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Anal Lube

Anal lube is essential for reducing friction while inserting toys into the rectum and making butt sex more comfortable. Shop online for the best anal numbing cream that mildly desensitizes the sphincter to ease in your butt plug or partners penis. Buy thick water based lube or silicone based anal oil and alternatives to make back door sex play more enjoyable.

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Best Lube for Anal Sex & Toys

Anal lube is a thick water based or silicone based formula; as a comparison, vaginal lubricant is a thinner, lighter liquid. The viscous formula is less runny so you're able to apply it inside the rectum without it dripping out. Some brands use coconut oil to enhance slickness or additives as butthole relaxers. Use a lubricant applicator to apply the cream inside the rectum to reduce friction during intercourse or when using a butt plug or anal toy.

What makes anal lube so special? Why wouldn't I simply use my regular sex toy lubricant? Sure you can, (they are mostly interchangeable), but anal lubricant has one important feature that the rest do not have. It's thicker! Check my review & comparison of the best anal lube types here first to learn why grease or oil can be better than liquid.

Anal Ease Desensitizing Numbing Lube

Numbing lube has a topical anesthetic similar to toothache cream that mildly numbs the rectum and sphincter. This cream makes penis penetration and toy insertion more comfortable, especially for first timers. This type of formula is more commonly known as Anal Ease.

Desensitizing anal lube may also have added silicone to reduce discomfort and make it slick. Use anal numbing lube sparingly however, you don't want to harm your anus when you ease something into the entry hole. Be sure to use lots of regular silicone or coconut anal oil, especially before back door penetrative sex.

If you want an extra dose of comfort, use a desensitizing lube for anal sex. This is a relaxing numbing cream that mildly desensitizes the rectal sphincter to prevent discomfort or pain. Be sure only to use a small amount of benzocaine or lidocaine anal ease desensitizer. You don't want to completely remove sensation, if you don't feel anything you won't be aware if there is tearing!

Just a drop to slightly numb the anus is all you need, especially for a first timer while training. Anal relaxer is the best product for you to get accustomed to using butt plugs or having back door sex without numbing lube once the butthole is used to being stretched. The best anal lube to ease into the tight squeeze of the back door entry!

Most are viscous similar to a thick gel, of course there are runny water based options too, so be sure to read the description in each option before you buy. A thick gel anal lube is the best choice because you don't want it to leak out before you begin and the butt cheeks have a way to spread lube around creating a runny, wet mess!

Anal Oil Cream for the Best Butt Sex Ever

When you use a coconut anal oil or cream, it inserts into the rectum and does not leak out like a runny fluid will. Silicone and coconut oil is less messy, but requires soap and water to wash off when you're done. It can feel like grease if you don't. You can also use an anal douche and manually rinse your rectum after each session (either intercourse or butt plug use).

The best lube for anal can be used with both butt plugs and dildos; additionally, it is condom safe. Choose the “lube tube applicators” to help make it easier to insert a sex toy or your partners penis. The tube squirts the gel into your body right where its needed the most. It stops pain and makes penetration feel most welcome and super orgasmic!

Thick anal lube is extremely important to use because the anus does not naturally lubricate itself so there is a high chance of tearing tissue if anal sex is dry. Wetter is not only better – but safer too! If you like rough rectal sex, choose a silicone lube because it coats the rectum better and due to the slickness of the silicone, it reduces friction during back door penetration and prevents tearing. If you use plugs or prostate toys, pick one of the best water based lubes to preserve the integrity of the sex toy material.

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