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Want to buy the best vibrators for women? Of course you do! We're here to help you find the perfect personal vibrator, we have over a decade of expert experience working with the best female vibrators. With thousands of choices for sale, it can be overwhelming to pick a good vibrator sex toy, so browse our list of 24 types of vibrators to make your shopping experience easy and fun.

Best Selling Vibrators for Women

Looking for a recommendation? Pick any of these 30 top rated vibrators for women and be confident with your purchase knowing you've just ordered one of the most popular womens vibrators from our website catalog. Mail delivery is always fast, private & discreet so you can hop into bed with your new erotic toy in no time at all!

  1. Silent Little Realistic Penis Vibrator
    Little One Personal Vibrator
    $23.48 $28.99 You Save $5.51
  2. 50 Shades Finger Sex Vibrator
    80% of 100
    50 Shades Finger Sex Vibrator
    $19.97 $24.21 You Save $4.24
  3. Advanced Jack Rabbit Vibrator
    90% of 100
    Advanced Jack Rabbit Vibrator
    $68.84 $84.99 You Save $16.15
  4. Hard On Sex Vibrator
    80% of 100
    Hard On Sex Vibrator
    $27.68 $34.99 You Save $7.31
  5. Large Curved Dildo Vibrator
    40% of 100
    Large Curved Dildo Vibrator
    $50.12 $61.99 You Save $11.87
  6. Wild Ride Vibrator for Women
    87% of 100
    Wild Ride Vibrator for Women
    $26.44 $32.99 You Save $6.55
  7. Miguel's Vibrator for Women
    100% of 100
    Miguel's Vibrator for Women
    $33.57 $41.99 You Save $8.42
  8. Jumping Gyrator Female Vibrator
    73% of 100
    Jumping Gyrator Female Vibrator
    $23.29 $28.99 You Save $5.70
  9. Dual G Kiss Vibrator for Women
    84% of 100
    Dual G Kiss Vibrator for Women
    $29.36 $36.99 You Save $7.63
  10. Ultra Skin Vibrator Dildo - Large
    82% of 100
    Ultra Skin Vibrator Dildo - Large
    $82.71 $102.99 You Save $20.28
  11. Ultra Skin Vibrator Dildo -  Medium
    93% of 100
    Ultra Skin Vibrator Dildo - Medium
    $82.71 $102.99 You Save $20.28
  12. Wild Vibe Womens Vibrator
    80% of 100
    Wild Vibe Womens Vibrator
    $78.36 $96.75 You Save $18.39
  13. Risque Tulip Vibrator for Women
    100% of 100
    Risque Tulip Vibrator for Women
    $25.71 $31.99 You Save $6.28
  14. Intense Risque Slim G Spot Vibrator
    90% of 100
    Intense Risque Slim G Spot Vibrator
    $25.21 $31.99 You Save $6.78
  15. American Penis Female Vibrator
    100% of 100
    American Penis Female Vibrator
    $35.03 $43.99 You Save $8.96
  16. Jack Rabbit Vibrator - 5 Row
    85% of 100
    Jack Rabbit Vibrator - 5 Row
    $70.46 $86.99 You Save $16.53
  17. Mini Rabbit Wand Vibrator
    100% of 100
    Mini Rabbit Wand Vibrator
    $30.98 $38.99 You Save $8.01
  18. Thrusting Stroker Rabbit
    73% of 100
    Thrusting Stroker Rabbit
    $72.19 $89.99 You Save $17.80
  19. Jumbo Platinum Personal Vibrator
    100% of 100
    Jumbo Platinum Personal Vibrator
    $12.95 $15.99 You Save $3.04
  20. Small Life Likes Vibrating Dildo
    73% of 100
    Small Life Likes Vibrating Dildo
    $38.57 $47.99 You Save $9.42
  21. Dual Max Personal Vibrator
    85% of 100
    Dual Max Personal Vibrator
    $51.33 $63.99 You Save $12.66
  22. Tyler's Dildo Vibrator
    67% of 100
    Tyler's Dildo Vibrator
    $55.89 $69.99 You Save $14.10
  23. Micro Bullet Vibrator Toy
    83% of 100
    Micro Bullet Vibrator Toy
    $16.42 $20.99 You Save $4.57
  24. Turbo Accelerator Vibrator Sex Toy
    90% of 100
    Turbo Accelerator Vibrator Sex Toy
    $28.35 $34.99 You Save $6.64

Buy Personal Vibrators for Women and Enjoy Amazing Sex

Welcome to our online vibrator store! We offer ladies across the USA a classy, secure and private place to buy vibrators discreetly online. We know personal vibrators better than anyone else thanks to our decades of experience working in adult sex shops.

We have the best vibrators for women hand picked from thousands of choices from the most popular mainstream adult sex toy makers to independent family owned boutique designers. That's why we don't have thousands of products in our shop because it's too confusing to buy a vibrator from a giant list with generic descriptions.

We go beyond the standard and provide pictures from all angles and accurate written descriptions and size measurements unique to our shop only. If you're buying a sex vibrator for the first time, you've come to the right place. We can answer questions and offer guidance & suggestions on which type of ladies sex toy best suits your personal erotic desires.

Selecting Good & Unique Vibrator Dildos

If you already own a stash of personal massagers but are feeling bored, we love to pick out interesting, unique and fancy sex toys that other adult shops may not have. You'll find all price ranges from cheap to luxury, but quality counts and we don't sell duds. Only the good stuff we like that receives positive customer reviews passes the quality test.

Common features of the best vibrators for women:

  1. The rabbit vibrator has always been the most popular womens vibrator sex toy. The combination of clitoral & vaginal stimulation is truly amazing. Every lady should own a rabbit!
  2. Looking for something totally unique? Nothing compares to thrusting dildos, the only internal vibrator dildo for the vagina that thrusts up & down mimicking the motion of sex.
  3. For gals who do not want a vaginal vibrator, use a bullet vibrator instead. They have the ability to produce thrilling, extra intense orgasms on their own. No penetration required!
  4. Pretty, colorful & feminine designs like the classy and elegant butterfly are popular for beginners because they look discreet – but in the bedroom they are naughty & orgasmic!

Top Rated Vibrators for Women from The Adult Toy Shop

No two personal massagers are created equal. What one lady likes, another may not, so it's impossible to provide a blanket list of top rated female vibrators that will suit everyone. Check out the most popular characteristics that most females seek when shopping for the best sex vibrator online. Review the accompanying blog entry for full instructions and details about each of these features.

Characteristics of the best top rated vibrators:

  1. Once you know how to find the G Spot, pick your favorite of our best G spot vibrators and prepare for pure sexual intensity. G Spot orgasms feel so intense, some gals squirt!
  2. The stronger the vibration, the better the orgasm. What is the most powerful vibrator? It's impossible to determine just by looking at pictures, so we've noted them here.
  3. Dual motors, rotating dildo heads, beaded shafts, the best clit vibrator is designed to deliver the finest in female sexual pleasure. These high quality options are affordable too!
  4. Quiet motors are a must have for those who have a roommate and require the utmost discretion. No one will hear the hushed quiet vibrator working its erotic magic on your body.
  5. Tiny, small vibrators are excellent for older women, seniors, those in menopause who are extra sensitive and petite women with small or shallow vaginas proving size does not matter!

The Best Female Vibrator Sex Toys for Bedroom Fun

Fun at your fingertips!

Not just for masturbation, multi function vibrating sex toys for her are used by couples as part of foreplay, sexual teasing and intimate arousal. Menopausal and older women benefit from these before intercourse because the stimulation relaxes the vagina and helps the body make its own natural lubrication. You'll feel relaxed, wet and ready for sexual intercourse.

Speaking of lubricant, it's essential to add water based lubricant to your order because it greatly improves pleasure and makes your experience feel better. Learn how to properly use personal lubricant with guidance on choosing a personal vibrator compatible lube. You'll also learn interesting tips & advice to make your experience clean, slick and sensual.

We fully understand how tricky it can be to choose any adult product just by looking at photos and reading descriptions on a website. Most of our products now have video demos showing how to use them and what it looks like during use. This also gives visitors an idea of the size and girth of the item.

Sure a description can note 10 inch, 7 inch or 6 inch length, but what does that look like in real life? Is the item flexible, soft or firm? By seeing images with a hand holding the device or watching a video, it helps to convey size and texture which makes your final selection process much simpler.

Ideas for partners buying womens vibrators together:

  1. Technically any vibrating adult toy can be used with a partner, but some are better suited than others. Check out our highly recommended vibrators for couples for some new suggestions.
  2. Try a finger vibrator, the best suggestion for getting in the mood for love. Finger toys can be used inside the vagina, but also stimulate the clitoris, anus and/or perineum too.
  3. Do you have a low libido? Bring home one of the best egg vibrators and enjoy the pinpoint, precise buzzing on the clitoris. Within minutes, the vagina will feel wet on its own.
  4. Like it wild? Vibrating clit suckers are the newest trend in the bedroom for those seeking something extra kinky. Powerful suction & vibration on the clitoris is simply fabulous!
  5. Technology is no stranger to adult novelties. Remote control and rechargeable vibrators are powerful tools for interactive sexual playtime, outdoor sex and kinky foreplay.

For additional advice and tips, check out our sexpert Mayla Green's full educational series and learn how to use womens sex toys. This publication covers everything; topics are not limited to the best vibrators for her but also feature ideas for guys, couples, lesbians, gender neutral and heterosexual partners who seek additional inspiration for ways to spice up the sex life in style. Her blog is updated with new posts on a weekly basis.

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