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Prostate Massager Toys

Prostate massager toys are dildos for men with a curved tip that massages the gland when inserted into the anus, it's similar to the female G-spot, and stimulating this area produces a powerful orgasm. Prostate vibrators add an extra kick of sexual stimulation and the best male prostate dildos stimulate without much effort; the easiest way to enhance pleasure.

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Prostate Toy Tips & Advice

Prostate toys are a misunderstood and daunting style of male sex toy, yet they are surprisingly popular. If you're a first timer reading this, chances are you're curious about trying a stimulator but don't know what to expect or how to use it. Learn how to use a prostate massager here first. Continue on for our beginners prostate dildo Q & A.

There are medical benefits of massaging or milking the gland and some customers have been recommended by their doctor to do so for medical purposes, but the main reason men purchase a prostate toy is for sexual enhancement.

Think of like the female G-spot, the male version is commonly known as the P-spot because the sensations are comparable. Pressing, rubbing or using a vibrating prostate toy massager over the gland enhances sexual response, makes the lower body feel more sensitive and enhances the strength or orgasms.

Q. How do Prostate Vibrators Work?

A. Technically, there is only 1 way to use a prostate toy: Insert it about 2 inches into anus with the curve facing forwards (towards your penis). Depending on the specific style, there can be a few different ways to improve pleasure:

The prostate dildo is best for thrusting. Some men prefer the feel of intermittent touching, the result of the in & out motion of thrusting. The anal dildo has a longer shaft and its more maneuverable so you twist, pulse, push or jiggle the end of the dildo head over the gland. This offers a teasing or tickling feel combined with a blunt massaging sensation.

The prostate plug is intended to be worn and left in place. The anal plug shape offers consistent pressure and is commonly worn by men during masturbation or intercourse. A plug tends to pop out of the anus easier than a dildo, so most men sit down while wearing the plug. This is commonly worn by men during masturbation.

The prostate vibrator for men is the most intense sex toy. Anal vibrators with tingling vibration radiate throughout his pelvis. This takes the typical P-spot massage to a higher level of sexual pleasure and produces powerful orgasms. Some guys notice ejaculations are more forceful too. Some styles of vibrator for men pulse and thump in addition to constant vibration. 

Prostate massagers is a term that simply implies the movement of the device. Rocking the device back and forth and moving it in a “massaging” way is the best method for men to milk the prostate which in turn amplifies the enjoyment of his ejaculations and makes orgasms stronger. The terms “toy” and “massager” are completely interchangeable, in fact, they are synonyms!

Mens wand Prostate Vibrator
One of the best selling prostate vibrators for men.

Q. What is the Best Prostate Dildo for Beginners?

A. Anything thin! The exact shape and design does not make one style better than another. The specific design to choose is based upon personal preference. The most important part about choosing a beginners P-spot stimulator is to choose a small one with a thin girth.

This is on the assumption that you've never used an anal toy before. It does take some getting used to, so we suggest a small one for newbies. They're sometimes called “prostate stimulators” or even “ticklers” to sound tame and discreet for the buyer.

Q. What are the Different Types of Prostate Toys?

A. One with a narrow tip is for pinpoint stimulation, a wider head has a larger area of impact so it will cover a more vast space. There is a significant difference between the way these two styles feel. Female G-spot vibrators are built this way too, and it's simply for variety.

We like both equally: pinpoint stimulation and a wide, large target both provide an excellent P-spot massage so we suggest that you try both styles too. Some toys have a prong or finger loop attached to the bottom. This is to poke, press or rub the scrotum to enhance sexual pleasure.

Other styles go a step further and feature a ring connected to the base of the shaft. The ring fits around the penis and the connector piece stretches to press underneath the scrotum. This style is quickly becoming popular because of it's more “complete” feel.

Some have a loop at the very bottom. This is made to insert your finger so you can wiggle and jiggle it around. Insider tip: It acts as a directional compass so you know which way the curve is facing while inserted into the anus. This ensures the curve always presses against the P-spot to achieve maximum stimulation.

Prostate vibrators boost stimulation further, the tingling feel in the anus radiates through your entire pelvis and can even be felt in the scrotum and penis. If you like more intense pleasure the vibrator should be your top pick.

Q. Can I Wear Prostate Toys Under my Clothes?

A. Yes, you can, however the most essential feature you should look for to keep it discreet is a flat or curved base that follows the curve of your butt. If the plug has a long base or handle, it won't feel comfortable or it will be visible under your clothes.

Q. What is the Difference Between Anal Toys & Prostate Sex Toys?

A. There is only one difference: The male prostate sex toy will always have a curve and the anal sex toy does not require a curve. If you browse the anal toys section, you'll notice some plugs with a curve; these are marketed towards women (simply because women tend not to shop from the prostate massagers category) but the reality is a curved anal sex toy stimulates women too, especially during sexual intercourse.

When a curved anal toy is inside her anus, the partner's penis (or her dildo) is forced forward which increases g-spot contact during the thrusting motion resulting in increased pleasure for her. An insider tip follows: Women enjoy pleasure from male prostate toys too! If you're a lady reading this, try one during sex and notice the difference.

Q. Do I Need Lubricant with a Prostate Dildo?

A. Absolutely! The anus does not naturally lubricate itself like the vagina does, so you'll need to add lube to reduce friction with the skin. Anal lubricant is the best choice because it's a thicker more viscous formula compared to standard water based lube, (but regular lube does work too).

You may discover that the lube squeezes off the surface of the device when you insert it, this is because the anus sphincter is so tight it acts like a window squeegee and pushes the lube off during insertion. Our solution is to try the Lube Tube Applicator, a thin device that insets into the anus and inserts lube directly inside the rectum when you press the plunger handle.

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