Standard Dildos

A simple sex toy with attractive colors. These dildos are best suited for women who prefer a subtle sex toy with a flashier feminine look.

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  1. Super Slim Ballsy Blue
    Super Slim Ballsy Blue
    Special Price $11.33 was $13.99

    The floppiest & slimmest dildos with striking blue color.

  2. Super Slim Penis
    Super Slim Penis
    Special Price $13.76 was $16.99

    A long, thin & flexible choice for maximum comfort.

  3. Classic Gel Dildo
    Classic Gel Dildo
    Special Price $16.19 was $19.99

    Softness of jelly with the safeness of silicone sex toys.

  4. Basic Colored Penis
    Basic Colored Penis
    Special Price $16.19 was $19.99

    Popular small dildo with gentle shaft & suction cup.

  5. Sweet and Hard
    Sweet and Hard
    Special Price $15.38 was $18.99

    Little dildo with amazing slippery surface.

  6. Jellies Starter Kit
    Jellies Starter Kit
    Special Price $26.72 was $32.99

    A fun 3 piece dildo kit for playful couples.

  7. Medium Crystal Gel
    Medium Crystal Gel
    Special Price $26.72 was $32.99

    Enjoy a realistic feel without a realistic look.

  8. Large Crystal Gel
    Large Crystal Gel
    Special Price $29.96 was $36.99

    Large & in charge with pretty candy bowl colors.

  9. Slender Dildo
    Slender Dildo
    Special Price $12.95 was $15.99

    An excellent choice for a first timer's gentle touch.

  10. Chubby Dildo
    Chubby Dildo
    Special Price $18.62 was $22.99

    Irresistible thick squishy girth made of reflective gel.

  11. Jelly Jewels
    Jelly Jewels
    Special Price $15.38 was $18.99

    Super soft & sexy beginner dildo for women.

  12. Jelly Jewels Ballsy
    Jelly Jewels Ballsy
    Special Price $18.62 was $22.99

    Amazingly soft jelly-like suction penis.

  13. Long Classic Gel Dildo
    Long Classic Gel Dildo
    Special Price $18.62 was $22.99

    A longer version of the Classic for 2-handing.

  14. Bff Petite
    Bff Petite
    Special Price $9.71 was $11.99

    Smooth & flexible small dildo perfect for anal pegging.

  15. BFF Dildo
    BFF Dildo
    Special Price $14.57 was $17.99

    Non phallic probe is perfect for your strap-on.

  16. American Pop Ballsy
    American Pop Ballsy
    Special Price $71.27 was $87.99

    Our favorite playful hypoallergenic silicone dildo.

  17. Platinum Premium Curve
    Platinum Premium Curve
    Special Price $64.79 was $79.99

    Looking for a silicone curved dildo to last a lifetime?

  18. American Pop
    American Pop
    Special Price $66.41 was $81.99

    American made pure silicone dildo with personality!

  19. Softee
    Special Price $16.19 was $19.99

    Squishier than all the other dildos. Lovely luxury!

  20. Basic Straight Gel
    Basic Straight Gel
    Special Price $14.57 was $17.99

    A super soft & discreet dildo for erotic play.

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52 items