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Buy Cheap Dildos | 30 Best Cheapest Dildos Under $20

Buy Cheap Dildos | 30 Best Cheapest Dildos Under $20

Last Updated on May 25, 2021

You don't need to spend a fortune to get a good sex toy. Check out my list of 30 best cheap dildos under $20 and get more bang for your buck – pun absolutely intended!

Before I begin, it's important to note the difference between super cheap dildos and poor quality dildos. You get what you pay for – this is true in any facet in life because quality simply costs more. For example, pure medical grade silicone is expensive to mold, therefore the final product has a higher price point. If you find real silicone for under $10, it's likely counterfeit and not actually made of real silicone. Buyer beware!

Sure you may find lower priced dildos for sale online, but if you seek out the absolute cheapest dildo to buy, it will likely be jelly or rubber full of harmful chemicals with poor quality construction. There is a correlation between construction and price, but some materials are still non-toxic and realistic feeling yet inexpensive to produce meaning a lower priced toy for the consumer in the end.

There is a fine line between good dildos and bad cheap dildos. If you prefer to shop discreetly online instead of in person, it's difficult to tell if you are overspending or purchasing a poorly made product. What is a shopper to do? Consult a “best of” list like this written by someone who knows the ins & outs of sex toys. (Yours truly, of course!)

In my time working at sex shops, I've seen & touched thousands of different types, materials, features, sizes, colors and more. The following list is a compilation of the very best dildos for cheap. The list includes choices with several different features depending on the exact style you're searching for from cheap strap on dildos, big & huge, vibrating, realistic, small & suction cup.

30 Best Cheap Dildos for Women:

BFF Petite

1. BFF Petite - $11.33

A simple and cheap dildo for your strap on harness. BFF Petite is also used for anal pegging and the flat rounded suction cup base is tailor made to fit any strap on ring. At 5 inches long, 1 inch wide, it is perfect for first timers who don't want anything realistic looking.

BFF Petite

2. Cloud 9 Thin Dildo - $12.14

A cheap realistic dildo with a straight, consistent shaft. The double rings at the base fit a strap on harness. Place the ring between the 2 sections at the base and the device will never move around, one of the sturdiest attachments for sale. Cloud 9 Thin Dildo measures 8 ½ inches long, 1 ½ inches across.

Pearl Shine Small

3. Pearl Shine Small - $13.76

Stiff rubber tiny vibrating dildo for cheap with beautiful shimmering surface and classy styling. Silent and mellow vibration keep it discreet at all times. Pearl Shine Small is a very popular selection for beginners and measures 5 ¾ inches long by 1 ¼ inches across.

Pearl Shine Ribbed

4. Pearl Shine Ribbed - $14.18

My favorite small ribbed vibrator dildo of all time, the smooth rubber surface glides nicely while the texture is a true erotic treat for women. An excellent option for beginners, Pearl Ribbed features quiet vibration and a stiff shaft to deliver the finest ribbed sensations ever.

Basic 6 Inch Dildo

5. Basic 6 Inch Dildo - $14.57

Our most budget friendly option, if you're seeking a realistic dildo for a rock bottom price look no further than this ideal little creation called Basic 6 Inch. Super soft, flexible and gentle rubber is a beginner's delight. Enjoy a life like feel without an overly detailed appearance.

Slim Suction Penis

6. Slimline Series Skinny Dildo - $14.92

This is our best selling cheap suction cup dildo of all time. Flexible rubber shaft has raised veins snaking their way across the shaft while a slightly flared base works well in a harness and/or can be used to stick to a wall. Slim Suction Penis is available for sale in 2 size options: 7 inch or 8 inch.

Basic Straight Dildo

7. Basic Straight Dildo - $14.57

There's something sexually magical about a dildo with a big head. Vaginal insertion feels supremely erotic. Not to be underestimated, Basic Straight Dildo is a lusty invention that feels better than it looks! 6 ½ inch length is a good average size that fits most women just right.


8. Lollicock - $14.57

The new and modern body safe version of jelly is made in America without unsafe chemicals. The result is a fantastic slippery jelly cock. The shaft is rigid enough for anal penetration too, so Lollicock is a 6 inch sex toy used by both men and women. It is also strap on compatible!

Super Slim Ballsy Blue

9. Super Slim Ballsy Blue - $14.57

Customers often search for a sex toy that is 1 inch wide, and we love to suggest Super Slim Ballsy Blue. There are 3 size options available, each with a different length. Options include 5 ½, 7 ½ and 9 inches long. Soft and flexible with a brilliant blue color that never feels sticky or tacky.

Lucky Lady

10. Lucky Lady Double Dildo - $14.68

The only cheap double ended dildo under $20. The “U” shaped shaft stays fixed in this position allowing a woman to insert one end into her vagina, the other end into the anus. Rock it back and forth for a wild DP (double penetration) sexual experience. Lucky Lady is a unique adult toy for her and truly one of a kind!

X5 Mini

11. X5 Mini Dildo - $14.68

It's tricky to buy a cheap silicone dildo. Many are counterfeit and not actually made of silicone, but we know X5 Mini Dildo is the real deal. The warm feeling realistic surface feels like a tiny life like penis with adorable little testicles and a tiny suction cup base that is surprisingly sticky.

Sunrise Ribbed Dildo

12. Sunrise Ribbed Dildo - $14.84

Do you love the feeling of a ribbed condom? Amplify that experience tenfold with Sunrise Ribbed Dildo. The silicone and gel based blend is rigid to the core but soft on the outside providing a classy and fun sexual experience. Narrow tapered head is easy to insert into the vagina.

Sultan Vibrating Dildo

13. Sultan Vibrating Dildo - $15.38

The most inexpensive vibrating dildo in our entire sex shop catalog, but low price does not mean poor quality! Sultan Vibrating Dildo has a sturdy rubber surface and silent vibration to let out your secret sexual rebellion hiding inside. A first timer's delight that keeps your bank account full.

Basic 7 ½ Inch Dildo

14. Basic Slim Life Like Dildo - $15.49

A typical cheap suction cup dildo capable of fast thrusting. Basic Slim Life Like Dildo has a slick rubber surface can bend as needed for comfort, but lube up this medium sized 7 ½ inch female sex toy and prepare for a slippery never ending kinky experience. One of the best inexpensive dildos for a strapon.

Junior Dong

15. Junior Beginner Dildo - $15.89

A simple cheap dildo without frills and fancy features. This exact model has been around for decades and remains unchanged proving that it provides a woman the pleasure they're seeking. Tuck away in privacy with the ribbed Junior Beginner Dildo and enjoy its sensual texture.

Slender Dildo

16. Slender Dildo - $15.38

A popular introductory sex toy for women. Slender Dildo is available in pink or purple, classy colors that retain femininity and class so if you're hesitant about buying cheap adult toys online, this is a selection that should not be missed! 7 ½ inches long, diameter ranges between 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 inches.

Sensual Clitterific

17. Sensual Clitterific - $15.69

A cheap large vibrating dildo with a flared base that happens to make the perfect handle for maneuvering! Sensual Clitterific has a slightly forward tilted shaft that inserts easily making it ergonomic for solo use. Sure it does not look very realistic, but the smooth rubbery surface feels life like once warmed and lubricated.

Junior Veined Vibrating Dildo

18. Junior Veined Vibrator - $15.69

A solid vibrating dildo for a cheap price. Junior Veined has a powerful motor and transmits a good buzz throughout the top half of the shaft. Slightly curved shaft can reach the G-Spot if placed at the right angle. The insertable length is a mere 4 ½ inches so it's the best option for a lady with a shallow vagina.

Hard On Strapon Dildo

19. Ballsy Flexible Dildo - $18.62

Soft, flexible and a total delight, the Ballsy Flexible Dildo has a gentle shaft with a flexible spine in the core to add stability during sex. The surface feels like silk making this one of the most elegant creations in the entire catalog offered at a discount price.

Realistic Stud Vibrator Dildo

20. Realistic Stud Vibrator - $16.91

One of the softest and most comfortable inexpensive 8 inch penis dildos with a vibrating motor. Wireless, quiet and discreet with basic styling and nothing too overly phallic. Realistic Stud is a popular choice for gals who want to enjoy personal pleasure without bells & whistles.

Basic Rubber Penis

21. Basix Natural Dildo - $17.81

A cheap realistic dildo with a super long shaft that starts out very thin and slowly increases in thickness along the way. It's the perfect training tool to get used to the feel of adult toys. Basix Natural Dildo has a suction cup at the end and can be used hands free, you'll find the curve just right too.

Basic Ballsy Dildo

22. Basic Realistic Dildo with Balls - $17.78

A slick suction cup dildo with balls, topped by a plump mushroom head. The overhanging circumcised penis head is a true delight over the narrow veined shaft. Basic Realistic Dildo feels life like but with exaggerated features for a boost of sensual pleasure. An excellent choice at a super low price point.

Cloud 9 Large Dildo

23. Cloud 9 Large Dildo - $18.62

Looking to buy a cheap huge dildo? Cloud 9 Large is the most budget friendly option with a giant torpedo head and large shaft. It's big, scary and intimidating! The flared head is super wide for a punch upon initial penetration. Soft rubber helps to ease it in comfortably for maximum stretch.

Ignite Suction Cup Dildo

24. Ignite Suction Cup Dildo - $18.62

A best selling cheap big dildo with suction cup and 8 ½ inch long shaft. A thick 1 ¾ inch girth maintains this consistently large size from penis head to suction base making this a superior rammer for your freaky fetish sexual fantasies. Ignite Suction is also strapon harness compatible.

Small Caribbean Vibrator

25. Small Caribbean Vibrator - $18.73

A cute, perky and soft waterproof dildo vibrator adds splash of tropical fun to the bedroom. Couples enjoy using the Small Caribbean together during foreplay to help get her warmed up, the size is comparable to a real man's erection but it looks fun and flirty and won't make the man feel uncomfortable.

Major Dick Small Dildo

26. Major Dick Small Dildo - $18.71

A cheap G-Spot dildo with a steep angle perfect for encountering the Gspot immediately upon penetration. Stocky and sturdy without too much length Major Dick is perfectly designed for maximum G-Spot contact. Small rounded suction cup base allows her to pump away hands free.

Cloud 9 Thick Dildo

27. Cloud 9 Thick Dildo - $19.43

One of the best cheap big dildos we've seen. Cloud 9 Thick comes to your bedroom with presence, “large and in charge” I like to say! The wide, giant shaft is malleable rubber so even though he's a massive beast, it still comes with enough softness to make the stretch feel highly erotic.

SX Strap On Dildo Harness

28. SX Strap On Dildo Harness - $19.62

The penultimate entry in my list and the only cheap strap on dildo under $20. SX Strap On does not include an attachment, but any sex toy with a flat, round base can fit though the ring on the front of the harness. This includes 2 differently sized O-rings to assure any attachment size can be used.

Dr. Skin Mini Dildo

29. Dr. Skin Mini Dildo - $15.38

The final entry in my list is a best seller! Dr. Skin Mini Dildo is an itty-bitty super deluxe little dildo with a suction cup base perfect for using with a strap on harness and pegging sex. It's also wildly popular for beginners and mature women.

How Much do Dildos Cost?

Dildos cost between $10 - $200. That's a vast range of pricing options so that every lady (or guy) can find one regardless of budget. You do get what you pay for, but after scanning through the selections above the final takeaway is this: Just because a dildo has an affordable or discount price does not mean it won't be as much fun in the bedroom!

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Mayla Green

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Happily married since 2009, she knows firsthand how the sex life eventually becomes repetitive (which truthfully means boring), so if you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, Mayla's your gal! Her literary pride & joy is covering topics for established couples needing inspiration to keep lovemaking exciting and fun.

Not in a relationship? Her other focus is teaching women how to properly handle the “little person in the canoe” to experience the best orgasms ever, no partner required! Her creative and innovative tips, techniques and advice is on par with a certified sex therapist or Sexologist, but with an extra advantage from her knowledge of the adult toy business.

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