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8 Best Books About Sex: Top Sex Position Books

8 Best Books About Sex: Top Sex Position Books

Last Updated on September 31, 2021

The best books about sex can get you in the mood quickly. They can even jump start a night of solo pleasure. You can even try snuggling up with your partner, and reading sex books together.

But, which books are the best. We’ve done a lot of reading, and found some really good sex position books. If you want to learn better techniques, or just read something amazingly hot, we’ve got what you need. Keeping scrolling for the best books about sex we’ve found.

Blow Each Other Away

Best Blowjob Book: Blow Each Other Away

This couples’ guide to oral sex has a place on every erotic bookshelf. It’s written by a therapist who specializes in helping couples whose relationships are struggling due to lacking sex lives. The book goes into great detail on amazing, oral sex techniques.

Then, it connects those acts to emotional intimacy. Couples who read this book together will find new confidence in their abilities to please one another, and a strong desire to be more intimate through oral sex. They will truly ‘Blow Each Other Away’.

Ride ‘Em Cowgirl!

1. Ride ‘Em Cowgirl!

This is one of our favorite sex books for women. It’s hilariously funny, and super-information. To be clear, cowgirl is just one of the positions it discusses. It covers man other positions, and several other aspects about penetrative sex. There’s even a section for plus size women.

Do you think you know every sex position? Buy this book anyway. Dr. Sadie Allison includes tips on perfecting those positions to make sex even better. ‘Ride ‘Em Cowgirl!’ is a fun, informative read.

How to Give a Mind Blowing BJ

2. How to Give a Mind Blowing BJ

The great thing about sex help books on a single topic is that they really help you perfect your technique. That’s exactly what you’ll get out of ‘How to Give a Mind Blowing BJ’. Let’s be honest, most guys love a great blow job.

Unfortunately, too many women don’t know what they’re doing. Which is understandable! It’s not like there’s a comprehensive guidebook or anything….Wait a minute! Yes there is, and ‘How to Give a Mind Blowing BJ’ is it!

This book covers every tip you need to give amazing blowjobs. Even better, it explains how you can make the process more enjoyable for yourself as well. Turn fellatio into an experience that both of you truly enjoy.

The Sex Bible For People Over 50

3. The Sex Bible For People Over 50

There aren’t enough sex books for couples over a certain age. That’s why we were so happy to find ‘ The Sex Bible For People Over 50’. This book, written by a clinical psychologist and sex therapist addresses the specific needs of sexually active couples over fifty.

It shows how sex at that age can be better than ever, but also requires some new techniques. The book prepares people to try different positions, more foreplay, and lots of communication. The author even discusses sex toys, and other aids to make sex absolutely amazing.

Have you experienced a sexual dry spell? One of the great elements of this book is that it covers the issues that can make sex difficult over 50. Not only can these tips get your sex life back on track, they’re also great fun to try.


4. Toygasms

The sheer variety of sex toys that are available to you can be absolutely overwhelming. That’s why your collection of sex books must include, ‘Toygasms’. This book will help you understand  how each toy works, when to use it, and how to maximize your enjoyment.

Rather than attempting to sell you any particular toy, the author focuses on education. The book covers toys for specific body parts, the very important role of lube, unique sex toys, and accessories. It even addresses cleanliness and safe play.

The Lowdown on Going Down

5. The Lowdown on Going Down

Cunnilingus is often touted as an amazing experience. Unfortunately, for many women the experience is clumsy, and a real let down. Thanks to the author of ‘The Lowdown on Going Down’, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Written by a speech pathologist, the book doesn’t just cover techniques. It also takes givers through a series of tongue-limbering exercises to build endurance, and make going down on women a better experience.

We think this is one of the better sex books for couples of all types. Because the book avoids being gender specific, everyone can identify with the content.

Blow Him Away

6. Blow Him Away

It should be pretty easy to tell what this book is about! That’s right, ‘Blow Him Away’ is another guide to giving amazing blow jobs. ‘Blow Him Away’ is funny at times, always informative, and one of the better books on sex we’ve found.

Check this book out if you are a blow job newbie, but also if you’re experienced at the art of oral. Most of the tips are pretty basic, but it’s a great refresher for you professionals as well.

Tickle His Pickle

7. Tickle His Pickle

The Adam Corolla quote on the cover says it all! ‘Dr. Sadie Allison is a penis genius!’. Yes, the book is quite funny. On the other hand, it also provides information you can use to  pleasure your man like never before.

How to Tickle His Pickle’ truly gives the penis the respect it deserves. Use this book to learn better techniques, and truly treat him to a great sex experience.

Tickle His Pickle

8. Undercover Clitoris

Inside this book, guys are discovering the most thrilling ways to arouse the clitoris just the way their lovers desire proudly freeing the most exquisite orgasms these fortunate women have ever experienced.

Undercover Clitoris is the publication you've been waiting for! This mystery is now solved thanks to Pleasure Coach and bestselling author Dr. Sadie

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