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Buy the best male sex toys discreetly online. We've hand picked the finest sex toys for men & male masturbators for his pleasure. Browse the categories of male masturbation toys and check out our information section below for expert guidance on which mens sex toys best suits your personal pleasure style.

Most Popular Male Sex Toys

Purchase one of the best sex toys for men and shop with confidence knowing you've just ordered one of the top rated male sex toys. Our most popular adult toy categories for him include realistic pocket pussies, strokers for jerking off, cock rings, mens sex toys for the prostate and penis enhancer sleeves.

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Realistic Sex Toy for Men
Life sized realistic sex toy for men.

Welcome to our male sex toy store! We offer guys across the USA a discreet and secure place to buy male masturbators and adult toys for guys online from the privacy of their own home.

Obviously it can be embarrassing to walk into an adult toy shop in person and buy a mens sex toy, so we go above and beyond what you typically find on a website and provide numerous photos, detailed product descriptions and accurate measurements.

We're now adding video demos to our most popular and newest male sex toys so you can see exactly how they look while you're enjoying your new male masturbator.

You'll notice our selection isn't massive either. Instead of confusing guys with thousands of choices, we've narrowed it down to a couple hundred really good options to make your final decision easier. Check out our sex toy blog for reviews of rare and hard to find items like the blowjob toy.

It's simply too overwhelming to shop from a giant list of male sex toys with vague descriptions and crappy pictures. We like to make it easy, quick and discreet to buy sex toys for men online. First timers can find all the information they need for a good start.

Male Sex Toy Buyers Guide

Perhaps you already own a stash of male sex toys for jerking off but are feeling bored. We love to pick out interesting, unique and cool masturbators that other adult shops may not have.

We have all price ranges from cheap to luxury, all sizes from pocket size to full realistic models, but quality matters and we don't sell duds. Only the good stuff that receives positive customer reviews passes the quality test remains for sale in our catalog.

Common adult toy features guys like best:

  1. Start by reviewing the types of male sex toys for sale. This article compares and reviews key features found on 10 most popular types of sex toys for men.
  2. Penis sleeves are insanely popular male sex toys that equally benefit both partners during intercourse. Find a recommendation from the buyers guide of the best cock sleeves for some exciting toys to buy and spice it up!

Why Buy Sex Toys for Men from The Adult Toy Shop

No two sex toys for guys are created equal. What one guy likes, another may not, so it's impossible to provide a blanket list of top rated adult toys for men that will suit all dudes equally. The following are features that guys seek when shopping for realistic or vibrating sexual pleasure products online.

Both heterosexual and gay men enjoy using male masturbation aids during foreplay with their partner, or simply to masturbate on their own while in the shower after waking up in the morning. Gay and straight men experience the same erotic benefits of using anal sex toys while stimulating the prostate.

Sexual pleasure advice for him:

  1. The pocket pussy is the most well known masturbation toy for him. Using it correctly makes all the difference too, so check out our pocket pussy instructions before diving in.
  2. Men with erectile dysfunction can still have a satisfying sex life. Check out the male strap on guide for inspiration on how to keep your love life as wild as its always been.
  3. Looking for a vibrating male sex toy? Vibrating penis sleeves & extensions enhance stimulation for both partners and add a fun spark to a boring sex life while making your dick bigger at the same time.
  4. Knowing proper masturbation toy techniques is a secret to getting the highest satisfaction out of your male sex toys. We've got some cool expert tips for him to get started.

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