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Best Anal Lube | 6 Best Lubes for Anal Sex

Best Anal Lube | 6 Best Lubes for Anal Sex

Last Updated on December 23, 2020

Anal sex is no longer the great taboo, today, women and men alike are discovering the pleasure of anal play. If you are curious about these forbidden pleasures, you aren’t alone.

Having the best anal lube really matters. It will make or break your opinion on back door sex altogether. To ensure you enjoy anal intercourse, start by purchasing anal lube.

After all, unlike a vagina, your anus isn’t going to get wet and ready on its own. Safety, respect, and the right anal lubricant are the three components of great anal sex. Adding lubrication is the most important step to enjoy anal sex.

So, what is the best lube for anal sex, and why can’t you just reach for whatever brand you keep in your bedside table? As it turns out, the best lubrication for anal may not be what you’ve been using for masturbation, sex toys or vaginal intercourse.

If you are inexperienced, this is important to remember. In order to make things as pleasurable as possible, and eliminate as much discomfort as you can, consider using a dedicated, silicone or water based anal lubricant.

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What Makes the Best Anal Lube?

Lubes made specifically for anal sex tend to be thicker than average. That ensures the lube stays in place and isn't runny like vaginal lubricants can be.

After all, the anus is tighter than a vagina, and if you try to force liquid into a tight hole, it will ooze out and make your butt cheeks all sticky. Not the intended goal!

Later, once you are more of an anal pro, you can try out some general purpose lubes to see how those work, but foe beginners and first timers, might as well pick one of my favorite choices from the list below.

Before we get started, a little education. Anal lubricants are either water, oil, or silicone based. Each has its place when it comes to anal sex:

  • Water based is nice and slick, and it works well with adult toys and condoms. It washes off easily, no soap & a shower needed after completion. Just a little wipe and you'll be on your way. It's also the cheapest option and the most plentiful to buy.
  • Silicone is even more slick, but you can’t use it with sex toys. (This is my top pick and the best selling formula for anal lubes). It's amazing because it does not evaporate or absorb into the skin and retains it's silky texture for the duration of sex.
  • Oil based creams feel the best and work well if you are able to bare back, but it will ruin a condom. You can use oil with a sex toy, but the results can be messy. Furthermore, oil will stain clothing and bed sheets so caution is needed not to leave a sex mark on your sofa fabric!

What About No Lube Anal?

That is a big no-no. Sex coaches & educators everywhere cringe at the prospect of no lube anal. Why such a deep, strongly held sentiment?

As noted previously, the anus does not naturally lubricate itself, so it always remains dry. The tissue inside the rectum is fragile and can tear easily. For this reason, anal intercourse without lubricant is downright dangerous and should never be attempted.

Homemade & Household Anal Lubricant Substitutes

The following are common household items from your kitchen & bedroom that are used as anal lube:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Vaseline
  • Baby Oil
  • Olive Oil

Is it okay to use Vaseline and coconut oil as anal lube? Yes, it can be done, but there are a few cautionary notices that I must mention to perhaps sway you to use a products designed for this purpose:

Firstly, coconut oil, Vaseline, baby oil & olive oil are not compatible with condoms and butt plugs. Secondly, none of these substitutes are actually designed to be used in the rectum and therefore can easily disrupt the natural PH balance causing infections or encouraging bacteria growth.

Proper anal lubricants are formulated to be compatible with the body's PH levels and sanitized to prevent bacteria growth, so try this:

Jo Hybrid Water Based & Coconut Oil Lube

Jo Hybrid Water Based & Coconut Oil Lube

Jo Hybrid Water Based & Coconut Oil Lube is the 1st coconut oil infused personal lubricant. It has a creamy, silky texture that combines the best qualities of an oil base and water lube into one.

Safe to use internally, healthy and lightly infused with a natural coconut fragrance, it is the perfect option for those who like the slickness of coconut but don't want to use it as lubrication.

What about Anal Numbing / Desensitizing Lube?

This is a polarizing product. Some people swear by anal numbing cream like Anal Eze, others think it's absolutely the worst thing ever invented and should never be used.

Why the extremes? If you desensitize that area, you may not know if your partner is going too hard or too fast. The rectum and anus are lined with fragile, sensitive tissue prone to tearing under a heavy load of friction.

So if you want to try numbing lubes or anal desensitizing creams, make sure you use LOTS of lube with it to reduce drag and friction between your skin and your partner's penis. Safety should be top priority, not cramming your rectum full in the throes of heated sexual passion and risking a tear.

Mayla's 6 Best Lubes for Anal Sex:

Thick Anal Lube

1. Thick Anal Lube

Thick Anal Lube is the best water based anal lube of all time. Buy it and you'll be eternally happy. This viscous gel anal lube stays in place nicely, without dripping and slipping the way standard liquids can.

This one does the trick for both experienced and inexperienced users. Try the optional cherry scented version for something a bit more exotic. You can use this product with condoms and toys. It washes away easily without leaving any residue.

  • Condom Safe: Yes
  • Sex Toy Safe: Yes
  • Volume: 6 ounces
  • Type: Water Based
  • Flavor Options: Cherry, Unflavored

ID Backslide Lubricant

2. ID Backslide Lubricant

ID Backslide Lubricant is another, amazing concentrated silicone lubricant for anal sex and many other purposes. It’s sold in multiple sizes for your convenience, and provides the ideal amount of lubrication. In addition to this, the convenient flip top cap is perfect for one handed use.

That’s great when your other hand is busy pleasuring your partner. This one is also condom and toy safe, as well as being hypoallergenic. This product comes in four different sizes, and it is priced accordingly. It has natural additives that provide a slightly numbing and antibacterial effect.

  • Condom Safe: Yes
  • Sex Toy Safe: No
  • Volume: 1 ounce, 2.2 ounces, 4.4 ounces, 8.5 ounces
  • Type: Silicone Based

Jo Cooling Anal Lube

3. Jo Cooling Anal Lube

The worlds first cooling anal lube, and one that is quickly gaining popularity. It's no surprise to see Jo Cooling Anal Lube claim its spot in the top 5 best anal lube list. Adding a chilly cool touch to your butt is highly invigorating. It almost has a tingle with a slight cooling effect that increases sensitivity inside the rectum.

Perfect to use with butt plugs and anal toys too. It is also water based and condom safe. System Jo is one of the leading personal lubricant brands that creates the highest quality body safe formulas for men & women.

  • Condom Safe: Yes
  • Sex Toy Safe: Yes
  • Volume: 2 ounces, 4 ounces
  • Type: Water Based

Wicked Anal Jelle

4. Wicked Anal Jelle

This anal gel is especially thick. That’s why so many people prefer Wicked Anal Jelle for backdoor action. This product is also vegan, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic. This multipurpose lube is perfect for anal intercourse, and toy play. This is a top pick for horny folks who are also environmentally aware.

  • Condom Safe: Yes
  • Sex Toy Safe: Yes
  • Volume: 4 ounces
  • Type: Water Based

Body Action Anal Relaxer

5. Body Action Anal Relaxer

This natural anal lubricant to help users relax their sphincter muscle. This is perfect for people who prefer to use anal oils to prevent any pain or discomfort instead of desensitizing creams.

This is formulated specifically for anal use, works well with condoms, but Body Action anal relaxer should not be used for toys. Take your time with this one, and enjoy some foreplay. You’ll enjoy better results if you give the product a bit of time to work.

  • Condom Safe: Yes
  • Sex Toy Safe: No
  • Volume: 1.7 ounces
  • Type: Silicone Based

Petroleum Anal Lube

6. Petroleum Anal Lube

Doc Johnson is one of the most reputable makers of sex related products in the world. Their Petroleum Anal Lube is a basic, oil-based product. It’s made for maximum comfort and ease of insertion. This is a top pick for couples who feel comfortable engaging in anal sex without a condom.

This formula has remained unchanged for the past decade or so. Why mention this seemingly irrelevant fact? This means they mailed it, it;s perfect and no need to make adjustments. The best oil based anal sex lube ever made.

  • Condom Safe: No
  • Sex Toy Safe: No
  • Volume: 3.4 ounces
  • Type: Oil based

The Butt Lube Applicator

Bonus: The Butt Lube Applicator

The inventive and useful anal lube injector is a must-have accessory in your adult toy arsenal. It isn’t easy to get a thick anal lube exactly where you need it.

You might end up with lube on your hands, or in your bed sheets. To avoid that mess, try the Lube Tube Applicator. It has a narrow, comfortable tip for easy insertion, and allows you to lube up without a big mess.

Click to buy anal lube online.

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