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Fantasy Extreme Hollow Silicone Dildo

The best looking large & high quality silicone hollow dildo for men.

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Take your pleasure to the max with the most stylish and high quality large silicone hollow strap on dildo for men. The dildo feels completely firm but has a luxurious silky-like coating over top. The interior is smooth and sized just right to support a flaccid penis. This is the dream toy of a lady who loves wide penetrations, and a godsend her lover who has ED.

Please note there is not enough space inside for a man's fully erect penis, but if he can get a partial erection, this will work just right! The center of the dildo cradles an un-erect penis easily and the waist band and thigh straps keep everything in place. The slightly tapered head assists in vaginal insertion while the upward tilted shaft is more ergonomic while in multiple sexual positions.

  • Adjustable straps
  • Solid, hollow shaft
  • Silicone dildo & straps
The straps are also made of pure silicone, they are stretchy and highly durable, grab those straps for the first time and admire their heavy duty feel. There are multiple points of adjustment assuring each body type can enjoy the perfect secure and stylish fit.

Dual straps that fit between the legs are ideal for guys because they won't pinch his scrotum - 1 strap goes on each side of the scrotum so his junk can hang freely below.

The silicone straps looks much better than nylon straps or a panty harness making this the perfect option for men who care about style. It's also the easiest hollow dildo to clean, just submerge the entire unit under soapy water and clean everything at once!

Exterior Length: 7 inches 
Exterior Diameter:
2 inches
Interior Length:
5 inches
Interior Diameter:
1 1/4 inches
Pure silicone dildo & straps
Latex Free: Yes
Phthalates Free:
Maximum Waist Size:
48 inches
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