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How to Use Nipple Clamps, What Do They Do & Feel Like?

How to Use Nipple Clamps & What are They For?

Last Updated on September 13, 2023

As most of us explore our sexuality, we sometimes find things by accident. Nipple play and stimulation often works this way. Yes, most people enjoy this at some level, but then there are those of us who go absolutely mad for it. Could that be you? Nipple clamps could very well be your key to powerful orgasmic pleasure.

Beginners are curious. Can you relate? Ever wonder how to use nipple clamps, what they do, how they work and what they're for? In this beginners guide, you'll learn what they feel like and about the different types of nipple clamps so you can find the best tit clip for your personal desires and pleasure.

You may have already tried several things to get the most out of playing with your nipples, or having your partner do the same. Are you ready to try something even more intense?

Why not try nipple clamps? These deceptively small toys can be a real game changer in the bedroom. Below is our beginners guide to nipple clamps.

What Are Nipple Clamps?

Nipple clamps are clips that attach to the nipples to provide a constant pinch or squeeze that heightens sexual arousal and pleasure. They are an integral part of nipple play to add stimulation for both men and women.

Breast clamps can be classified as a category of bondage or BDSM sex toy. They are made to apply and squeeze or pinch the nipples. This causes intense sensations, and for some, a bit of pain. When you apply nipple clamps, they restrict blood flow to the nipples.

Beginners will typically gravitate towards nipple sucker sex toys because they are more gentle and mild for first timers. Once you've unleased the orgasmic potential, adding on pressure and the famous pinch is the obvious next step.

What Are Nipple Clamps Used For?

The purpose of nipple clamps is to increase sexual arousal. They are used for nipple play, which is a type of sensory play involving a person's erogenous zones. The breasts just happen to be one of those areas that can induce intense arousal and orgasmic sensations throughout the whole body.

When you use nipple clamps, your nipples become more sensitive. This leads to more sexual arousal. In addition to this, vibrating nipple clamps can be used as part of BDSM play, particularly breast and nipple torture. For some people, nipple clamps create such heightened sexual pleasure that they can orgasm solely from nipple clamp play.

Erogenous zones are parts of your body which cause sexual arousal when they are touched or otherwise stimulated. These aren't necessarily your private parts. Erogenous zones are places like the neck, behind your ears, and of course your nipples and boobs. It's why getting touched in certain places is such a turn-on.

What do Nipple Clamps Feel Like?

When you put on nipple clamps, you'll feel a pinch, or mild stinging sensation at first. After a while, nipple clamps feel like a deeper throb as blood flow is restricted to the area.

For safety, you should never screw them down tight enough that they become painful, they should feel like sensual pleasure on your breasts, not pain because after all the purpose of nipple clamps is to increase sexual arousal.

What they feel like really depends on the person, and the types of breast clips they use. Some people are exceptionally sensitive. They may be aroused with even the slightest pinch. Others may need a gentler touch or else the experience could be too painful.

It’s possible that you could wear nipple clamps, and only experienced a bit of ‘heightened sensation’. They key is finding the right toy. The reason that so many people enjoy nipple toys and nipple play is simple. Nipples are an erogenous zone.

When they are removed, the rush of blood back to that area causes an amazing sensation. There are several types of nipple clamps. Some nipple clips can be attached to chains or weights to enhance the intensity and add an attractive visual cue to your sex life, breast play and BDSM play.

Believe it or not, there was a government study on nipple stimulation with published results on how sexually aroused the participants were. They answered a questionnaire about nipple/breast stimulation during sexual activity. 81.5% of women reported favorable results, 51.7% of men reported similar findings.

types of nipple clamps

How do Nipple Clamps Work?

Two things happen when you use nipple clamps. First, there's the squeezing or pinching sensation as you wear the clips. For many people, that causes an intense arousing feeling. Some people may even be turned on by the slight amount of pain they experience.

All types of nipple clamps work to increase pleasure when removed, too. Some people are turned on by the rush of blood flow that happens when the clamps are removed. This can lead to a pleasant tingling sensation that some people really enjoy.

What do Nipple Clamps Do?

Nipple clamps squeeze the nipple which enhances sexual pleasure by creating a tingling, stimulating, throbbing or pinching sensation on the erogenous zone to amplify the pleasure of orgasm.

Nipple clamps are attached to your nipples, then they are adjusted to the right level of tension. How you apply nipple clamps depends on the specific type of nipple toy you have. Some work very simply like alligator clips. You simply clamp them on. And you squeeze to take them off.

Others are held in place on your boobs by adjustable screws. You tighten and loosen the screws to create the sensation you want. There are also magnetic nipple clamps. These work by clamping your nipple between two magnets.

Whatever you do, follow the instructions carefully. Take the time to learn how the clamps feel when you wear them. Be cautious when you decide to tighten them. Make sure you can take them off easily if things get too intense. Finally, wear nipple gel for more comfort.

How to Use Nipple Clamps

Watch my instructional video tutorial that demonstrates the exact step by step method on how to use nipple clamps so they don't fall off. It's essential to use both hands to get a proper fit. If the clip isn't on there deep enough, chances are it will just right fall off as soon as you stand up.

The video demo is shows how to use Tweezer breast clips, but regardless of what type you have, the instructions on how to put them on will remain the same. The important part is to pull the nipple through the tips completely.

Pro Tip: If the nipple clamp is tightened around just the very tip, it may not feel good. The entire nipple needs to be slightly stretched and pulled through the clamp. If you pinch only the tip, it can hurt, and nipple clamps do not hurt when used properly.

How to Put on Nipple Clamps

  1. Loosen the screw or pull down the slider to fully open the clamp.
  2. Position the open clamp around the nipple.
  3. Using your other hand, grab the nipple and pull it upwards.
  4. Hold the nipple with one hand, and use the other hand to tighten the clamp.
  5. The nipple clamp should feel tingly at first.
  6. Leave it in place for a few minutes, and if you prefer more pressure, tighten it again.
  7. It's best to keep it gentle at first and wait to see how your body responds.
  8. Tighten or loosen during play to change how it feels.

When you wear nipple clamps for the first time, you'll be able to figure out what you like, and you can get used to the sensation without worrying about your partner. Try wearing them during masturbation. That's a great way to incorporate nipple play while leaving your hands-free for other things.

Types of Nipple Clamps

How do you choose your first pair of nipple clips? The answer depends on your preferences. Do you prefer light squeezing, or deep pressure? Do you enjoy a bit of pain, or is that too much? Here is a summary of the various types of nipple clamps so you can find the type that matches your preferences:

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Let’s be honest. Vibrating just makes things better. This rule definitely applies to nipple toys. Add a bit of vibration, and nipple stimulation can become orgasmic.

Wireless vibrating nipple clamps are self-contained, and the wireless feature is at first appealing, but in my Sexpert opinion, corded vibrating nipple clamps are better because there are no batteries to add weight to the nipple clamps (unless you want weighted nipple clamps, it's own style listed below). If you are a beginner, I'd suggest these:

Heated Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Heated Vibrating Nipple Clamps have a curved screw top that contours the nip and can be adjusted as gentle or painful as you wish. The vibrating motor is on the base of the nipple providing powerful relentless vibration directly on your erogenous zone.

These are corded, but don't let that dissuade you. The powerful vibrating nipple clamps heat up too making these one of the most highly stimulating breast toys you could get.

Adjustable Nipple Clamps

When someone has wider nipples, or they tend to be a bit more sensitive, adjustable nipple clamps are best. Also, broad tips, also known as alligator nipple clamps tend to spread the pressure out a bit. This leads to a gentler sensation, and less pinching.

Screw nipple clamps can be tightened your way. The screw can be applied gentle for a touch of stimulation or strong to be painful if that's your jam. Adjustable screws are good for everyone from beginners to the experienced.

Adjustable Nipple Clamps for Beginners

Adjustable Nipple Clamps for Beginners are the best adjustable nipple clamps for first timers. They’re coated to further reduce pinching and friction.

The attached chain creates a great aesthetic, and it allows your partner something to pull and tug on to create even more arousal. The adjustable screws make it easy to get the perfect fit.

Weighted Nipple Clamps

Weighted nipple clamps are super erotic, and often worn during BDSM play. There is a small heavy bead or teardrop shaped weight attached to the clamp either directly or by chain that dangles below the breasts. The heavy sensation pulls downwards thanks to gravity and increases the intensity of the pressure and stimulation.

Those who enjoy nipple play and orgasm will surely benefit from the heavy weighted nipple clamps. These are not recommended for those with sensitive nipples since they are more extreme and hardcore compared to all the other types.

Tweezer Weighted  Nipple Clamps

Tweezer Weighted Nipple Clamps have a small circular weight attached by a short chain. These are tweezer nipple clips, a type that can be adjusted by pulling up a small metal D ring and since they are straight without a curve, are better suited as BDSM nipple clamps with a hard pinch.

They dangle under the breasts and the swaying weight adds stimulation and some extreme pleasure as it pulls on your nipples instantly after they are applied.

Clit and Nipple Clamps

Nipple and clit clamps for women offer intense sexual pleasure to all the of the most essential external erogenous zones on the body. These are typically connected together with a chain simply to add visual appeal and a touch of BDSM eroticism to sex play with your lover.

These kinky and popular bondage accessories for women are super sexy and intensely pleasurable. The triple clit and nipple clamps are adjustable so that no matter the size of your body, you'll be able o make them fit precisely on each magic button, so to speak.

Tweezer Nipple and Clit Clamp

Tweezer Nipple and Clit Clamp are stylish and cute nipple clamps for women with a third attachment for the clitoris. The tips are slightly curved inwards to hug the nipples and the clit offering superior grip surface.

You can use the clit clamp on the clitoris directly for pinpoint intensity, or clamp the clitoral hood and labia with the clit buried inside for a more teasing indirect stimulation to increase your orgasms during kinky play.

Clover Nipple Clamps

Clover Nipple Clamps, also known as Japanese nipple clamps are made for serious BDSM enthusiasts since they pinch with a furious tingle. They are reversed at the base, so if you pull on the chain (if applicable) or a metal ring at the base of the clover shaped metal tit clamps, it tightens them and increase the pinch.

Clover nipple clamps have striking visual style with a complex metal structure that enhances BDSM play and enhances the intensity of your bondage session. These Japanese nipple clamps are more interactive since your lover can pull on the base to make them feel tighter, a good addition for punishment purposes during dominance and submissive role play sex.

Clover Nipple Clamps

Clover Nipple Clamps are the best Japanese Nipple Clamps that feature attached metal rings that you can use to hang weights, chains, bells or gems from the ring on the bottom and customize the weight and style of these advanced nipple clamps for men and women.

As with all clover nipple clamps, these are easy to customize your look from devilishly dark and pretty and sexy. Rubber tipped clips add a good level of comfort and gripping power if you want to out them on with weights attached.

Tweezer Nipple Clamps

Tweezer nipple clamps are the most discreet, slimline and simple of all nipple clip toys. They are made for minimal discretion yet provide a strong pinching sensation. They are adjustable too, but instead of a screw, these have a small metal clasp that you slide upwards along the metal clip. Pull it upwards to make it tighter.

Tweezer nipple clamps provide an intense pinch for experts and BDSM enthusiasts because the dual prongs are straight, not curved like alligator screw clamps. Most tweezer tips are rubber or silicone padded and have a slightly curved end to keep them hanging on and increase grip when worn.

Bell Tweezer Nipple Clamps

Bell Tweezer Nipple Clamps are ideal beginner nipple clamps since curvature of the rubber-tipped jaws matches the curvature of the nipples assuring even, gentle pressure around the circumference. It's like a hug! At the base, tiny bells ring as you move to add sensory play to your nights of eroticism and passion.

Butterfly Nipple Clamps

Nothing adds a sweet touch of innocence to such a dark and demure sex accessory than a butterfly! There are numerous styles of butterfly nipple clamps, but they all have a jewelry adornment of a butterfly dangling from the base of the clip. Perfect for those who like to keep sexuality elegant and classy, the butterfly sex toy is the best choice for nice girls.

 Butterfly Nipple Clamps

Butterfly Nipple Clamps are the best nipple clamps for women because they are sexy and cute! The butterflies dangle from the soft rubber tipped and curved adjustable screw clamps above to add a touch of sweetness to sassy sex play.

Nipple Clamps with Chain

Chain nipple clamps have two purposes. The first and most obvious purpose is to enhance erotic visuals during romps with your lover. Chains can come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors with adornments and gems like jewelry and they can look serious for a dominatrix or pretty for nice girls. Just looking at the chain nipple clips hanging from your lovers breasts is sexually arousing.

Secondly, the chain style nipple clamps work to enhance pleasure as the chain brushes lightly against your breasts to enhance the pleasure of nipple play. The cold metal touching your warm skin is good for sensory stimulation too.

Crystal Chain Nipple Clamps

Crystal Chain Nipple Clamps are the best nipple clamps for women because they are sexy and cute! The pink silicone tip covers maintain comfort and add softness and the screw adjusts to your desired level of tightness. The long chain has pink gems throughout to give you a sense off female sexual empowerment and make you look as sexy as hell!

Nipple Clamps for Men

What about the guys? Not all types of nipple clamps are necessarily suited for males. Nipple clamps for men are often larger and more complex since guys who wear nipple clamps often enjoy dabbling in BDSM.

Another thing to consider is that unlike women with breasts that extend from their torso, men's nipples sit flush with the body, so male nipple clamps are flatter too so they can sit against their torso. Press and crossbar style nipple clamps for men are most commonly used by people without large breasts because they fit better.

Press Nipple Clamps for Men

Press Nipple Clamps for Men are the best nipple clamps for men because the vices are flat and sit completely flush against the chest when worn. Lacking coated tips, you'll feel the firm straightforward unrelenting pinch while the chain brushes your skin for sensory enhancement during nipple play.

Nipple Arousal Gel, Vibrators & Sucker Toys

Take some time to shop around here at The Adult Toy Shop. There are dozens of nipple sex toys, vibrators, and suckers for you to try. You’ll be able to find the perfect accessory in no time! As you shop, don’t forget to invest in some nipple gel to make them more sensitive and to keep them erect. Both men and women benefit equally from this increased nipple arousal and stimulation during foreplay.

What is nipple arousal gel? It is a tingly and flavored thickened balm or gel that enhances stimulation during nipple play. It is safe to ingest and can be used for licking or sucking the nipples. A tingling arousal gel or balm will increase blood flow to the area which heightens sensitivity.

Nipple Play for Better Stimulation

Nipples aren’t the only erogenous zones that can benefit from a clamp. The clit is another exceptionally sensitive body part where many people enjoy using clamps. Give this a try during sex or masturbation. Just be sure to pick a set of clamps that are adjustable, and that you can easily remove.

Wearing nipple clamps are absolutely great fun when you are having sex with a partner. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy them by yourself. In fact, you can really learn about what you like best if you experiment with nipple clamps on your own.

  • Think outside of the box. You can use other types of sex toys on your nipples. Really, anything that is small that vibrates will work. Clit stimulators and G Spot vibrators can be used for breast play. The curve of a G Spot sex toy makes it easy to reach your boobs without kinking your wrists.
  • If you have your partner involved, vibrating finger sex toys are the perfect exploratory toy during foreplay. You would wander from clit to nipple to perineum to lips, anywhere you please. Get blindfold to enhance the mystery and sense of touch will be amplified.
  • Even the split bunny ears of a rabbit ears vibrator can pinch the nipples with a far lighter touch than any clamps could. You'll experience a softer squeeze as the rabbit ears hug the sides of the nipple in the exact same way the rabbit sex toy handles the clitoris.
  • Try touching a vibrator to your nipples. You can pick one from my nipple vibrators review, but really, any small vibrator or clit toy will work perfectly too. Once you know how you enjoy having your nipples stimulated, you’ll have an easier time finding the perfect clamps.

You might consider looking at clamps that are under 20 dollars. This way you won’t feel ‘pinched’ if you get a pair that doesn’t work for you. Take a look at these Butterfly Nipple Clamps. They are adjustable and rubber tipped for your comfort.

Adjustable Nipple Clamps
Close up of an adjustable nipple clamp.

Do Nipple Clamps Hurt?

Yes, nipple clamps can hurt. But, they don’t have to! It’s a matter of selecting the right clamps.  You have to take into consideration the size of your nipples, and your level of sensitivity. To avoid pain, choose an adjustable clamp. They should preferably be coated with something to reduce friction.

Of course, some people really enjoy a bit of pain. That should come as no surprise. Nipple clamps are widely used in BDSM play. So, if you crave some light or even intense pain from your nipple clamps, there’s no shame in that. Just be sure to play safely!

Some clamps come with weighted chains or other attachments to add to the sensation. There are even clamps that are specifically made for BDSM and endurance play. These Japanese Clamps are perfect for this. What are nipple clamps for if not to expand your sexual horizons?

However, the phrase male nipple clamps is a bit of a misnomer. When it comes to functionality, men use the same nipple clamps as women. The only difference is that some men might feel more comfortable using a nipple clamp with a more masculine aesthetic. These magnetic nipple clamps fit the bill nicely. They are stainless steel and very functional.

Do Women Like Nipple Clamps?

Many women absolutely do love them. In fact, it's fair to say that women are the majority of users of nipple clamps, a staple of female sex toys. It's simply more common for them to enjoy nipple play, and to incorporate their nipples into sexual activity.

Of course, every woman is different. Some and find nipple clamps absolutely amazing, and will rarely want to have sex with them. Other women won't like the sensation at all. Fortunately, breast clamps are relatively inexpensive. So, it doesn't cost much to try them out.

Do Men Like Nipple Clamps?

Anatomically, male nipples aren't much different from female nipples. Both can be very sensitive oh, and both are erogenous zones. Because of this, man can achieve sexual pleasure by using nipple clamps. Surprisingly (or not depending on your perspective), they are among our best selling men's sex toys.

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