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Sasha Grey

Different than other toys: concave surface & closed end.

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We are rather happy about Doc Johnson's decision to make a sex toy after this popular Vivid actress lady parts. Having a pocket pussy recreated from a real woman makes the whole experience much better. Wouldn't you agree? Here comes a total new masturbator style featuring a closed end. It is the first of its kind; shoppers can choose from the same realistic looking pussy face but benefit from the sucking feeling that a closed ended male sex toy offers.

When he thrusts back & forth, physics in action creates a vacuum inside the tunnel and after a few strokes he feels a mild sucking feeling. Furthermore, a dick tip will never poke out. The most sensitive spot on your body is always covered with cushy skin-like goodness. Men may wonder about cleaning a closed ended masturbator. The tunnel still stretches open like any other pocket pussy; it is a cinch to let soap and water wash and rinse. Give it a quick rinse and it is ready to store.

The front sinks inwards, like a concave design. Every time a dick plunges all the way in, the skin flaps touch the pelvis. This subtle yet effective addition surprisingly feels better! The concave exterior tunnel has an ergonomic design that fits men's hands better. It is easier to thrust quickly without the sleeve slipping from grasp, even in the shower. It is even a cheap masturbator - but high quality. Enough said. Buy this now to be very happy.

** PLEASE NOTE: The lips are no longer colored pink. **

Length: 5 1/4 inches
Diameter: Maximum 2 1/2 inches
Material: UR3 (soft silicone)
Phthalate Free: Yes
Latex Free: Yes

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