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We LOVE vibrators! There are more vibrators for women than any other sex toy and the choices can be overwhelming, so the most important categories are separated for easy shopping. With only women working here, we have more experience with personal massagers than anyone else.

50 Best Vibrators

Looking for a recommendation? Pick one of these top reviewed & best selling vibrators and be confident with your purchase knowing you've just selected one of the most popular choices from our catalog. Self love has never been so easy and delivery is fast, private & discreet.

  1. Skinsations Warming Thrusting
    50% of 100
    Skinsations Warming Thrusting
    $67.22 $82.99 You Save $15.77
  2. Prince Vibrator
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    Prince Vibrator
    $36.44 $44.99 You Save $8.55
  3. Pure Skin Vibrator
    60% of 100
    Pure Skin Vibrator

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Our claim to fame is that we are vibrator experts. After working in the adult toy industry for the past decade, we know personal massagers better than anyone else. As such, we're able to narrow down the results and list only the best vibrators for sale. That's why we don't have thousands of styles because it's too confusing to buy a vibrator from a giant list with generic descriptions. We go beyond the standard and provide pictures from all angles and accurate written descriptions unique to our shop only. If you're buying a vibrator for the first time, you've come to the right place. We can answer questions and even offer guidance & suggestions on which type of ladies sex toy best suits your personal desires. On the other hand, if you own a stash of massagers already but are feeling bored, we're the best online vibrator store to try. We love to pick out interesting, unique and fancy models that other stores may not have. You'll find all price ranges from cheap to luxury, but quality counts and we don't sell duds. Only the good stuff with positive reviews passes the quality test. Discover the newest vibrator trends and those with interesting features that are just emerging into the market. Happy shopping!