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Nipple Clamps

Enjoy nipple play, arousal and orgasms with nipple clamps, a kinky way to spice up the sex life with hands free nipple stimulation. We have several types of nipple clips for sale including adjustable, magnetic, clover, weighed and vibrating nipple clamps for men and women for all experience levels from beginners to advanced.

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Buy Nipple Clamps for Men & Women

Nipple clamps are ideal for couples to increase sexual pleasure during lovemaking, not to mention they look devilishly sexy when clips are dangling freely from your lover's breasts. Not just for women, you'd be surprised how many men are jumping on the vibrating nipple clamps bandwagon too. Check out our instructions and tutorial on how to use nipple clamps if you're brand new to the whole concept of breast play.

Stimulating Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Vibrating nipple clamps add the extra touch of stimulation that is often enough to bring on an orgasm from the pinch of the clips alone. Some nipple suction toys are wireless and self contained while other nipple teasers are corded and have an extra powerful motor similar to what you would find in an ordinary vibrator. Check out the best nipple vibrators here for some unique and trendy ideas to try.

Types of Nipple Clips for Sale

If you're new to nipple clamps, you may want to consider the adjustable tweezers or clover clips first because you can adjust the tightness to keep it light and mild. Want it heavy duty or tight and extreme? Fully adjustable broad tip, alligator or tweezer style can tighten with a screw or small metal D ring. Weighted clips and nipple suction toys add serious fetish appeal.

Increase pleasure with weighted tit clamps and enjoy the heavy pull on your nubs. Buy tit clips with a chain for visual enhancement. Often you'll start easy and work your way up as you get used to the pinch. A perfect way to tailor your intimate play to stimulate the breasts, a super powerful erogenous zone for both men and women.

Nipple stimulation can make or break an enjoyable sexual encounter. Some people like it slow and delicate; some are leaning towards the exact opposite. Our collection of nipple clamps is nothing short of erotic surprises that will make you fall in love with rough play even more! If your nipples need more intense stimulation for you to reach completely new heights of pleasure, this selection of products is your golden ticket there.

Discover Pleasure in Pain

Everybody is a little different, and that’s the whole beauty of people. They never fail to surprise you.

The Adult Toy Shop celebrates these differences, delivering a collection of nipple clamps for all of those who are not afraid to find a fine line between pleasure and pain and explore it in their wildest sexual fantasies.

Nipple clamps can be a terrific addition to your sex life or a first step into the unknown world of rough sex play. Curious? Maybe a little introduction will help you decide whether these toys may be for you.

The sole purpose of nipple clamps is to restrict the blood flow to your nipples. Why is it done? Because once a clamp is removed, the blood rushes back in, making your nipples particularly sensitive and receptive to stimulation after only 15 minutes.

Such play can be the cause of some mind-blowing orgasms! Some people reach completion without any other stimulation besides nipple play, and that says something about these bad boys and how helpful they can be.

Experiment and Conquer

No matter how old you are, there’s always time to learn more about your body, pleasure, and sexual needs. And we’re all about supporting you in that quest! Therefore, we come ready and prepared with a variety of truly intense, interesting nipple clamps in various shapes and forms.

In our store, you can find beautiful nipple clamps with all sorts of ornamentation that will make your nipples very sensitive and receptive to even the most delicate of touches. They also look absolutely stunning on your tits, so you will gladly reach for this piece of jewelry every time you’re planning to have the night of your life.

Those of you who require really intense nipple stimulation won’t walk away from The Adult Toy Shop empty-handed. Our vibrating nipple clamps bring everything you need and much more. They look a little intimidating, and it fits them well – the levels of pleasure you can experience when using these nipple vibrators are truly hard to describe. This toy combines the function of a vibrator and clamps, so you’re getting an amazing deal.

As you can see with your own eyes, our collection of nipple toys is versatile, allowing your imagination to run free. Our toys are of high quality and at very affordable prices – we prioritize your satisfaction and encourage you to find your kinks and celebrate them!

Find New Ways to Surprise Each Other

Surprising your partner in bed can be a glorious way to break up with routine and find joy in sex that may have gotten lost along the way. While we endorse having an open dialogue about sex, even when you’re having it on your own, if you know your partner is kinky and open to some novelties, buying them nipple clamps can be an interesting opener to a night full of thrill.

It’s also a fun way for you to introduce some changes to your sex with your partner. And if you’re riding solo, that’s great too! Put your pleasure first and discover just how much of it your body can take.

Shop With Us for Unbound Satisfaction

Shopping with The Adult Toy Shop is easy, affordable and discreet. We respect our customers’ privacy; therefore, you don’t need to worry about your package being flashy or giving away its contents.

Benefit from our wide range of nipple toys, and don’t let your satisfaction pass you by!

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