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Best Butterfly Vibrators & Butterfly Kiss Sex Toys

Best Butterfly Vibrators & Butterfly Kiss Sex Toys

Last Updated on May 19, 2023

Butterfly vibrators are a very diverse style of sex toy for women. When you say “butterfly sex toy” a few different adult toys come to mind.

You may envision a wearable strap on, a vibrating penis ring, a vibrating dildo for penetration or something sophisticated and classy like a luxury dual motor rechargeable clit vibrator with wings for the labia, a vibrator for the vagina and antennae to stimulate the clitoris.

Regardless of the type of butterfly dildo you're imagining, know for sure that amazing clit stimulation is in order. Sometimes the shaft is curved for excellent (and orgasmic) G Spot stimulation. Also note that if you're seeking a fun sex toy for couples, the butterfly kiss vibrator is one of the finest choices a couple can make.

These unique Venus vibrators for women are discreet and non-phallic so you won't feel weird strapping it on your body for hands free pleasure or using it on the clit together to enjoy sexual stimulation and fun orgasms before partnered sex.

What is a Butterfly Vibrator?

The butterfly vibrator is an external vibrating sex toy with a butterfly shaped stimulator designed to stimulate a woman's clitoris and labia. The wings “kiss” the labia while the antennae vibrate over the clitoris. Some styles are attached to a dildo shaft that inserts into the vagina, but the fluttering little critter always remains on the outside of the body, positioned over the erogenous zones.

If you're new to this style of female massager, then take a quick peek at my users guide that teaches you how to use a butterfly vibrator. I've included some important instructions and Sexpert tips that provide superior sexual pleasure.

I've listed certain ways you should position the wings & antenna over your body and how to fit the strap on style. When used properly, this tame and friendly female sexual enhancer is a lovely way to treat yourself to discreet, prim & proper, ladylike self love.

These adorable little creatures also make a fabulous erotic gift idea, they speak of romance, intimacy and sensual love. Especially during Valentine's Day, wearable butterfly sex toys are one of the hottest trending dildo & vibrator gift ideas for lovers, but I think they make excellent anniversary gifts and Christmas presents too!

Types of Butterfly Sex Toys:

  • Butterfly Kiss Vibrator
  • Butterfly Dildo
  • Venus Butterfly Vibrator
  • Wireless Venus Butterfly
  • Butterfly Strap On
  • Vibrating Butterfly Ring
  • Butterfly Clit Vibrator
  • Butterfly Pump
Butterfly Strap On
Super cute Micro Wireless Venus strap on.

The term “Butterfly Kiss Vibrator” denotes a friendly, lightly fluttering action, and Kiss vibrators are a gentle option that keeps sexual pleasure light and simple. They are a great first timer sex toy because they look clean and classy without over complicated functions and anything too complex.

The simple, light pink or purple Butterfly Kiss vibrator is a common way for couples to enjoy mutual clitoral stimulation and get in the mood for sex; a perfect addition to playful foreplay!

Expectedly, the butterfly dildo is a type of vibrator for women designed to be inserted into the vagina. This style features 2 components: 1 internal & 1 external stimulator.

The external stimulator, shaped as the namesake of this guide, rests against the clitoris while the shaft is inside the body. These offer a more complete sexual experience because a woman an easily achieve an enjoyable orgasm while both the vagina and clitoris are stimulated and those with spinning or rotating beads in the shaft reviews for this type tend to be more positive.

One of the original wearable strap on vibrators for women, the Venus Butterfly Vibrator straps around her thighs while the vibrating device sits over the pubic bone. They can be worn higher during mutual masturbation, fellatio or sexual intercourse, and can also be worn lower to vibrate her clitoris hands-free. Not originally designed for orgasms, rather these are adult toys meant for erotic arousal and intimate teasing.

A modern take on the original mentioned above, the completely hands-free self vibrating wireless Venus butterfly sex toy does not have a separate battery pack or controller. It is self contained with a tiny wireless vibrator that sits inside a pouch within the mini or medium size toy.

Best Butterfly Vibrators for Women

Now that you have better understanding about the different types of butterfly sex toys, here are my personal favorite vibrating butterfly sex toys. These are comprised of all categories. Anything that vibrates with a butterfly stimulator is fair game to be added to this list!

Luminous Butterfly Vibrator

Luminous Butterfly Vibrator - $41.99

Luminous Butterfly Vibrator is sleek, sexy and power packed with dual vibrating motors to thrill you to your hearts' content.

The butterfly stimulator can bend from the shaft while the body, butterfly antennae and wings remain sturdy for precise and powerful clitoral stimulation. There is a motor in the butterfly body that tingles with high pitch force.

It is a brand new addition for 2023, and even though this dildo is new and hasn't had enough time to sit in the sex shop catalog to generate sales and popularity data, I'm still placing it at the top of the list.

My personal opinion is highly favorable – I took one home, tried it out and loved it myself! My review is strikingly positive and I think this is an amazing butterfly dildo you'll love.

Clit Flicker Butterfly Sex Toy

Clit Flicker Butterfly Sex Toy - $61.99

Clit Flicker Butterfly Sex Toy is the newest release for 2022 and features a wildly flickering clitoral stimulator tongue and vibrating G Spot stimulator.

There is a motor in the shaft for direct G Spot massage. All the while, the flickering tongue licks and flutters over the clit and labia.

The modest size of the butterfly sex toy is good for beginners or petite women, but the multi function settings are so intense, even a vibrator aficionado will enjoy this orgasmic stimulation.

Quite the awesome sex toy, to say the least! It's also made of silicone and features a eco-friendly super powerful rechargeable motor, USB cord is included.

Silicone Butterfly Kiss Vibrator - $33.99

Butterfly Kiss Vibrator

Silicone Butterfly Kiss Vibrator may have a familiar shape, but you must think of this as the “new and improved” version of the famous shape you've seen several times before.

Often when a vibrator design nails its goal on the first iteration, there's no need for a re-design in the future. What has been re-designed however is the motor and material. The Butterfly Kiss Vibrator is no longer made of TPR, gel or rubber. It is now pure silicone.

It is stiffer than before which translates into superior power, it feels stronger than the last versions. The motor IS better too, more effectively willing to transfer vibration waves from the outside of the body into the vaginal probe without limitation. It's very powerful.

Kissing Butterfly Vibrator - $20.99

Butterfly Kiss Vibrator

Kissing Butterfly Vibrator - When an adult sex toy connoisseur says “Butterfly Kiss Vibrator”, this is exactly what they envision in their mind. This sex toy just happens to be the world's most popular beginner butterfly vibrator!

It also makes the perfect "1st sex toy" for curious gals who are not ready to jump into bed with something realistic or big. This is small and discreet - perfect for newbies!

Discreet self-teaser for heightening sexual arousal. It's one of the best female sex toys for beginners because the insertable portion is short and small while the perpendicular part rests between the labia and buzzes in a sweet, kissing style. A single discreet motor vibrates quietly and gently.

Dream Butterfly Vibrator - $19.99

Dream Butterfly Vibrator

Dream Butterfly Vibrator is a first timers dream come true. This adorable little creature brings home a fabulous dose of shameless personal self pleasure. The tiny butterfly dildo has a G Spot stimulating curve that naturally locates the hot spot upon insertion, just remember to tilt it slightly forwards.

The wings and antennae and light and quite literally flutter over your lips & clitoris providing a subtle yet relentless tingle. It's one of the best butterfly vibrators for seniors who want to have a sex toy but don't want anything too intense or over the top.

The simplicity is it's hallmark feature. It looks complex, but in reality, all you do is hold it against the labia, lay back, and let the toy do all the work. No movement required, super simple!

Fluttering Butterfly Dildo - $43.99

fluttering butterfly

Fluttering Butterfly Dildo - Firm silicone butterfly dildo with slim unbending shaft provide brisk and noticeable pleasure. Sure soft toys are nice, but firm toys transfer fierce, strong vibrations directly into your body.

The shaft can bend easily inside the body for better comfort and a quiet motor inside the curved tip spreads the tingle evenly throughout.

The large character presses on your hot spot with more direct pressure compared to any other dildo of this style. This vibrating sex toy has multi function, pulsing vibrating rhythms shared between dual motors.

Butterfly Kiss Clit Teaser - $21.99

Butterfly Teaser

Butterfly Kiss Clit Teaser - Not every lady wants an internal vibrator. Sometimes an external kissing teaser is more in order. Behold the stunning and magical clitoral kiss stimulator adorned in pure luxury and class.

The silky smooth yet firm silicone wings are partly closed, ideally formed to caress the labia. Lay the curved toy backwards for vaginal teasing.

The motor is extremely powerful for such a small device, and the multi speed vibration is whisper quiet, perfect for a lady who demands discretion. This Kiss vibrator is the newest addition to the category and one we're super excited about.

Sexy Things Thrusting Butterfly Vibe - $43.99

Sexy Things Butterfly

Sexy Things Thrusting Butterfly - One of the first and smallest thrusting butterfly vibrators for sale, this one is highly regarded for it's gentle properties for beginners.

The cute cartoonish shaft extension is super flexible and has a higher pitch intensity compared to all other massagers with clit stimulators. The up & down dildo is a real treat, surely one to try and a fancy addition to your personal sex toy collection.

The shaft itself cannot bend due to the thrusting and vibrating mechanisms inside, but that's okay, you won't mind because the silicone padding is so soft. Just underneath the head lies 3 rows of tiny metal beads that spin while the shaft thrusts up and down.

Butterfly Vibrator Ring - $25.99

Butterfly Vibrator Ring

Butterfly Vibrator Ring - The butterfly vibrator ring is a sex toy for couples that adds vibration hands free. It is designed to be worn on the penis. During intercourse, it touches his partner's body, the antenna provide a delicate touch of clitoral pleasure. It's silent and super discreet making it a nice choice for beginners who want to spice up the sex life a little bit.

Butterfly Sex Toys for Two

The wearer can move freely around without cords in the way, but as a consequence, they do not vibrate as strongly as the corded versions, which tend to have significantly more power.

For couples interactive sex play, the butterfly strap on provides pleasure for both partners. It is not far from the traditional type of strap on dildo but the difference is that the wearer enjoys the same style of arousal as a lady who wear the Venus butterfly sex toy.

In fact it is both types of sex toys combined together into one! It is a popular choice for lesbians, but heterosexual couples can wear it too however the shape and design tends to appeal to lesbian couples.

Venus Penis
The wild “Venus Penis” vibrating strap on.

Vibrating penis rings are popular adult toys for couples looking to spice up the love life. The one size fits all stretchy penis ring fits on the base of the man's erection while the tiny critter teases the woman's clit.

Vibrating butterfly rings can also be used with a regular dildo, the lady can position it where she wants on the penis shaft to customize how many inches of vaginal penetration she wants before the stimulator makes contact with the clitoris.

The sensation of sucking and pumping creates intense erotic arousal for women, but female clit pumps tend to have a naughty reputation. What if a classy gal wants to enjoy the sensation in a classy way?

Enter the butterfly clit pump, a suction sex toy for creating vacuum suction over the labia, clitoris and vagina. They are tools for erotic arousal and make the lips look puffy and appealing to men, while the puffy blood engorged lips feel more sensitive to your lover's touch.

The Venus Butterfly Strap On

The term “Venus Butterfly” was originally used to describe an oral sex technique. It is a sexual position for foreplay that produces the most powerful female orgasms. The book The One Hour Orgasm demonstrates, with pictures and words, how you can master the famous "Venus Butterfly" technique, which promises an immediate improvement in your sex life.

The term “Venus Butterfly Strap On” denotes a wearable vibrator for women that provides hands free clitoral stimulation. Elastic straps adjust around the hips and thighs holding the Venus butterfly vibrator in place over the clitoris and vagina.

The inspiration for naming the Venus Butterfly after a sex toy is because it too provides orgasmic stimulation via clitoral vibration. Not quite the same as an oral sex technique, but I think it's good enough reasoning for the naming of the sex toy!

Best Wearable Butterfly Vibrators

Micro Venus Butterfly Sex Toy

Micro Venus Butterfly

Micro Venus Butterfly Sex Toy - The smallest wireless wearable vibrator for women, it's the best option for beginners too since it's the cheapest option with quiet, discreet operation. It also fits large waist sizes too. If you're curious about trying one for the first time, we highly recommenced picking this, our best strap on butterfly vibrator for sale.

Original Venus Butterfly Vibrator

Original Venus Butterfly Pump

Original Venus Butterfly Vibrator - I must make a nod to the first wearable butterfly vibrator for women. The Venus Butterfly Kiss strap on remains unchanged and still provides ladies with hands free arousal decades after its initial release onto sex toy store shelves. Stiff shiny rubber transfers strong vibrations from it's shimmering body into yours and the separate battery control pack produces loads of power!

Glittered Venus Butterfly Vibrator

Glitter Venus Butterfly Vibrator

Glittered Venus Butterfly Vibrator - A take on the original referred above. This one offers an option with feminine sparkle, this one has identical size and function as the original, but with a prettier look.

It's one of the best choices as an adult gift because it's so friendly looking! A popular choice for ladies to wear during lovemaking. It's also larger than most other strap ons of this style so it hides pubic hair stubble, a secret bonus!

Venus Penis Butterfly Vibrator

Venus Penis Butterfly Vibrator

Venus Penis Butterfly Vibrator - The innovative Venus Penis strap on is one of the only styles with vaginal insertion, the small penis shaped probe sticking out from the body plugs the vagina and transfers rumbling, exciting vibrations when worn.

Bored housewives wear this while doing chores (I've been there myself, haha) and the combination of stiff internal & external vibrations gets the mind in the mood for sex!

Venus Butterfly Strap On Sex Toy

Venus Butterfly Strap on

Venus Butterfly Strap On - A favorite strap on dildo for lesbian couples; both partners enjoy vibrations at the same time. Sturdy dildo flexes only slightly for easier penetration while the stiff ribbed body with firm spikes adds vibration for the wearer. Dual motors are extremely powerful, but note the device is quite heavy so 2 hands are needed for additional support.

Strap on Butterfly Vs. Hand Held Dildo

Kissing Butterfly Vibrator
The original Butterfly Kiss Vibrator.

If you're looking for hands free orgasmic fun, the strap on butterfly is a fine choice. Elastic straps wrap around your legs and waist and hold the body next to your pelvis. The belly vibrates over the labia and the antenna tickle the clit.

On the other hand, the dildo is inserted into the vagina and provides thorough internal sexual stimulation and pleasure. If you are considering between the two types of sex toys, it's tricky to compare the directly. They are totally different! Here are some considerations between a strap on wearable vibrator and a vibrating dildo sex toy:

  • Hands on or off: Wearable vibrators allow you to move freely as you please, it stays in place.
  • Direct sexual stimulation: The butterfly dildo that nestles up to the clit provides more intense pleasure compared to one that hangs there by elastic waistband
  • To boost sexual arousal: The small clit stimulator is perfect for getting the mind in the mood for sex without vaginal penetration.

Are Butterfly Vibrators Good for Beginners?

Complex sex toys like rabbits need a special touch in order to make them work. Wearable vibrators may be a bit too overwhelming for a true beginner. With that being said, I believe the simple clit butterfly stimulator is an excellent beginner's choice.

These tame and discreet adult toys are fun to experiment with. Once the vibrator is in place, you won't even need to thrust it in and out. Simply activate the multi function settings or activate the motor on the strongest speed and enjoy sexual stimulation. Count down the seconds until you orgasm!

Cleaning & Care

Instructions on how to wash and sanitize your butterfly vibrator will vary depending on the type you have. The only variable that remains constant is using proper sex toy cleaner spray or antibacterial hand soap.

It is important to use something that will kill bacteria and prevent mold growth. It's also absolutely essential to let the surface air dry before storing. Also never store silicone butterfly sex toys next to another silicone vibrator. The two will melt together over time. (How long? It can happen within days!)

If your wearable butterfly has adjustable straps for your waist and legs, hand wash the elastic straps only. If the straps detach from the wings, you can soak them under soapy water for a day to saturate the fabric.

If the butterfly vibe is waterproof, make sure to twist the cap tightly before using in the shower. The cap must make strong contact with the rubber ring that prevents water from leaking into the battery compartment. If the toy is not waterproof however, only wash the shaft and never submerge it completely under water.

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