Double Dildos

The longest reach of any female sex toy, double headed dildos are a popular option for couples kinky foreplay. It's one the naughty lady loves.

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  1. Tapered Double
    Tapered Double
    Special Price $55.07 was $67.99

    16" realistic double dildo with 2 differently sized heads.

  2. Double Penetrator
    Double Penetrator
    Special Price $21.05 was $25.99 You Save $4.94

    Breaking the convention of the regular double header.

  3. King Penetrator
    King Penetrator
    Special Price $38.06 was $46.99

    Behold the most realistic double penetration dildo!

  4. Exxxtreme Double
    Exxxtreme Double
    Special Price $34.82 was $42.99

    The biggest double header for the most demanding woman.

  5. Softee Pink Double
    Softee Pink Double
    Special Price $21.05 was $25.99 You Save $4.94
    Elegant soft blend plays up your nice-girl side.
  6. Slim Double Realistic
    Slim Double Realistic
    Special Price $36.44 was $44.99

    Super life-like & amazingly soft toy with thin shaft.

  7. Lucky Lady
    Lucky Lady
    Special Price $14.57 was $17.99 You Save $3.42

    Small dildo with natural "U" shaped curve.

  8. Double King Medium
    Double King Medium
    Special Price $32.39 was $39.99

    The ideal DP dildo with soft "U" shaped shaft.

  9. Double King Large
    Double King Large
    Special Price $42.92 was $52.99

    Realistic & soft - perfect for double penetration!

  10. Doc Johnson Double
    Doc Johnson Double
    Special Price $21.86 was $26.99
    A classic twinned sex toy with added length!
  11. Double Bender
    Double Bender
    Special Price $25.10 was $30.99

    Stiff spine to customize the angle you like best!

  12. Veined Double Dildo
    Veined Double Dildo
    Special Price $22.67 was $27.99

    Narrowed heads make this perfect for 1st timers.

  13. Smooth Double Header
    Smooth Double Header
    Special Price $21.86 was $26.99

    Slides a million miles a minute, a thrusting dream come true.

  14. Vibrating Double Dong
    Vibrating Double Dong
    Special Price $36.44 was $44.99 You Save $8.55

    Thin & slippery double vibrator with 2 motors.

  15. Basix Double
    Basix Double
    Special Price $34.82 was $42.99

    Grooved ridges on top, soft bumps on the bottom.

  16. The Duos Smooth
    The Duos Smooth
    Special Price $21.05 was $25.99
    Softest rubber with elegant ribbed pleasure.
  17. The Duos Veined
    The Duos Veined
    Special Price $21.86 was $26.99
    Tapered heads are a better choice for first timers.
  18. Long Smooth Double
    Long Smooth Double
    Special Price $29.96 was $36.99

    Thin, slippery smooth & highly bendable shaft.

  19. Long Veined Double
    Long Veined Double
    Special Price $36.44 was $44.99

    The classic Doc Johnson toy but much, much longer.

  20. Long Veined Gel Double
    Long Veined Gel Double
    Special Price $29.96 was $36.99

    Longest dildo is a floppy treat for sexy adventures.

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25 items