For couples who can't decide on just one vibrator or sex toy, kits are the easy way to shop. Kits offer couples something brand new to try.

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  1. Miracle Massager Attachment
    Miracle Massager Attachment
    $16.19 $19.99 You Save $3.80

    Fits on the Miracle Massager.

  2. 3 pc. Vibrating Kit
    3 pc. Vibrating Kit
    $12.14 $14.99 You Save $2.85
    Out of stock
    3x vibrating rings for finger, vibrators or a penis.
  3. Playful Lovers Sex Toy Collection with beads and vibrator
    Playful Lovers
    $15.38 $18.99 You Save $3.61

    Enhances female pleasure during lovemaking.

  4. Orgasm Ticklers Finger Sleeves
    Orgasm Ticklers
    $7.28 $8.99 You Save $1.71

    Why not let your fingers do the talking?

  5. White Nights Kit
    White Nights Kit
    $53.45 $65.99 You Save $12.54

    Set of erotic toys for wedding night or honeymoon.

  6. Sultry Sensations Vibrator Kit - all parts
    Sultry Sensations
    $20.24 $24.99 You Save $4.75

    2 sleeves is an extravaganza of pleasures.

  7. Vibrator Variety Pack all parts
    Vibrator Variety Pack
    $27.53 $33.99 You Save $6.46

    2 vibes with 4 sleeves in rich purple color.

  8. Lovers Sex Toy Kit all parts
    Lovers Collection
    $19.43 $23.99 You Save $4.56

    Sampler sex toy set around a spectrum of themes.

  9. Clone A Willy Homemade Vibrating Dildo Kit
    Clone A Willy
    $43.73 $53.99 You Save $10.26

    Give the gift of yourself - literally! A vibrating replica.

  10. Royal Adult Sex Toys Kit
    Royal Sex Toy Kit
    $45.35 $55.99 You Save $10.64

    Purchase all sex toy essentials with 1 click of the mouse.

  11. Miracle Massager
    Miracle Massager
    $47.78 $58.99 You Save $11.21

    Over sized rubber head melts away sore muscles.

  12. Premium Cloud 9 Kit
    Premium Cloud 9 Kit
    $29.96 $36.99 You Save $7.03
    Kit includes a large suction cup base dildo & soft medium butt plug.
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12 Items