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Cyberskin Dildos

Cyberksin is one of the original ultra realistic sex toy materials that brought the real feel of skin into your bedroom. Cyberskin dildos and vibrators offer ladies a soothing realistic sexual experience; warm, silky and oh-so luxurious! It's the best 1st big dildo to try since the gentle shaft eases into the vagina easily compared to any other real skin dildo material.

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Cyberskin Dildos Bring Realism Home

If you want to indulge in a true sexual fantasy with a lifelike dildo sex toy, you need a sex toy that mimics and re-creates the warmth and smooth sensation of sexual intercourse. The realistic Cyberskin dildo is the best choice for bringing home the realism of a bed buddy only with no strings attached!

Cyberskin Dildo Size
Highly flexible, realistic & top shelf luxury!

Cyber dildos come in a variety of dual density dildo styles that offer the user more versatility; some have a suction cup that can be attached to a strap on harness and others are a dildo vibrator with the same supple exterior only with a vibrating motor hidden deep inside the shaft. Cyber skin dildos can be sculpted to look realistic with a life sized girth & length or provide a big sex fantasy with a wide shaft and large build. Some are small for those seeking a gentle and soft toy that is easy to insert.

What is Cyberskin?

It is a sensually soft silicone blend made by the sex toy manufacturer Topco. There are many other similar materials on the market now, but Topco brought Cyberskin sex toys into American bedroom before anyone else.

They have had so much success with this product that it is now a common household name for couples who use strap ons & sex toys. There's a good reason behind its popularity – it is truly one of the best silicone adult toys ever made; often imitated, never duplicated!

What is Cyberskin made of?

The base is TPR silicone, a non-toxic high quality material with superior temperature resistance, strength and elasticity. The final result is a perfectly molded penis dildo or vibrator that retains body heat and has a soft malleable surface that feels like a real mans erection.

Even though the material is naturally smooth and flexible, it retains its shape and wont sag with regular use and resists tearing better than other similar materials. It may seem delicate, but it's actually more durable than it looks! The surface is also easily to sterilize with antibacterial sex toy cleaner.

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