Realistic Vibrators

Discover realistic vibrators with a life like appearance, accurate feel or both! Body-safe vibrating dildos recreate a lusty erotic encounter.

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  1. American Realistic Vibe
    American Realistic Vibe
    Special Price $35.63 was $43.99

    Strongest motor on any vibrating suction cup dildo.

  2. Hard On
    Hard On
    Special Price $24.29 was $29.99

    Thick oval shaped shaft with a delicate & soft touch.

  3. Small Life Likes Vibe
    Small Life Likes Vibe
    Special Price $33.20 was $40.99

    A realistic size that won't compete with your man.

  4. Moderate Life Likes Vibe
    Moderate Life Likes Vibe
    Special Price $37.25 was $45.99

    Slightly above average penis size with ridiculous power.

  5. Dual Max Vibrator
    Dual Max Vibrator
    Special Price $47.48 was $58.99 You Save $11.51

    Big & meaty with 2 motors and ideal erectile density.

  6. Cyberskin Vibrator
    Cyberskin Vibrator
    Special Price $62.36 was $76.99

    Popular for women looking for a life like experience.

  7. Knight Vibrator
    Knight Vibrator
    Special Price $38.87 was $47.99

    Your knight in shining armor is here to save the day!

  8. American Penis Vibe
    American Penis Vibe
    Special Price $29.15 was $35.99

    "Totally amazing" is a common afterthought. A great buy.

  9. Ultra Skin Medium Vibe
    Ultra Skin Medium Vibe
    Special Price $72.08 was $88.99

    Better than the rest: most life like looking & feeling vibrator.

  10. Ultra Skin Large Vibe
    Ultra Skin Large Vibe
    Special Price $72.08 was $88.99

    A true marvel of the sex toy world. It doesn't get any better.

  11. Sensual Pleaser
    Sensual Pleaser
    Special Price $13.76 was $16.99 You Save $3.23

    Small rubbery penis with a built-in handle!

  12. Large Latex Stud
    Large Latex Stud
    Special Price $20.24 was $24.99 You Save $4.75
    Out of stock

    The biggest & cheapest realistic vibrator.

  13. King Vibrator
    King Vibrator
    Special Price $41.30 was $50.99

    Long life like penis with insane power & mushroom tip.

  14. Aquarius Squirting Vibe
    Aquarius Squirting Vibe
    Out of stock

    Bendable self contained ejaculating vibrator.

  15. Mini Whopper Vibrator
    Mini Whopper Vibrator
    Special Price $32.39 was $39.99

    Tons of power for such an itty-bitty realistic vibrator.

  16. Small Curved Vibrator
    Small Curved Vibrator
    Special Price $33.20 was $40.99

    The only realistic vibrator that also shares g-spot love.

  17. Bendable Stud
    Bendable Stud
    Special Price $49.40 was $60.99 You Save $11.59

    Crazy soft cock with stiff flexible spine holds an angle.

  18. Tyler's Vibrating Cock
    Tyler's Vibrating Cock
    Special Price $48.59 was $59.99 You Save $11.40

    Massive supremely soft erection with suction cup.

  19. Vibrating Pleasure Skin
    Vibrating Pleasure Skin
    Special Price $51.83 was $63.99 You Save $12.16

    Thick & stiff multi function vibrator fills you up right!

  20. Sensual Clitterific
    Sensual Clitterific
    Special Price $13.76 was $16.99 You Save $3.23

    Studly rubbery vibe with nice forward angle.

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75 items