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Diamond & Jewel Butt Plugs

Shop online for pretty jewel butt plugs. The fancy diamond butt plug shimmers with a gorgeous elegant hue, giving your lover a fun surprise as it peeks out between your butt cheeks. Sexy, cute and unique jeweled butt plugs have a colorful, radiant gem glued into the flared base bringing ordinary anal toys into sophisticated style. They are sure to become a favorite in your sex toy collection.

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Buy Jeweled & Diamond Butt Plugs

We were very excited when the first diamond butt plugs were introduced into the sex toy world. Before jeweled butt plugs were available for sale in sex toy shops, a person would simply buy an ordinary anal plug and not think much about it.

Anal toys provide big impact to your sexual pleasure, but honestly, they are not very inspiring to look at. So why not make them pretty too? After all, we see gorgeous female sex toys of all types, so why do anal toys have to be so boring?

colorful jewel butt plugs
Brilliant jewels, diamonds & gems!

Introducing the super cute and beautiful jewel butt plug. Your lover will delight to the visual pleasure of the colorful pink, purple or clear jeweled butt plug as it captures light and shines with impressive brilliance as it peeks out from between your ass cheeks.

Sexy & Stylish Jewel Butt Plugs with a Gem

Anal play feels great, but it can be a bit dirty, so adding a sparkle with a diamond anal plug with a gem is a great way to add a feminine touch of class and a heaping dose of elegance. Gem anal plugs feature a circular, heart shaped or even four leaf clover sparkling gem encased in the base of the plug.

The jewels shine in hues of pink, purple, clear or even multi colored and multi faceted like real diamond jewelry. They can either be glued in the metal base or surrounded by a silicone lip. Think of it like anal jewelry, the sophisticated and sexy sparkle from back there is perfect for adding a “nice girl” touch to butt stuff.

Most diamond gem butt plugs are small or medium sized, ideally suited to the female body and for gals who just want to try something cute without stretching the anal sphincter or causing discomfort. The small spade shaped toy will amplify your orgasms while maintaining a reasonable girth that won't scare you off from sticking something in your anus for sexual pleasure.

Silicone, stainless steel and metal are the most commonly seen materials in the best jeweled butt plugs. Both material options provide contrasting sensations and are worthy of their own dedicated spot in your kinky anal jewelry collection.

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