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Wand Vibrators

Magic wand vibrators are the best discreet personal massager for women. Beginners wanting to try clitoral stimulation often choose a mini wand vibrator first because it does not have a phallic shape; furthermore, the device is often marketed as a body massager for sore neck or back muscles, not necessarily for intimate or sexual self pleasure. The Hitachi was the original magic wand massager for women, but small travel vibrators are popular since they are more compact.

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    Cutey Wand
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    Mini Rabbit Wand Vibrator
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    Slender Tulip
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14 Items

Wand Vibrators: The Most Discreet Personal Massager

Magic wand vibrators are the perfect discreet personal intimate massager for women who do not want to purchase a traditional vibrator sex toy. Vibrating wand sex toys are designed for clitoral stimulation, but you can also experiment and use it to tickle or tease your lover during foreplay. They are also awesome nipple toys and perineum stimulators! Learn how to use a magic wand vibrator here first!

Q. What is the difference between the Magic wand vibrator and a wand sex toy?

A. The Magic wand vibrator has a small rounded head that matches the size of the female clitoris for precise sexual arousal. The erotic sensation is comparable to that of a wireless bullet vibrator and the mini device is compact and perfect for travel.

The large "Hitachi" style adult toy is a full size electric body wand massager that can also be used to soothe sore neck, shoulder or back muscles. Originally, these strong devices were not intended to be sold as sex toys, but women noticed how good it feels when used on their erogenous zones and began to use them as discreet sexual vibrators instead.

Now we sell adult toys that are a combination of these 2 styles. Some are tiny and quiet, others are large and powerful, depending on what level of sexual satisfaction you're seeking, either discreet arousal to get you in the mood for sex, or high power for a satisfying orgasm.

Q. What are wand vibrator attachments?

A. Some types have caps or tips that slide onto the vibrating head. They add texture and form to the otherwise smooth and rounded tip. Attachments are a great way to experience multiple sensations from the same sex toy.

The most popular and best wand vibrator attachment is the Cloud 9 Wand which has a spiky textured cap that can be used to vibrate next to the pubic bone and, in our opinion, is the best choice for sexual arousal.

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