entry hole.

The Male Masturbator Experience

Even though we're a sex store run by women, we've sent every one of these penis strokers home with our boyfriends and husbands to try them out before adding them for sale. Each of the best male masturbator toys passed the quality test and is worthy enough to offer to our customers.

Not every guy wants a realistic looking male stroker even though they're nice to look at. Sometimes a simple stroker toy does the trick. It's the easiest style of male sex toy but packed with interesting features that are designed for one sole purpose: to make jacking off feel better than your hand.

Male Masturbator Sex Toys for Two

Hands free masturbation sleeves are not just for solo use anymore, it's a popular sex toy for men to use during foreplay. Get him ready to go by lubing up the male masturbator and stroking his cock.

It's also a fun accessory to use while performing oral sex, some blowjob toys are short so the head pokes out of the open end when you push the tube down to the base of his erection. Kissing and sucking on the penis tip results in immense teasing pleasure.

It's the modern way for couples to pleasure each other. She has her vibrators, he has his masturbation sleeves. These automatic strokers are also common for gay couples, typically they will purchase two different styles and use them interchangeably on each other during foreplay.

Buy Automatic Masturbators Full of Features

We have divided this section into several different types by their features. Since the hands free masturbation toy is essentially an auto stroker tube for the dick, they must have some features to differentiate them from one another such as automatic blowjob simulators.

Firstly, the softer options tend to fit loose. For men with naturally large penises, this style should be your top choice. The tunnels are wider compared to the jelly or silicone tube.

Ribbed masturbation sleeves are very popular too since the ridged ribbed surface feels better the faster you jack off. In fact, our highest reviewed male stroker sleeves have a ribbed tunnel.

Honcho Sleeve
Automatic masturbator with suction imitates a blowjob.

These squishy pocket style automatic masturbators for men combine the pocket pussy with a male masturbator sleeve to keep it a compact size but with visual appeal that looks like sex with a woman.

Beaded male stroker sleeves offer a contrasting feel compared to non-beaded options. These feature plastic beads beads that roll over the erection during thrusting. The beads don't actually make direct contact with your skin however, they are positioned inside specially made pockets in the material.

When you insert your penis into the soft tunnel, the silicone or jelly sides stretch and as a result, the pockets of beads press against your skin. As you're stroking, the beads move inside the pockets and provide an interesting feel across the entire shaft. They roll, crunch and press on your erection.

Male Strokers are the Best Shower Companion

One of the top reasons we prefer these smaller male jack off toys over the full size pocket pussy is they require less maintenance therefore lending to a better & faster quickie in the morning. Shower masturbators are perfect for morning pleasure.

The tunnels are smaller and easier to wash, and since the entire toy is smaller than the vagina toy, they dry faster too. Grab your auto stroker toy, step into the shower and jack off. It's fast, easy, cheap and gets the job done. An easy thrill in the morning before you're off to work.

Jerk Off Toys vs. Vibrating Male Stroker Sleeves

Which style is the best masturbation sleeve for jerking off? That's a tricky question to answer because personal preference prevails. In the male stroker sex toy category above, we've listed the best sellers for men at the top. Any choice on the first page is the more popular option so choosing from the top 20 is always a safe choice.

The vibrating stroker jack off sleeves are an excellent gift idea for guys, understandably women aren't interested in buying a fake vagina toy for him, so the automatic stroker is the next best thing. We hope more couples use these toys together as they are fun, simple, help to prolong foreplay and aid in increasing erotic enjoyment.

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