Vibrating Anal Toys

The tingling of a vibrating anal toy, probe or butt plug vibrator radiates throughout the body igniting a passionate sexual response.

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  1. Mini Beginners Anal Toy
    Mini Beginners Anal Toy
    Special Price $20.24 was $24.99

    Skinniest tapered shaft is a first timer's dream to use.

  2. Vibra Plug
    Vibra Plug
    Special Price $16.19 was $19.99

    Firm & slippery medium plug with tingly vibration.

  3. Intense Risque Slim
    Intense Risque Slim
    Special Price $23.48 was $28.99

    Nice-girl, multi function skinny anal probe for 1st time.

  4. Corked Vibro Plug
    Corked Vibro Plug
    Special Price $23.48 was $28.99

    Luxurious & firm plug with removable vibrator.

  5. Posh Probe
    Posh Probe
    Special Price $21.05 was $25.99

    Heavy duty & luxurious ladylike vibrating anal sex toy.

  6. Rump Shaker - Beginner
    Rump Shaker - Beginner
    Special Price $33.20 was $40.99

    Silent plug exposes what backdoor pleasure is all about!

  7. Rump Shaker - Intermediate
    Rump Shaker - Intermediate
    Special Price $36.44 was $44.99 As low as $36.39

    Want a bigger vibrating plug? Here's the perfect size upgrade!

  8. Anal Beaded Vibrator
    Anal Beaded Vibrator
    Special Price $31.58 was $38.99 You Save $7.41

    The most cozy anal toy you'll ever find!

  9. Booty Buzz
    Booty Buzz
    Special Price $27.53 was $33.99

    Buzzing anal sex toy with 7 functions & cute LED light.

  10. Slender Tulip
    Slender Tulip
    Special Price $11.33 was $13.99

    Stunningly powerful solid vibe for 1st timers.

  11. 10 Function Anal Toy
    10 Function Anal Toy
    Special Price $22.67 was $27.99 You Save $5.32

    Toy with awesome power, tiny size & flickering lights.

  12. Smoothie
    Special Price $11.33 was $13.99

    Smooth & solid rubbery vibrating anal probe.

  13. Joystick
    Special Price $21.05 was $25.99

    A big, succulent jelly probe with strong motor.

  14. Flexi Bullet Wand
    Flexi Bullet Wand
    Special Price $29.96 was $36.99 You Save $7.03

    Backdoor device for kinky minds & playful personalities.

  15. Ejaculating Butt Plug
    Ejaculating Butt Plug
    Special Price $18.62 was $22.99 You Save $4.37

    Strange toy with ejaculating plug activated by hand bulb.

  16. Mini Vibro Plug
    Mini Vibro Plug
    Special Price $22.67 was $27.99

    A soothing, small butt plug perfect for newbies.

  17. 4 Inch Whopper
    4 Inch Whopper
    Special Price $29.15 was $35.99

    The tiny realistic vibe perfect for easy anal use.

  18. Pink Anal Pleaser
    Pink Anal Pleaser
    Special Price $16.19 was $19.99 You Save $3.80

    Sure it looks sweet - but the vibrations are intense!

  19. Vibro Pro Plug
    Vibro Pro Plug
    Special Price $28.34 was $34.99

    Whimsical themed butt plug with silky surface.

  20. Hott Mini Probe
    Hott Mini Probe
    Special Price $11.33 was $13.99

    A small & squishy "finger pop" style butt toy.

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61 items