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Butterfly Vibrators

Butterfly vibrators are perfect for classy gals! Super sweet, classy and discreet, our favorite feminine female adult toy. The butterfly sex toy antennae stimulates the clitoris, so power up the motor and enjoy the feel. The strap on butterfly dildo is another variance of the same, mostly worn during lovemaking for hands-free sexual enhancement.

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Butterfly Vibrators: The Best Clit Kiss Ever

The clit butterfly vibrator is not just the prettiest of all female adult toys, there is a purpose behind the design! Look closely at the body, wings and antennae. The wings flutter over the labia and vagina while the antennae stimulate the clit. Check out the best butterfly vibrators for some of our favorite fluttering female toys for sale.

This combination launches your sexual orgasmic pleasure into extreme levels of satisfaction. It is the reason why they are also called “butterfly kiss vibrators”, the external clit and labia vibration feels like a delicate lover's erotic kiss. It's highly stimulating and perfect for sexual arousal.

Buy an insertable butterfly dildo and you'll combine both internal vaginal and external clitoral stimulation. Power up the motor with its multi speed or multi vibrating functions and you're got yourself a perfect sex toy for women. Some adult toys even stimulate the G Spot!

How does the butterfly vibrator work?

The clit butterfly sex toy brings home sexual pleasure in a few different ways:

  • Fluttering wings “kiss” the labia
  • Flickering antennae stimulate the clit
  • Internal vaginal dildo encourages internal based vaginal orgasms (and maybe even squirting!)
  • Strap on butterfly provides all this pleasure, but totally hands free because it straps around your waist & legs.

Best Butterfly Sex Toy Designs

You may have noticed the butterfly vibrators category contains more than just vibrators! Butterfly sex toys encompass a vast range of styles with specific functions for multiple erogenous zones on the body. They are a fun way to increase pleasure during foreplay, masturbation and sex with your lover.

Check out the FAQ on how to use a butterfly vibrator for information on the different types. Options for sale include strap on butterfly sex toys, micro wireless clit stimulators and vaginal dual motor butterfly dildos.

Flirty & Feminine Butterfly Dildo

The Venus butterfly dildo is not just a popular sexual position, but its also a type of female pleasure toy with a fluttering like effect that teases the labia and clitoris. (Fun fact: This is where the term “kiss” originates!) Looking for a recommendation?

A butterfly dildo with penetration may have pearls or beads in the shaft (similar to a rabbit vibrator) that inserts into the vagina and adds erotic massage via rotating and spinning beads. The end result is comparable to that of a rabbit toy. The thrusting butterfly vibrator is the best example of the most powerful version of this otherwise discreet toy for women. The shaft thrusts up and down inside the vagina.

Strap on your Butterfly Sex Toy

The strap on butterfly vibrator is a naughty yet nice sex toy for women that is not indented to produce an orgasm alone, rather they help increase libido and add a gentle tease like a kiss to get the mind in the mood for sex. The subtle tingling gets your mood in the mind for sex. A kinky accessory for couples sexual exploration and creative intimate play.

Some are even operated by remote control for long distance and hands free kinky foreplay. All of them vibrate but some do so with a remote control, others are wireless and a few feature self contained operation for hands free stimulation while worn on the body.

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