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Personal lubricant is the single most important item in your bedside table. Buying sex lube is so important that it can make or break your pleasure. Every couple needs water based lubricant during sexual intercourse - every man needs silicone lube for masturbation - every woman needs warming lube for her sex toys & dildos.

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  1. ID Glide Personal Lubricant
    ID Glide Personal Lubricant
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  2. Mood Sex Lubricant
    Mood Sex Lubricant
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  3. ID Warming Lube
    ID Warming Lube
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  4. S-Liquid Silk Vaginal Lubricant
    S-Liquid Silk Vaginal Lubricant
    $10.52 $12.99 You Save $2.47
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Items 1-20 of 51


Why Should I Buy Lube?

Learn how to use lube before you begin shopping to find out all there is to know! We go into full detail about the benefits of moisture and wetness to your love life, and even have instructions and video demos.

Common reasons that adults buy sex lube online:

  1. It reduces friction between your skin and sex toy surfaces and makes the shaft glide smoothly into your body.
  2. It prevents the labia & vagina skin from tearing during hard sex.
  3. Flavored lubricants mask the scent & taste of oral sex, blow jobs or fellatio.
  4. Makes intercourse enjoyable for women with vaginal dryness.
  5. Silicone lube never dries out or absorbs into the skin during male masturbation.
  6. Water based lube is the only safe option to use with silicone vibrators & dildos.
  7. Anal lube helps with initial penetration, especially for first timers during training.
  8. Warming lubricant prevents the cold chill from your adult toys, (especially rubber toys!)
  9. Gel lubricants are less runny and more viscous than liquid formulas.
  10. All of our high quality gels and liquids do not stain your bedsheets. (Cheap lubes can leave oil stains!)
  11. It's the best way to test out your partner's acceptance of trying adult novelties in the bedroom. If lube is OK, try adult toys next!

Personal Lubricant Advice

If you're looking for the best sex lube, we suggest starting your search at the top and working your way down. The products listed here start with the best choices and most popular selling personal formulas at the top. Also check our list of best water based lubricants to learn which work best with condoms and sex toys.

ID brand, KY and Astroglide are seasoned favorite brands of millions of couples across America, but some smaller brands have unique formulas with tasty edible flavors such as cherry & chocolate.

Oil based options are popular for for men because they have a manly looking bottle so he doesn't feel weird using a woman's pretty bottle of sex lube on his erection! The applicators are ingenuous devices to help you apply lube into the anus, but they can also be used with masturbators and in the vagina.

Not all vaginal lubricants need to be used internally. Try a stimulating formula that tingles on the clitoris during mutual masturbation and foreplay.

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