Prostate Massagers

The prostate gland is a male erogenous zone known as the P-spot. It's similar to the female G-spot, and massaging this area produces a powerful orgasm. Prostate toys have a curved tip that massages the gland when inserted into the anus. Prostate vibrators add an extra kick of sexual stimulation. The best prostate toys for men stimulate the P-spot without much effort, so it's the easiest way to enhance pleasure.

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  1. Prostate Locator
    Prostate Locator
    $17.00 $20.99 You Save $3.99

    Forgoes the need for GPS to locate the hot spot.

  2. Mood Frisky Men's Vibe
    Mood Frisky Men's Vibe
    $21.86 $26.99 You Save $5.13

    Hold on to something when this thing powers up!

  3. Ultimate Locator
    Ultimate Locator
    $14.57 $17.99 You Save $3.42
    Thick prostate toy for high intermediate / advanced users.
  4. Vibro Perfect Plug
    Vibro Perfect Plug
    $28.34 $34.99 You Save $6.65

    One of the best shapes for vibrating prostate toys.

  5. P Spot
    P Spot
    $29.15 $35.99 You Save $6.84

    Unique stiff shape, but soft enough never to poke.

  6. Platinum Minis
    Platinum Minis
    $13.76 $16.99 You Save $3.23

    2 sizes of tiny curved bubble plugs for men.

  7. Black Booty Beads
    Black Booty Beads
    $12.95 $15.99 You Save $3.04

    A clever way to massage the male P-spot.

  8. Vibrating P Stimulator
    Vibrating P Stimulator
    $28.34 $34.99 You Save $6.65

    Vibrator goes deep without overbearing width.

  9. P-Plug Vibe
    P-Plug Vibe
    $22.67 $27.99 You Save $5.32

    Super smooth hollow plug with removable vibrator.

  10. P Pleaser
    P Pleaser
    $30.77 $39.99 You Save $9.22

    Huge, heavy & exaggerated anal plug for men.

  11. Elite P-spot Plug
    Elite P-spot Plug
    $21.05 $25.99 You Save $4.94

    The first prostate plug with a suction cup!

  12. Pearl Shine Vibrator
    Pearl Shine Vibrator
    $13.76 $16.99 You Save $3.23

    Softest medium size prostrate vibe with foamy feel.

  13. Wiggler
    $22.67 $27.99 You Save $5.32

    Silky feeling ribbed vibrator for men at a great price.

  14. Ram Trainer - Medium
    Ram Trainer - Medium
    $16.19 $19.99 You Save $3.80

    The perfect upgrade from your first anal dildo.

  15. Ram Trainer - Large
    Ram Trainer - Large
    $17.81 $21.99 You Save $4.18

    Jumbo sized anal toy. Enjoy a wide poke way up in there!

  16. Blue Stud
    Blue Stud
    $21.86 $26.99 You Save $5.13

    Soft & large ribbed vibe for guys who have it all!

  17. P Stimulator
    P Stimulator
    $17.00 $20.99 You Save $3.99
    Solid & silky feeling plastic probe with a hard touch.
  18. The Prostate Probe
    The Prostate Probe
    $18.62 $22.99 You Save $4.37

    Soft with varying densities throughout its body.

  19. P Rock
    P Rock
    $28.34 $34.99 You Save $6.65

    A rocking arc shaped device for better body contact.

  20. Prostate Gel
    Prostate Gel
    $16.19 $19.99 You Save $3.80
    Out of stock

    Active ingredients add warmth & tingling to the area.

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Items 21-40 of 59