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Tickle His Pickle

A fantastic gift idea, tons of tips written with a comical approach.

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Tickle His Pickle is a woman's manual with a humorous take on a man's favorite sex act. Placing his penis on a pedestal, it is all about him! 160 pages feature 50 hand and oral techniques to make him never forget your touch. Readers are sure to giggle with each flip of the page, the author's approach is comical yet informative.

A perfect book for a bachelorette party gift, its appropriate content is not too racy; furthermore, the cover looks funny so your great aunt Edie won't feel awkward when this is opened at the bride-to-be's party. Jammed full ways to please him with detail and inspiration on some new things a lady probably never imagined he would like. Women think they know what to do - but being penisless creatures, they may be missing the mark. Brush up the technique and discover what he REALLY likes. This is the best sex position book according to our blog.

Paperback 160 pages

Table of Contents
1 - Let's Talk About You
2 - Meet the Penis & The Land Down Under
3 - He's Commming!
4 - Sights! Sounds! Seductions!
5 - Hair Today—Gone Tomorrow
6 - Slippery Stuff
7 - Giving Great Hand
8 - Giving Great Head
9 - His Back Door (& More!)
10 - Ready...Willing...Unable
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Tickle His Pickle
Tickle His Pickle
You'll love shopping with Us! Free shipping over $59, Discreet shipping, Discreet Billing