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Realistic Vibrating Dildos

Realistic vibrating dildos recreate a life like sexual fantasy but with the added bonus of powerful vibration. Our dildo vibrators for sale range many sizes from small to large to assure everyone finds their perfect bed buddy replica. Realistic vibrators are the essential go-to sex toy for making orgasms feel great.

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Buy Vibrating Dildos for Better Pleasure

The best realistic vibrators are like icing on cake. Sure you can buy a dildo, but having a buzzing motor inside boosts your pleasure to the next level. The best vibrating dildos come in a variety of styles from real looking rubber for hard thrusting to the most lifelike skin feeling with a soft silicone surface.

Dildo vibrators come in a variety of sizes from anatomically correct penis size just like a man's erection to big and thick for a kinky sexual fantasy. Beginners like a small, cheap or life sized ultra realistic vibrator, and we have several large vibrator dildos ready for the moment you want to step up in size.

Realistic vibrator motor

Q. Are realistic vibrators for women or men?

A. Both sexes buy realistic dildo vibrators. Guys shopping for realistic vibrating dildos for men purchase from this category every day! Even though realistic penis vibrators are most commonly used by women, gay men and even straight but curious men enjoy the same sensation.

Guys typically purchase a thin vibrating realistic dildo because it's easier for anal insertion. Women often purchase a large life like vibrating dildo because it's the best way to enjoy life like sex with a “larger than life” huge girth. If you're not into the vibration, try a life like real dildo without a motor instead.

Q. Which realistic vibrator dildo feels best?

A. Think about the features you'd like best on your vibrating sex toy. If you want the most realistic vibrator dildo, choose from the “Life Like Skin” filter. These are made of soft and sensual silicone with dual density skin that feels like a real man's erection.

If you prefer hard and fast sex, choose the lifelike “rubber” filter option for a cock that's slightly stiffer with a circumcised penis head for maximum stimulation. Most have suction cups which is a nice handle to grasp, and others have multi speed vibration and dual motors for added intensity.

Two Types of Dildo Vibrators for Sale

As you shop through our online catalog, you'll notice two different styles of realistic dildo vibrators:

  1. Wireless Vibrating Dildos
    Unscrew the cap on the base of the shaft to access the battery compartment. Twist it closed to activate the motor. These are convenient because there are no wires to get in the way, but it can be tricky to change speeds during use.
  2. Corded Vibrating Dildos
    A separate power controller unit both holds the batteries and controls the speed intensity and/or vibrating patterns. If you like turning up the intensity just before the orgasm begins, this is the best choice for you.

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