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Big, Thick & Large Dildos

Buy huge dildos with thick girths for the ultimate erotic challenge. Most big dildos are 10 - 12 inches long, some realistic thick dildos are a fat 2 inches wide and larger. Pick from any of our best large dildos below and prepare for a big night of fetish fun!

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Play with a Big Dildo in Every Size

Who says you can't make your wildest bedroom dreams come true? Everyone deserves to get complete satisfaction out of their sex life! It can be super kinky with an ejaculating dildo. Sometimes, it means a steamy night with a lover; other times, it might be a fat, extra thick dildo that will make your playtime a genuinely fulfilling experience.

If you dream of sex with a well-hung lover, try a large realistic dildo or make it better with a vibrating big dildo. There are different types of sex toys because we all need and want something different. There's no shame in a big game!

Big dildos might be a little bit intimidating at first, especially those with extra girth and an extra long insertable length. These big boys definitely aren't for everyone, but with a bit of lubrication, using a large dildo can feel fantastic! Find your best huge dildo right now, size queens will love our selection.

We offer a wide range of giant dildos in classic and realistic styles, as well as some more fun designs with a fat girth, so you can find exactly what you're after. It's our goal and pleasure to make all your fisting fantasies come true in the most satisfying and safest way possible, with our thick, huge dildos! That's why we put a lot of emphasis on selling high-quality sex toys that will stand the test of time and give you all the orgasms of your life.

Types of Huge Dildo Sex Toys

Big Huge Dildo
The best big realistic dildo for a size queen.

You'll find lots of fantastic large sex toys in our selection, including our monster dildos. We know that every one of us is unique and has different preferences and expectations. That is why you can find various types of large dildos in our store, in different sizes, materials, colors, and shapes to meet all your needs and desires!

You can find the product or girth you're interested in by selecting the right filters on our website. We sell huge dildos made of different materials, including silicone, rubber, cyberskin, gel, and others. You also will benefit from different sizing.

Our big dildos for sale come in smaller and bigger variants, reaching up to over 10 inches in length and over 2 inches in diameter. A giant dildo can be your new best friend, but only if you're choosing the right size for you! If you're at the beginning stages of your adventure with big dildos, we recommend starting with smaller sizes and gradually switching to bigger options.

Extra Large Dildos With a Fat Girth

Here at The Adult Toy Shop, we try to accommodate all sorts of styles and preferences. You can find thick and large dildos in various shapes, with balls or without them. The penis-like big dildos have interesting features, like wrinkles, a bulbous head, and veins, to best imitate the real thing.

One of our more popular models - Fat Boy Natural Big Dildo, can satisfy all your fantasies of wild rides with something huge but more natural-looking. And many of our models have a suction cup for hands-free play. You can achieve that lifelike lover feeling anytime you want with your best thick dildo!

But if you're a fan of intense, deep internal stimulation, don't worry; we've got you covered too! You can try out one of our huge dildo vibrators that, in addition to its considerable size, offer multi-speed vibration stimulation. You can find harness-compatible large dildos as well. Perfect for playing solo or in a couple!

Our large dildos have a smooth surface and are flexible to deliver the sensations you have never felt before. They are safe for all kinds of play, which is essential, considering the size of these wide sex toys. Choose your thick shape and fat size and have the most erotic time of your life!

Thick Dildos for Big Pleasure

If you're looking for truly intense experiences, our big dildos are the right answer for you. They are great for vaginal stimulation as well as anal sex. Browse our site for all kinds of sex accessories for men and women (we have an extensive range of average size large dildos, too) to make your sex life exciting and help you explore all different sides of satisfaction.

But how can you achieve maximum pleasure with one of our king cock huge dildos? Well, if we're talking about a large dildo, it's best to follow some simple rules to have the most rewarding experience.

  1. Remember the importance of foreplay. It's during this time that your body prepares itself for vaginal stimulation. You'll notice increased lubrication in the vaginal canal, and all your senses will get heightened, so every stimulant will leave you feeling amazing. Of course, when you're preparing for anal play, the lubrication will not happen on its own, and that is why...
  2. Don't forget about a lube! Lube is a great product to have near you during all sorts of play with huge sex toys. It will help the vagina get stretched to insert a big dildo smoothly and without any pain. The last thing you want when having sex is to feel unwelcome discomfort.
  3. Go slow. You can really savor the experience of entering the large dildo inch by inch until it completely fills you. For easy insertion, it's important not to hurry and place it so that it sits comfortably inside. And if you feel any pain, it's better to switch positions or your movements, to get the full enjoyment out of the penetration with an extra large dildo.
  4. Discover what works for you! A play with a big dildo should give you lots of fun! So if something doesn't work for you, listen to your body and accommodate it. There are no one-fits-all solutions here. You can always choose a toy with a different shape or insertable length to fit your body and desires better. It's best to start small, learn your limits, and find the best large dildo by trials and error.

Buy Big Dildos for Ultimate Satisfaction

A giant dildo is an excellent present for those who dream about a few extra inches in their sex toys. It might not be the most suitable for the faint-hearted, but our sex toys can do the tricks that will make your erotic life more adventurous and fulfilling.

We've got all the shapes and thick sizes for all your fist-related girth fantasies as well as any kind of penetration you like - for women and for men. You'll always reach the g spot.

The fun with a thick huge dildo can be unmatched, but sometimes it is difficult to know where to start or what to expect. Luckily, we have plenty of helpful large sex toys for your erotic life, so you don't have to worry about making easily avoidable mistakes.

Check our website for more exciting sex toys and have hot, fun, and safe sexual encounters, no matter if you're inviting someone to your bed or if it's just you and your big, silicone dildo!

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