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Want to buy vibrator online? Vibrators for women are our specialty. Backed by decades of hands on experience with female vibrators, we have the expertise required to hand-pick the best vibrators for sale ranging from traditional to modern and everything in between. It's the advantage of a woman-owned adult sex toy store!

Our Favorite Vibrators for Women

What's trending today? Check out our blog review of the best vibrators for women to see the most popular & top rated toys, or buy vibrator from the list below and shop with confidence knowing you've just purchased one of the best female vibrators for sale online.

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Buy the Best Female Vibrators for Sale

Welcome to our online vibrator store!

We understand how tricky it can be to buy a vibrator just by looking at pictures and reading descriptions on a sex shop website.

Simply reading top rated reviews won't suffice because personal preference prevails when it comes to finding the best female vibrator toy. We're all unique; what is best for one lady isn't necessarily good for the next.

All our vibrator sex toys have video demos that show a close-up of the vibrating features in action. You'll see the vibration waves radiate across the surface of the sex toy. Watch the vibrator motor spin, the head rotating, the wild motion of flickering rabbit ears or twirling metal pleasure beads.

Powerful vibration waves can be seen traveling through the rubber or silicone surface of a realistic vibrating penis or remote control vibrator. Featuring a perfect sampling of “tease to please, from gentle sexual arousal to full-on powerful orgasms, and across all price ranges, we've got 'em all!


If you already own a stash of good sex toys but are feeling bored, we love to pick out interesting, unique and fancy womens vibrators that other adult shops may not have.

You'll find all price ranges from cheap to luxury and high end like the rechargeable vibrator, but quality counts and we don't sell duds on our sex toy website. Only the good stuff we like that receives positive customer reviews passes the best quality test!

Popular Features of Womens Vibrators:

With a vast assortment of features ranging from battery operated to remote control; quiet, sucking, realistic, hands free, bluetooth, wearable, wand, waterproof and rechargeable (just to name a few) how do you know which toy you'll enjoy best?

Check out some of the top rated and most popular vibrator features that women and couples like most:

  • The rabbit clit stimulator toy has always been the most popular and favorite erotic bedroom accessory for women around the world. The rabbits combination of clitoral & vaginal stimulation is truly amazing. The best choice for solo masturbation, it produces a total body orgasm in a short amount of time.
  • Dual motors, rotating heads & clit focused vibration, the best clit vibrator is designed to deliver the finest in female sexual pleasure. Mature or older women and seniors with a low libido benefit greatly from the stimulation of a powerful clit vibe during foreplay and before intercourse.
  • For ladies who do not want vaginal penetration, the external bullet stimulator is the best option to purchase. Small egg and bullet toys have the ability to produce thrilling, extra intense orgasms on their own. No penetration required! The best non-phallic and super discreet choice for hesitant beginners, just hold it over the clitoris and enjoy a great orgasm.
  • More power equals better orgasms. Seems self explanatory, but the hard part comes when you want to buy a powerful vibrating sex toy for women online. How do you know what is the strongest vibrator? Only a trusted, expert adult vibrator store knows which are the most powerful toys. (That's us!)
  • Pick your favorite of our best G Spot vibrators on sale and prepare for pure sexual intensity. G Spot orgasms feel so wild, some gals even squirt! Combine G Spot vibration with a good female clit stimulator and prepare for the strongest orgasm ever.
  • Looking to buy something totally unique? Try a thrusting dildo. They are the only internal personal dildo for the vagina that thrusts up & down mimicking the motion of sex. Thrusting toys pile on the sexual goodness for an exotic, wild ride in the bedroom.
  • Try a couples vibrator, the best suggestion for getting in the mood for love. Vibrating finger toys can be used internally inside the vagina to massage the G Spot, but also externally to stimulate the clitoris, anus and/or perineum too. Perfect for older women, couples and always on sale for a cheap price.

How to Buy Vibrator Sex Toys Online

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Detailed information you won't find anywhere else.

If you're brand new to the world of sex toys and personal vibrators for women, be sure to make a quick detour and view the list of different types of vibrators. It's the essential encyclopedia with important information to know before you buy vibrators from our website.

This essential buyers guide written by our own personal Sexpert Mayla Green summarizes 24 subcategories of top rated sex vibrators for women and couples to help those who may feel overwhelmed by all the vibrating massager toys available for sale online.

On a budget? Check out the list of cheap vibrators for sale. Need something silent? Hear how the vibrator sex toy motor sounds under full power so you know exactly how quiet (or noisy) the motor operates.

The videos also give visitors an idea of the overall size and girth so you don't unintentionally buy vibrator toys that are too big or too small for your personal tastes. See how far the remote control actually works too.

Sure a dildo description can note a large 10 inch, medium 7 inch or small 6 inch length, but what does that look like in real life? Is the shaft flexible, soft or firm? By seeing images with a hand holding the device or watching a video, it helps to convey size and texture which makes your final selection process much simpler.

We go beyond the standard and provide pictures from all angles and accurate written descriptions and size measurements exclusive to The Adult Toy Shop website.

If you're buying a female vibrator for the first time, we can answer questions and offer guidance & suggestions on which type matches your personal erotic desires.

How Much are Vibrators for Women?

Our best womens vibrators for sale range from $7 to $150. Prices vary significantly in order to appeal to all budgets. The high end best vibrators for women are more expensive because the production costs and engineering work that took place behind the scenes during the development of the model were substantially more than a cheap or basic one.

You get what you pay for. For example, a cheap toy will be noisier than a high end female vibrator on sale, which will always be quiet. A luxury product will often have more functions or vibrating patterns like pulsing or escalating thumping rhythms. 

Just because you can't spend a fortune doesn't mean you won't find your new favorite personal vibrator in our online sex store at a good price, the affordable options here are actually really good!

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