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15 Best Butterfly Vibrators | Butterfly Kiss & Venus Vibrators

15 Best Butterfly Vibrators | Butterfly Kiss & Venus Vibrators

The following is my personal list of the 15 best butterfly vibrators for women. They comprise of all styles, shapes, sizes & colors and are the perfect starting point to pick your new favorite female sex toy for either orgasmic pleasure, fun with your lover in the bedroom or discreet self arousal as a prelude to masturbation or foreplay.

If you're new to this style of female massager, then take a quick peek at my users guide that teaches you how to use a butterfly vibrator.

There are specific methods that provide superior sexual pleasure. I've listed certain ways you should position the wings & antenna over your body. When used properly, the butterfly vibe is a lovely way to treat yourself to discreet, prim & proper, ladylike self love.

These adorable little creatures also make a fabulous erotic gift idea, they speak of romance, intimacy and sensual love. Especially during Valentine's Day, butterfly sex toys are one of the hottest trending dildo & vibrator gift ideas for lovers, but I think they make excellent anniversary gifts and Christmas presents too! So on we go with my list of the best butterfly vibrators for women:

1. Kissing Butterfly Vibrator

Butterfly Kiss Vibrator

When an adult sex toy connoisseur says “Butterfly Kiss Vibrator”, the Kissing Butterfly is exactly what they envision in their mind.

It's one of the best female sex toys for beginners because the insertable portion is short and small while the perpendicular part rests between the labia and buzzes in a sweet, kissing style. A single discreet motor vibrates quietly and gently.

2. Fluttering Butterfly Dildo

fluttering butterfly

Firm silicone butterfly dildo with slim unbending shaft provide brisk and noticeable pleasure. Sure soft toys are nice, but firm toys transfer fierce, strong vibrations directly into your body.

The large character presses on your hot spot with more direct pressure compared to any other dildo of this style. Fluttering Butterfly has multi function, pulsing vibrating rhythms shared between dual motors.

3. Petite Butterfly Strap on Vibrator

Petite Butterfly

The most adorable, discreet tiny Petite Butterfly is great for smaller women and also a popular first timers choice because it's cheap yet high quality.

Extra jelly soft body has gentle ticklers for added grip on your skin. For it's size, you'll be impressed with how powerful that little motor buzzes over your lady parts. This tiny butterfly massager is pure bliss in a mini package!

4. Sexy Things Thruster

Sexy Things Butterfly

One of the smallest thrusting vibrators for sale, the Sexy Things Thruster is highly regarded for it's gentle properties for beginners.

The cute cartoonish shaft extension is super flexible and has a higher pitch intensity compared to all other massagers with clit stimulators. The up & down dildo is a real treat, surely one to try and a fancy addition to your personal sex toy collection.

5. Evolved Butterfly Vibrator

Evolved Butterfly

Jelly soft yet body safe hypoallergenic silicone, Evolved Butterfly Vibrator is our highest quality, most luxurious model made by one of the premier female sex toy manufacturers.

The motor at the tip of the shaft targets your pleasure sensors perfectly while the flexible shaft always feels cozy and cushy. The external motor completes the package leading to a well rounded orgasm. Multi function patterns keep things interesting!

6. Thrusting Butterfly Vibrator

Thrusting Butterfly

The amazing Thrusting Butterfly vibrator has a beaded shaft that spins on a horizontal axis while the tapered soft penis shaped head moves up & down on a vertical axis.

The combination of these motions inside the body lend to a wild sexual experience. The tiny stimulator adds external vibrations while the large rounded head and fluttering antennae feel ticklish.

7. Micro Venus Butterfly

Micro Venus Butterfly

The smallest wireless wearable vibrator for women, it's the best option for beginners too since it's the cheapest option with quiet, discreet operation. It also fits large waist sizes too.

If you're curious about trying one for the first time, we highly recommenced picking the Micro Venus Butterfly. It's also the softest and the most comfortable of all strap ons to wear.

8. Venus Butterfly Pump

Venus Butterfly Pump

One of the most unique vibrating vagina suction pumps I've ever seen. Venus Butterfly Pump includes a removable wireless vibrator that screws into the pump and inserts about 1 inch inside the vagina opening.

Powerful arousal helps your body to produce natural vaginal lubrication and the suction covers the entire labia and clitoral hood. You can also use the vibrating probe as a vaginal teaser or clitoral stimulator during foreplay.

9. Original Venus Butterfly Vibrator

Original Venus Butterfly Pump

I must make a nod to the first wearable butterfly vibrator for women. The Original Venus Butterfly remains unchanged and still provides ladies with hands free arousal decades after its initial release onto sex toy store shelves.

Stiff shiny rubber transfers strong vibrations from it's shimmering body into yours and the separate battery control pack produces loads of power!

10. Glittered Venus Butterfly Vibrator

Glitter Venus Butterfly Vibrator

A take on the original referred above. This one offers an option with feminine sparkle, the Glittered Venus Butterfly has identical size and function as the original, but with a prettier look.

It's one of the best choices as an adult gift because it's so friendly looking! A popular choice for ladies to wear during lovemaking. It's also larger than most other strap ons of this style so it hides pubic hair stubble, a secret bonus!

11. Venus Penis Butterfly Vibrator

Venus Penis Butterfly Vibrator

The innovative Venus Penis is one of the only styles with vaginal insertion, the small penis shaped probe sticking out from the body plugs the vagina and transfers rumbling, exciting vibrations when worn.

Bored housewives wear this while doing chores (I've been there myself, haha) and the combination of stiff internal & external vibrations gets the mind in the mood for sex!

12. Venus Butterfly Strap On

Venus Butterfly Strap on

A favorite strap on dildo for lesbian couples; both partners enjoy vibrations at the same time with the Venus Butterfly Strap On.

Sturdy dildo flexes only slightly for easier penetration while the stiff ribbed body with firm spikes adds vibration for the wearer. Dual motors are extremely powerful, but note the device is quite heavy so 2 hands are needed for additional support.

13. Butterfly Pump

Butterfly Pump

A good beginners pussy pump with a discreet nice girl look. The Butterfly Pump has dozens of firm ticklers inside the flexible cup that press against the lips during suction, it's an unexpected, invigorating treat.

Large body cradles perfectly in your hand so it's super easy to use. Vibration adds the perfect pleasurable bonus like a lover's sensual kiss!

14. Butterfly Kiss Teaser

Butterfly Teaser

Not every lady wants an internal vibrator. Sometimes an external kissing teaser is more in order. Behold the stunning Butterfly Teaser, a magical clitoral kiss stimulator adorned in pure luxury and class.

The silky smooth yet firm silicone wings are partly closed, ideally formed to caress the labia. Lay the curved toy backwards for vaginal teasing.

The motor is extremely powerful for such a small device, and the multi speed vibration is whisper quiet, perfect for a lady who demands discretion. This Kiss vibrator is the newest addition to the category and one we're super excited about.

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