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How We Measure Our Toys

We measure all sex toys before adding them to our catalog. This assures the items you purchase have the same measurements as seen on the website. Occasionally, manufacturers list incorrect measurements on their packaging, so our measurements may differ from the product package.

Measurements can vary. Not every toy is perfectly round so the diameter varies depending on exactly where it was measured along the shaft. Because of this, we may list measurements as "slightly under" or "slightly over" a certain point because the actual diameter differs depending on the location of the tape measure.

Total Length
This is the measurement from top to bottom including any suction cup, testicles, handle, battery compartment, vibration control panel or anything else that may be at the bottom of the shaft.

Insertable Length
This measurement lists the portion of the shaft that can be inserted into the body. In the photo example below, the measurement ends at the testicles because it cannot be inserted past this point.

The diameter is the measurement across the middle of the shaft. There are some exceptions however, some toys have a thinner top & wider base, so we list two diameters measured across the top & bottom.