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Anal Lube Injectors, Shooters & Lube Applicators

Anal Lube Injectors, Shooters & Lube Applicators

Lube shooters are absolutely essential to enhance your anal sexual pleasure. Any thick water based or silicone based gel formula is extremely important to reduce friction between the delicate tissue back there and whatever implement you're trying to insert for sexual pleasure.

Your partner's penis, a butt plug, any sex toy really, it doesn't matter: the anus cannot lubricate itself like a vagina can. You'll need to lend a helping hand via lubricant application with a lube injector loaded with a good dollop of viscous gel before you get started with butt stuff.

Anal lube is thicker than other regular personal lubricants. Of course you can always apply your favorite brand of sexual lube in the back door entry, but it gets quite tight back there. Think about it all from an anatomical point of view and you'll quickly realize the anus is essentially a one-way sphincter.

When you stuff something into the one-way sphincter, you'll have sort of a squeegee effect. Inserting the butt plug can wipe off the anal lubricant can pretty much render your application useless. You'll end up with wet butt cheeks and a dry rectum. That's not good. That's where lube applicators come into play

Lube needs to be injected inside the rectum and spread evenly throughout the deep and narrow canal in order for you to enjoy sex toy insertion and penetrative sex. How's the best time to have the aptly named lube launcher nearby to make application super easy without any mess or fuss.

So how do you use this applicator device to make rectal exploration more enjoyable? What is a lube shooter anyway? How to I unlock orgasmic potential of penetrative anal sex to make it slick and slippery?

What is a Lube Launcher?

A lube launcher is a narrow plunger style shooter tube that inserts into the anus. Squeezing the tab on the base of the applicator injects lube deep within the rectum.

Lube applicator tubes are made of plastic for seamless delivery of lubricant inside the body. You can stick the tube as deep or as shallow as you want depending on the type of anal play you're about to do.

Application doesn't necessarily have to go deep however, the whole point of the device it to inject the thick fluid just inside the sphincter to reduce friction at the entry. Furthermore, you can use it in the vagina too. This is especially useful for menopausal women who experience dryness during intercourse.

Lube Shooter Benefits

Is a lube shooter just a frivolous, unnecessary add-on? Personally, I don't think so. I use an injector at home with my butt plug. It just makes everything a bit easier.

If you try to inject anal lube by pushing it in with your finger, a minimal volume of liquid actually makes it through the entry hole. The rest kinda oozes out, hence my term “the squeegee effect”. Here's a few more reasons why it's a good idea to have an anal lube applicator at hand before engaging on back door foreplay or anal sex:

  • Prevents the squeegee effect that occurs from external anal lube application.
  • The only way to thoroughly lubricate deep inside the rectum.
  • Heavily lubricating the anus makes penetration more comfortable.
  • Reduces friction during initial insertion which prevents the tissue from tearing.
  • Reduces lubricant waste – pinpoint application uses less volume of liquid to get the job done.
  • Can be used to load lube into a pocket pussy or male masturbator (since the entry hole is normally tight and small).

How to Use a Lube Applicator

Here are a few Sexpert tips and techniques to make using your lube launcher easy and effective. If you wonder how to prepare for anal sex, this is one of the best ways to get ready for first time anal.

If you have a partner, it's much easier to ask them to use it for you instead of trying to do it yourself. Although if you're on your lonesome, that's okay too, it will still work!

  1. Remove the cap on the lube tube (if there is one).
  2. Unscrew the cap of your anal lube bottle.
  3. Insert the tip of the tube into the bottle.
  4. Pull the plunger upwards to draw liquid into the tube.
  5. Spread your cheeks with your fingers to expose the anus.
  6. Inset the tip gradually into the anus using a slow in & out motion.
  7. Gently depress the plunger as you ease it further into the rectum.
  8. Once inserted to your desired depth, squeeze the trigger to empty the tube.
  9. After you're done your naughty business, make sure to clean both the interior & exterior of the tube with antibacterial soap & water.
  10. Let it completely air dry before putting the cap back of (if there is one).

Best Butt Lube Injector Tubes

If you're looking to buy a lube injector online, these are my three favorites. Well, honestly, they are the only three we have for sale. Even though most sex toy manufacturers make their own, they're really all the same design, so no need to confuse the customer with too many options. I've hand picked the best anal lube applicators just so you know the one you're buying is one you'll enjoy using:

Butt Lube Injector

Butt Lube Injector

Butt Lube Injector tubes are a mere 1/2 inch wide, thinner than your favorite beginner anal toy. No worries about size here, it's all business! The 3 1/2 inch long anal lube tube assures you can thoroughly lubricate deep into the anus. It's a secret anal sex technique of the pros! Includes 2 lube tubes. Available in 4 color choices: Clear, Blue, Pink, Orange

XL Lube Shooter Applicator

XL Lube Shooter Applicator

XL Lube Shooter Applicator is the largest launcher available on the market today. "XL" means it has a higher volume capacity compared to a regular anal lube injector. You can use it vaginally or anally, even use it to load lubricant into your pocket pussy hole. Includes 2 silicone penis rings that can be used on an erect penis, or on a vibrator for a nice added squishy feel during intercourse and sex play.

Relax Desensitizing Lube With Injector Tip

Relax Desensitizing Lube With Injector Tip

Relax Desensitizing Lube With Injector Tip is the first numbing lubricant with a built in applicator tip! Ever wonder why butt lube bottles have a traditional cap or pop top lid when you're supposed to shoot lube into such a tiny, confined space? This is the easiest to use and most ingenious bottle of anal lube we've seen. Pinpoint application with a nozzle tipped end. Topical Lidocaine anesthetic additive numbs the area to make penetration more comfortable.

Click to buy anal lube online.

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