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Double Sided Dildos

Double ended dildos are the longest sex toys for sale measuring between 12 inches and 18 inches long. The flexible, realistic shafts and double sided dildo heads have a stunningly kinky feel. DP dildos and strap ons are for double penetration; vaginal and anal insertion at the same time. 

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Buy Double Sided Dildos for Sharing Kinky Fun

The naughtiest sex toy ever made, the double dildo is perfect for those with kinky minds and the best playful sense of adventure in the bedroom. If you enjoy your ejaculating dildo, this is another kinky sex toy for extreme pleasure.

Not just for women, lesbian and gay couples particularly enjoy playing with a vibrating or silicone double headed dildo together, the extra length allows them to lay, stand or sit in a variety of positions with an easy reach to the vagina or anus.

Acrobatic sex? Absolutely! Grab the middle of your extra long double ended dildo and stuff her full with the best badass sexual goodness. We've taken photographs of every double dong standing up straight so it's easy to visualize the entire length, but in reality, the two sided dongs are bendable and likely softer than you may expect.

These extra long DP sex toys and double dongs don't stand up on their own, we had to resort to photographic magic to prop them on on a clear plate to take the pictures. If they don't have support, they fall down like a wet noodle.

DP dildos make it possible to bend both ends around for DP penetration, a popular sexual fantasy for women. It's not always practical to have 2 guys at one time, so the silicone double sided dildo is the next best thing. Enjoy the feel of a threesome without any hurt feelings or awkward moments the next day! The realistic dual headed dildo is perfect fantasy sex toy for those looking for try a DP sex fantasy safely.

Double Dildo
The quintessential double dildo.

Best Double Headed Dildos for Creative Couples

The true exotic sex toy, a double penetration dildo has 2 heads and is designed to enter the vagina and anus at the same time. Rock it back and forth rhythmically, rock faster and build up momentum - and wow - that's a wild orgasm!

Some double penetration vibrators have anal beads sticking out from the shaft for triple stimulation, others are strap ons that you can wear on your body. Vibrating DP sex toys are for adventurous women who like to explore the boundaries of sexual pleasure. Give it to your partner and let him do all the work. How kinky!

If you're looking for serious length and size, the biggest large double dildo reaches up to 18 inches long. The shafts are typically thinner compared to most sex toys because they need to be pliable so they can bend around in a “C” shape. (or a U-shape if you hold it the other way, lol)!

If you're looking for a thick dual sided dildo or strap on, the widest we have is 1 1/2 inches, considered an average girth for any sex toy. Most shafts are thin and easy to maneuver which is a quality you'll appreciate when you get your hands on it; furthermore, a small tapered shaft works better as an anal toy too.

Double Ended Dildos for a DP Penetration Fantasy

This category also contains Double Penetration Dildos which are a vibrator with 2 ends. Try a suction cup dildo for double penetration. but all hands free. This 2 way dildo vibrator is used for double penetration sex, and also known as a DP dildo. What is double penetration?

It is vaginal and anal penetration at the same time from the same dong. Double ended dildos for vagina and anal will often have 2 differently sized ends. The large one is for the vagina, the small one if for the anus. This makes it more a comfortable and better overall sexual experience for women. Vibrating double dildos are not only popular for playful lesbians and gay couples, heterosexual couples enjoy their kinky edge in the bedroom too.

Most have realistic shaped penis heads to better replicate the feel of dual penetration, and if you're new to the idea, grab one of the styles that have a smaller head on one side and a larger head on the other. The thin tip inserts into the anus while the wide tip inserts into the vagina.

Some silicone two headed dongs have a natural “U” shape with matching ends that differs from the smooth or straight styles, these are commonly used by women who want to play alone. It's the perfect female sex toy for solo use because you don't need to fumble to insert the heads.

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