We love vibrators! There are more vibrators for women than any other sex toy style and the choices can be overwhelming, but we've separated the most important styles into 10 categories for easy shopping. Our selection is not the biggest, but we believe it's the best!

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The rabbit vibrator with a dual motor is the most popular style; and in our opinion, the most important. Having simultaneous clitoral & vaginal vibration produces a thrilling climax that's stronger than any other orgasm. Not all have rabbit ears, some have a single point for a more forceful touch. This is what the dolphin does best, it pokes the clitoris for pinpoint powerful vibration. The high quality rabbit, butterfly or dolphin has beads in the shaft that rotate. During rotation, the beads massage the vagina, and as she reaches her climax, the rotation continues while the vagina muscles clench creating a lasting sensation that enhances orgasmic pleasure.

We are often asked what is the strongest vibrator. It's impossible to tell which is the strongest by solely based on photos & text on a website. We've tested over a thousand products during our time in business and compiled the list of the 50 most powerful vibrators so purchasing any toy from this page assures you're literally getting the most "bang for the buck". Sorry for the old cliché, but in this case it's absolutely true!

Clitoris toys are tiny intimate massagers designed solely for clitoral stimulation. These small compact massagers are a fun way to get yourself in the mood for sex by relaxing the the vaginal tissue via clitoral stimulation. Let your partner hold the mini teaser over your clitoris to instantly heighten sexual response, they'll enjoy watching your squirming body and you'll love the feel. Finger vibrators slip onto the fingertip and slim bullets or oval eggs directly target the hot spot. The device to "soothe sore muscles", aka the wand vibrator, is ideal for a lady who prefers a discreet toy that's easy to use. One of these compact non-phallic sex toys makes the best adult gift for a first timer, they are discreet enough for women who still think of sex toys as taboo. It's less and less these days, but the mentality still exists! Luckily classy online sex shops like us help to change this old fashioned way of thinking and adopt a modern, sexuality empowered lifestyle.

50 Best Vibrators

  1. Dual Dancer
    85% of 100
    Dual Dancer
    $27.53 $33.99 You Save $6.46
  2. Triple Flex Vibrator
    92% of 100
    Triple Flex Vibrator
    $46.97 $57.99 You Save $11.02
  3. Risque Tulip
    100% of 100
    Risque Tulip
    $23.48 $28.99 You Save $5.51
  4. Jumbo Platinum Vibrator
    100% of 100
    Jumbo Platinum Vibrator
    $12.95 $15.99 You Save $3.04
  5. Wild Ride
    87% of 100
    Wild Ride
    $25.10 $30.99 You Save $5.89
  6. Smooth Satin G
    60% of 100
    Smooth Satin G
    $15.38 $18.99 You Save $3.61
  7. American Penis Vibe
    100% of 100
    American Penis Vibe
    $32.39 $39.99 You Save $7.60
  8. Cyberskin Vibrator
    84% of 100
    Cyberskin Vibrator
    $62.36 $76.99 You Save $14.63
  9. The Vibrating Realistic - Medium
    100% of 100
    The Vibrating Realistic - Medium
    $64.79 $79.99 You Save $15.20
  10. Real Feel Deluxe
    83% of 100
    Real Feel Deluxe
    $39.68 $48.99 You Save $9.31
  11. Small Curved Vibrator
    87% of 100
    Small Curved Vibrator
    $35.63 $43.99 You Save $8.36
  12. Rocks Off
    Rocks Off
    $21.86 $26.99 You Save $5.13
  13. Wanachi
    $18.62 $22.99 You Save $4.37

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The best selling type is the realistic vibrator, essentially a rubber or silicone vibrating dildo. We highly recommend ladies try the vibrating version of the realistic dildo because it offers the option of leaving the motor off or turning it on. At least it's there in case you're feeling extra frisky and want a boost to your sexual enjoyment with added vibration. Most motors have multi-speed vibration from low thumping to high intensity tingling and some even have multi function vibrating patterns. The newest shapes look exactly like a real penis and the high end luxury silicone blends have the feel of a real man's erection to replicate intercourse. It's the bedroom sex buddy who's always available!

Small sex toys for women such as pocket rockets offer a different method of sexual stimulation. Although not designed for insertion into the vagina, these little clitoris toys pave the way for a lovely external orgasm. Similar to the vibrating bullets, they are also a perfect adult gift idea for couples and help to encourage a more playful attitude in the bedroom. Other styles have thick & wide shafts for ladies who like the extra kinky stretching feel. If you want something freakishly thick and wide but don't want to damage your body, choose one of the soft materials, as they gently ooze & squish into your body. It's a secret naughty fantasy but judging by the popularity and how many large vibrators you'll see on our best sellers lists, ladies everywhere love the freaky fetish!

The clitoral pump is a lesser known and underrated intimate toy for couples. The vacuum suction rushes blood into the clitoris (and some times the labia too depending on the model) making it feel more sensitive to each touch, lick and kiss. It also makes the affected body parts look puffy, a subconscious symbol for men that ignites a strong sexual drive. It's a popular accessory for exotic dancers before they perform on stage!

Standard, traditional and classic styles are still adored in bedrooms across America. The kindest on your budget, they are cheap in price but high in quality. We have seen womens vibrating sex toys that cost less than $5 but honestly, they are typically not very good so we won't sell them on The Adult Toy Shop. What fun is a vibrator that's overly loud and rattles during use? How distracting! We pick only the models with high quality, reliable construction. We have a penchant for waterproof womens toys since they are easier to clean. If you have a massager that is not waterproof and accidentally get water into a battery compartment, it can easily break or corrode the motor. We also prefer silent vibrating choices although sometimes silence needs to sacrificed for power.

Modern womens toys are evolving with technologically advanced premium features. Instead of using batteries, some have rechargeable motors, and others charge by plugging a USB cable into your tablet or computer. Wireless remote control stimulators keep cords out of the way and are an ideal toy for couples since one partner controls the speed, and /or vibrating patterns & functions while the wearer enjoys an unexpected erotic surprise! Corded options still exist because they can hold more batteries than wireless versions, therefore, these typically vibrate with more intense power & strength compared to the cordless versions.

Let's not forget the power & pleasure of female g-spot stimulation! The simple shaft with a curved tip and multi speed motor is a recipe for powerful g-spot orgasms originating deep inside the vagina. Combine the g-spot vibration with an egg or bullet to stimulate the clitoris and it's a complete orgasmic sexually charged experience. This adult toy combo with dual motors is one of our all-time favorite premium toys for her. Another lesser known option is the wearable vibrator which offers her discreet hands-free vibration. Most of these strap on wearable butterfly or rabbit stimulators are quiet, so you can wear them under your clothes in public. When you get back into the bedroom, reach for the thrusting vibrator. Our high quality favorites have beaded rotating shafts in addition to the up & down thrusting motion. Oh la la!

If you have additional questions or are unclear about any of the descriptive text on the product pages, please click the "Ask a Question" tab, call or email for more information. We're always happy to help you find the best vibrator you'll love.