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Lucky Lady Dildo for Women

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Lucky Lady dildo for women is a fresh new idea that switches up the regular double dildo that we see all the time and introduces a few features that we are totally loving! Made in the same length as a regular double sided dildo, but with 2 differently sized heads tailor made for double penetration. The first end is thick, the second end is thin. The smaller penis shaped head inserts into the anus while the bigger penis head inserts into the vagina.

You may wonder if the dildo actually looks like the photos here or if we positioned it that way specifically to take the photographs. Yes, it is always shaped like this! The middle of the shaft has a permanent curve that always resumes the natural "U" shape when you lay it down.

The ends can be moved and flexed backwards allowing the user to maneuver each end into a hole (it will always return to it's original U shaped position while in the body preventing the heads from slipping out of the holes during use). Rock it back and forth to alternate anal and vaginal thrusting. You'll enjoy the most sensual erotic motion.

A double penetration sexual fantasy is very common among women, but you'll rarely hear about it! You may be surprised to hear that this is our 15th best selling dildo, so it reinforces the fact that women enjoy DP sex. This one if perfect for your first time because it is the smallest of all DP dildos making it easy to insert with minimal stretching in the ass.

If you've never used a butt plug before, inserting the small 3/4 inch head into your anus is super easy. Measuring less than 1 inch across, simply add lube and you'd be surprised how easily the firm head slides in. The vaginal probe is small too, but that makes it easier to rock back and forth in a sensual motion. Lavish purple color and slippery firm surface keeps it interesting & classy, even for such a naughty secret fantasy!

14 inches
Large side is 1 inch, small side is 3/4 inch
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free: Yes
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