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Sex Toys for Men

Buy the best male sex toys discreetly online. We've hand picked the finest sex toys for men & male masturbators for penis pleasure. Browse the categories of male masturbation toys for good solo play or adventurous foreplay and sex with your partner.

Mens Sex Toy Guides & Advice

10 Types of Male Sex Toys

The complete buyers guide of mens sex toys for the prostate, penis & masturbation pleasure.

Best Masturbators for Men

Our Sexperts favorite hand-picked and top-rated recommendations trending for men this year.

Male Masturbation Techniques

Tips, techniques & advanced edging methods to maximize sexual pleasure when jerking off.

Most Popular Male Sex Toys

If you're looking for a recommendation, check out this list of best selling male sex toys compiled from all our categories. Here you'll find the best masturbation toys, penis sleeves, male vibrators, cock rings, prostate massagers and butt plugs that men purchase most.

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Male Sex Toys for Better Masturbation Pleasure

Here at The Adult Toy Shop, we offer guys across the USA a discreet and secure place to buy male sex toys from the privacy of their own home. We go above and beyond what you'll typically find at other mens sex toy stores and provide numerous photos, detailed product descriptions, video demos and accurate measurements to make shopping for male masturbation toys a pleasant experience.

Perhaps you already own a stash of male sex toys for jerking off but are feeling bored with your sex life and want to take pleasure to the next level. We love to pick out interesting, unique and cool body safe masturbators that other adult shops may not have, so you've come to right place!

How to Find the Best Sex Toy for Men

Sex toys for men is a broad term encompassing many different types and varieties. Some examples include blowjob simulators, male strokers, penis sleeves, male vibrators & dildos, cock rings (vibrating or not), anal toys and prostate massagers.

The following is a brief breakdown of the men's adult toys you'll find within this category for you to easily locate the best toy to satisfy your sexual desires:

  • Male masturbators are our best selling sex toy for men. Some male strokers vibrate, thrust or have automatic functions that do all the work for you. If you're not into complexity however, an easy-to-clean cheap and simple egg masturbation sleeve will do the trick!
  • Penis vibrators are available in a multiple different styles. These automatic (and sometimes hands-free) male sex toys can stimulate just the head or the whole dick shaft at once. Most penis head stimulators are waterproof for jacking off in the shower.
  • The realistic & representational pocket pussy is the best male masturbation toy to replicate the sensation of penetrative vaginal or anal sex. Life size artificial vaginas are crafted to feel like the real thing with impressive visual detail and a skin-like surface.
  • Vibrating or realistic penis sleeves spice up your sex life by adding a whole new sensation for both partners. Dick sleeves are padded enough to delay the male orgasm and make sex last longer (a secret bonus!) Some sleeves extend your penis length, others are thick for girth and extreme fantasy sex.
  • Blowjob toys are one of the hottest trending and top-rated male sex toys right now. These head suction stimulators effectively imitate oral sex for maximum penis pleasure. Some reviews say they feel better than a blowjob!
  • Anal play is a key to incredibly satisfying orgasms. We stock plenty of amazing anal toys, butt plugs for men and perfectly designed prostate toys & dildos for milking the prostate gland. Try one during masturbation for an incredible thrill and powerful ejaculations.
  • Cock rings keep the penis firm and sturdy, but they also enhance male sexual pleasure. Dual penis rings, vibrating cock rings and couples stimulators improve pleasure for both partners simultaneously. Cock and ball rings (and stretchers too) take your stimulation to the next level by adding kink factor.
  • If you're into BDSM or bondage kink, check out our selection of cock cages and chastity devices for men. Our masculine selection of nipple toys includes suckers, clamps and vibrators for solo play or foreplay with your spouse or partner.
  • Strap on sex is a fun way to explore new pleasures together. Our strap on dildos for men come in a variety of harness sizes to fit all body sizes and shapes. For guys with ED, consider the hollow strap on dildo which does not require an erection for support.

Masturbation Toys for All Men

No two sex toys for guys are created equal. What one guy likes, another may not, so it's impossible to provide a blanket list of top rated adult toys for men that will suit all dudes equally.

Not every man uses them alone either – sex toys for men are not just for solo male masturbation, they are perfect for couples sexual play too. Mutual masturbation (think partnered handjob) is an erotic way for lovers to share the joys of sexual exploration.

Both heterosexual and gay men enjoy using male masturbation aids during foreplay with their partner, or simply to masturbate on their own while in the shower after waking up in the morning, no lube required! Gay and straight men experience the same erotic benefits of using anal sex toys while stimulating the prostate or for anal play.

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