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Sex Lube

Sex lube is essential for improving your pleasure during sex toy play & masturbation. Proper lubrication reduces friction and makes penetrative sex feel oh-so slippery and satisfying. Buy sex lube of all types including water based, silicone, oil, edible, anal, vaginal, warming for all your personal needs.

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Buy Lube for Women, Men & Sex Toys

Lube is the single most important accessory in your bedside table. Sex lube can make or break a good session and it is key to preserving the quality of your sex toy materials by preventing friction during intimate play.

We have several brands who make the best lube, most notably, KY jelly. You'll find different types of sex oil and personal lubricant suited for male masturbation, sex toy play and the best lube for women to increase pleasure during penetrative sex.

What is Lube and How Should I Use it?

Lubricant is a viscous liquid or gel that is applied to the penis, vagina, anus or sex toys to reduce friction and increase pleasure during sexual activity.

Lube is used to enhance comfort by adding slickness and improve sexual satisfaction by providing an erotic slippery glide. It is especially helpful for women with vaginal dryness and to prevent “tugging” on your vulva when you try to insert a dildo or vibrator.

How to use lube? Distribute it evenly across the insertable portion of the toy or the penis shaft. It helps to rim the vaginal entry with a finger to lubricate around the exterior so that initial insertion is comfortable without pulling pubic hairs.

Best Lube for Sex

It depends on what features you like most, but a natural lube that replicates the feel of vaginal lubricant is the most popular his and hers sexual lubricant for couples to use during vaginal penetrative sex.

Aloe Cadabra Organic Lube is just like a woman's natural lubrication. This water based lube is safe with sex toys and condoms. We love it because it's an edible lube too; the delicious scent and flavor is a bonus when it comes to oral sex!

Best Sex Toy Lube

Water based lube is always our top suggestion for your dildo. You will never have to worry about water based lube negatively affecting your sex toy materials like some silicone lubes will – especially if your toy is made of silicone (which most are these days).

ID Warming Lube is the best lube to use with womens dildos and vibrators & mens masturbators and stroker sex toys. It warms up slightly with friction and the viscous water based lubrication isn't too runny and also washes off easily when you're done.

Best Lube for Anal

When it comes to the best lube for anal play, thicker is better. Seek a gel lube or cream that will stay where you put it and won't squish off upon penetration either from the partner's penis or an anal toy or butt plug.

Our anal lube category has products including water based gels, relaxers, anal sex creams and even hybrid lubes for the butthole. Of course vaginal lube and anal lubricant are totally interchangeable, but a gel does make back-door experimentation better.

Types of Personal Lubricant

  • Water Based Lube – The most common type and the best cheap lube for sale. Compatible with all condoms & sex toys and won't stain your sheets.
  • Silicone Lube – Extra slick and slippery, won't evaporate or absorb into the skin but needs soap to be washed off properly. Not safe with silicone toys.
  • Edible Lube – Water based personal lubricant formulated with body-safe flavoring to taste sweet or savory. Primarily used by couples for blowjobs & oral sex.
  • Lubricant Gel – KY jelly is the most famous example of an extra thick jelly style water based natural lube. Cum lube is a gel made to look like semen.
  • Hybrid Lube – A blend of coconut oil or silicone with water based lube that is easier to wash off the body compared to full silicone based lubricant which requires soap to clean off.
  • Flavored Lube – Bask in a tropical scent that fills your room! Masks unpleasant odors of sex toys and/or anal sex and typically is an edible lube too.
  • Warming Lube – Has a body-safe additive that heats up as you rub. The best lube for dildos and womens vibrators to prevent a chill upon initial insertion.
  • Cooling Lube – Often has peppermint as an additive to add a tingling sensation. Good for clitoral stimulation but suitable as a lube for sex too.
  • Sex Oil – Oil based lubes are not compatible with condoms and are best used for male masturbation. Sex oil is the slickest of them all, but may stain your clothes or bed sheets.

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