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Thrusting Dildos & Vibrators | Everything You Need to Know

Thrusting Dildos & Vibrators | Everything You Need to Know

Thrusting vibrators add a whole new dimension of pleasure to the typical female sex toy. If you enjoy lots of action, heavy duty movement and intense vibration then a deep thrusting vibrator will be your new favorite erotic accessory for powerful orgasms. Read on to discover your new favorite adult toy you never knew existed!

We think they are underrated, and so do most manufacturers. We've searched far and wide to find the best thrusting vibrators for sale and it's a tricky search because there aren't even that many to begin with! It is a complicated sexual device and something that women don't always gravitate towards, but in this comprehensive guide we'll teach you what is a thrusting dildo, how does it work and how to use a thrusting dildo to maximize your personal pleasure.

The reality is that thrusting dildos and sex toys are a little too “out there” for most women. Sure ladies love a beaded jack rabbit vibrator, but the one with a shaft that thrusts up & down isn't always high on the priority list. On the other hand however, women who own a thrusting rabbit vibrator swear by it! It's a great choice for someone looking to leave their comfort zone and try something brand new, a total departure from the ordinary jack rabbit vibrator.

What is a Thrusting Vibrator?

It is an automatic thrusting sex toy designed to provide up & down movement inside the body. They come in a few different shapes including the regular realistic dildo, a feminine butterfly vibrator, a thin thrusting anal dildo or a typical beaded jack rabbit vibrator for the vagina, also known as the thrusting rabbit.

The hands free self thrusting sex toy is a modification of a current style of vibrator or dildo where the top third of the shaft has a sensation of movement. Most are visually obvious with an accordion to extend and retract, and others have a shaft with that moves by magnetic force inside a hollow interior that simulates thumping instead of the actual shaft extending and retracting.

They are normally battery operated, but we are noticing a surge in rechargeable thrusting vibrators, this is a hot trend in sex toy development as we are also seeing rechargeable vibrators in numerous other adult toy categories for both men and women. We also see a standard size for self thrusting sex toys, they are usually come in small-to-medium size shafts with a butterfly or a bunny as the standard external tickler.

What is a Thrusting Dildo?

The thrusting dildo lacks a clitoral stimulator and therefore, can be used by men too. We currently only have 1 style of thrusting dildo for sale that looks like a realistic penis, but in a semi transparent gray gel. This gives the item a more unisex appeal, some men purchase it to use as a hands free thrusting anal vibrator, but it can also be used by women who do not want a clitoral stimulator with their thrusting sex toy.

How Does a Thrusting Vibrator Work?

Vertical motor in a thrusting vibrator
Close up view of a vertical motor.

To fully explain how a self thrusting vibrator works, we need to put on our engineer hats and talk technical for a moment:

There is a vertical motor inside the shaft with a thrust bearing and a guide bearing. “The thrust bearing is usually at the top of the motor and may consist of one or more angular contact bearings or a spherical roller bearing. The upward and downward force of the applied axial load dictate the type and number of thrust bearings needed to obtain optimum performance and service life.” - Source

Yes, this is an overload of technical jargon for most of us non-engineers out there, but this style of sex toy is THAT complex! When you examine it closely, there are many moving parts working in symbiosis. Not only the vertical motor with the 2 coordinated bearings, but also a motor that twirls the head and spins a set of metal beads inside the shaft.

Once we fully comprehend the intricacies of this style of woman's sex toy, we have new found appreciation of the technology that goes into this unique orgasmic device. There is a lot of technology and development that goes into making these work.

We're not done yet either! All clitoral vibes for women have a third external motor that vibrates inside the clitoral stimulator, butterfly or bunny shape that extends from the middle of the shaft. The 3rd motor is where all the magic happens for her external sexual pleasure (read: clitoral orgasm).

In this case, the vertical motor with the bearing and the spinning beaded motor are controlled by one dial while the clitoral stimulator is controlled by a separate dial. This way the user can customize the level of power.

Fun fact: These are often some of the best really strong vibrators. Often they have multi function settings such as pulsing and thumping patterns in the rabbit stimulator. The spinning head usually only has a few speed settings.

Pro tip: If you turn down the motor of the external stimulator, more energy will flow to the vertical upwards & downward motor and increase the intensity and speed of the up & down motion.

What Does a Thrusting Vibrator Feel Like?

First impressions may indicate the up and down movement of the shaft is supposed to imitate the motions of sexual intercourse. After using and reviewing all these toys before crafting this article, I came to the realization that they do not imitate the feel of sexual intercourse.

Why not? The automatic up & down movement does feel “deep” and that hands free aspect is a nice touch for my fantasy, but it's important to note that the entire shaft does not move. Only the top third portion of the shaft thrusts up and down automatically.

Thrusting vibrator with 3 motors

So in the end, it does not completely replicate the realistic feel of sex, but the movement inside PLUS the heavily ribbed feeling of the accordion style extension piece in the shaft is highly erotic. Another feature that feels amazing in bed is the spinning and rotating metal beads. I would always prefer a beaded thrusting rabbit vibrator over any other style of thruster dildo because these combine all my favorite features of a regular jack rabbit and amplify it.

Think of it like a sex toy on steroids, it's jacked up and ready to please! The spinning beads are always located in the section that moves up & down. The beads that twirl in a circular motion in rhythm with the up & down motion offers a unique internal massage. You literally cannot get this sensation from any other sex toy for women.

In conclusion, this is a perfect choice for someone who already has a good size stash of vibrators and is looking for something new to shake it up a bit. Totally a worthwhile addition, the beaded thrusting vibrator is a good choice to alternate with your regular dildo or rabbit sex toy.

Those were the pros, these are the cons:

Now that I've listed many pros, I have to treat it with an unbiased opinion and let you know some cons. The most notable disadvantage of the automatic thrusting vibrator machine is that they are noisy. I compared the decibel readings in the article that discusses silent vibrators, and noted that a thruster shaft is much nosier because there are 3 motors whereas most vibrating sex toys have a maximum of 2 motors.

It's a simple and reasonable conclusion to state that 3 motors are noisier than 2 motors! The vertical mechanism tends to be the nosiest. There is a metal axis implanted in the center that has a lever which moves the thrusting head vibrator up and down over this axis. It takes quite a bit of energy to get the head moving, so as a result, it makes a fair amount of noise.

With that said however, it's also important to note that while the motor is operating this movement inside tour vagina, it sounds quieter from the outside. Don't be afraid when you load the batteries and pump up the power for the first time. Yes, it's loud but once you inset the dildo shaft into your body, it reduces the sound level several decibels.

Another con is the unreliability of the motors. I'm not saying they are poorly made though; these are quality toys, but if you review my technical engineering jargon above, you'll understand how complex these things really are! As a result, the defective rate is higher than that of a normal vibrating adult toy for women with only a single motor. This should not be a deal breaker however as we offer a full product warranty and will replace yours if it breaks within 30 days of ownership.

On the other hand, some of the best rechargeable vibrators thrust up and down. Because the technology of USB charging is so new, we find by experience that these are more reliable than their battery operated counterparts.

How to Use a Thrusting Vibrator

If you're wondering how to use a deep thrusting dildo without the added clitoral stimulator, the steps are identical with the exception that you would omit the part regarding the stimulator, because as said above, the only difference between the dildo and vibe – the dildo lacks a clitoral stimulating appendage. Assuming however you bought a thrusting jack rabbit or butterfly vibrator, here are the steps to make it feel amazing:

  1. Insert the batteries making sure to note that direction of the polarities. Alternatively, plug the USB cord into your computer if you have a rechargeable vibrator.
  2. Lubricate the head and a couple of inches below the shaft with water based personal lubricant.
  3. Insert the shaft into your vagina.
  4. Position the clitoral stimulator rabbit or bunny over the clitoris. You can spread your labia and press the stimulator firmly against the clitoris directly, or let the stimulator lay over the clitoral hood for a lighter tickle.
  5. Activate the thrusting motor first, depending on how deep the shaft is inserted into your vagina, you can adjust how far in you'll hold the shaft to enjoy the movement at the right place. Some women prefer the movement to be shallow, others like it deep. Try both to see what you like best!
  6. Activate the clitoral stimulator and re-position if needed to adjust the depth of the up & down motion.
  7. Turn up the motors all the way to the strongest setting, or select a vibrating pattern that appeals to your desires.
  8. Lay back and enjoy!

How to Clean a Thrusting Sex Toy

There is one very important step to be aware of before you purchase a thrusting sex toy, and it pertains to the proper way to clean it to make sure it's thoroughly sanitized after use:

Make sure to shut off the motor when the the toy in the fully extended position before cleaning. If you sanitize the surface with the shaft retraced, the parts that are folded into the accordion cannot be properly cleaned. When the shaft is fully extended, the entire surface is exposed so you can give it a complete rinse & wash.

Rinse the shaft with hot water and spray on antibacterial sex toy cleaner or antibacterial hand soap (sex toy cleaner is preferred because it's less harsh than hand soap, but still kills bacteria). Rub it well with your hand and make sure to get in in all the grooves and under the crease of the circumcised penis head top. Be sure not to get water into the battery compartment! Rinse well with water and remove the batteries from the device before storing.

Best Thrusting Vibrators

Sure I can write paragraphs of descriptive words conveying what they look like when in motion, but why not upload a video instead? These are my 10 best thrusting vibrator videos showing what they look like when the motors are operating at full speed.

The close-up videos of never before seen footage show the bearings and components at their finest, running at full bore on their most orgasmic settings. Now think of this action working hard inside the vagina and the resulting wonderful orgasms to follow. If you're tempted to try one, pick any from my list of 10 best thrusting vibrators for women:

1. Petite Rabbit Thruster

Petite Rabbit Thruster is the smallest thrusting bunny toy, the cheapest and the best choice for a first timer. The thin waterproof shaft is jelly soft and the tiny beads don't protrude too much offering a gentle introduction to vaginal massage and movement.

The bunny ears feel ticklish and the pretty inlaid glitter sparkles add a pleasant touch of class. Each motor has 3 speeds to choose from ans the head twirls in rhythm with the spinning beads. This cutie sits #1 position simply because it's suitability for first timers, but if you're an expert sex toy connoisseur then you may prefer choice #2 below:

2. Thrusting Stroker Rabbit

Thrusting Stroker Rabbit is the most intense of all thruster toys for women. Both the shaft AND the rabbit are solid, stiff, thick and produce a heck of a lot of power! The plastic beads are not set into a permanent axis so they crunch,wiggle and shake differently than the other styles of beaded vibes available for sale.

My favorite part of this one however is the placement of the rabbit. It sits high up on the shaft allowing the user to press the clitoris firmly on the perpendicular head while the ears press over the clitoral hood. Orgasms come easily with this one, it is my top recommendation for ladies who prefer larger girths.

3. Skinsations Warming Thrusting

Skinsations Warming Thrusting is the first and only USB rechargeable realistic thrusting dildo for women. It is also the first rechargeable warming realistic dildo with soothing skin like silicone and a heavily ribbed shaft. There are 2 motors working hard for your pleasure, one in the long stimulator for the clitoris and the second inside the shaft.

This one does not extend and react like the others, rather it has a heavy ball bearing inside the hollow shaft that gets thrown upwards by magnetic force. The result is a “hard thumping” sensation rather than full extension and retraction. There is no other adult toy quite like it, certainly one worth trying. It's one of our best sellers.

4. Remote Control Thrusting Vibrator

The first waterproof remote control thrusting vibrator! Even though it includes a separate controller unit, you can still operate the device with the buttons on the base. The vertical motor is super intense so even though the shaft is large, it won't slow down even while your muscles are clenching through a furious orgasm.

The rabbit, shaft and penis shaped head are very stiff, perfect for transferring all the vibration into your body without any loss of strength. The shaft and rabbit share a multi unction feature allowing you to overwhelm the senses with 7 pulsing patterns and 7 speed options. I love this one for it's vast range of features, you'll never get bored of it!

6. Trinity Thrusting

Trinity is the best thrusting anal dildo for men, this one has a powerful vertical motor that can reach into the rectum past the anus' tight entry without bogging down its motion. It has a soft realistic penis shaped head that feels comfortable for anal insertion, but it's not too squishy where its tough to insert.

The single row of metal bead twirls at a furious page to enhance backdoor pleasure and the head wiggles only slightly inside the butt. Our male reviewers report it has the perfect amount of motion to help a guy enjoy powerful ejaculations during masturbation.

7. Ravishing Rabbit

Ravishing Rabbit has a modern design with a USB rechargeable motor and the silkiest feeling surface we've ever touched. The highlight of this device is the beads stacked inside the head. Unfortunately this arrangement is not visible from looking a a picture but when you hold the round head and turn up the power, you'll notice that the entire head is filled with beads that rotate in unison.

The internal massaging sensation is wonderful as the beads punch their way through your body during the up & down motion. This is the only option that features a multi function shaft. The twirling and thrusting pulses and pumps in a sequence that brings you to a climax slowly and intensely. An absolute original creation!

8. Thrusting Orgasm

Thrusting Orgasm is the original waterproof thrusting vibrator for women and they made it perfect the first time 'round! Dual rows of extra large beads protrude from the top of the shaft. While it travels up & down you're treated to a highly noticeable, highly orgasmic massage.

The jumbo beads are definitely the highlight of this selection. The flexible jelly soft bunny vibrates with a unique high pitch buzzing compared to other styles and it is a sensation you'll appreciate. The rounded bunny nose mirrors the clit with softness and perfection too!

9. Natural Motion

Natural Motions shaft does not technically thrust, but it “jumps” in a similar fashion because inside the center lies a heavy weighted bearing that moves up and down shot by magnetic impulses. This may sound overly complex, (and it is) but this is the most technologically advanced thrusting vibrator we've seen thus far.

It is no surprise to hear that it also recharges with USB cord. No batteries needed anymore! The thumping, jumping motion is really fast and intense. The cute tiny rabbit has long floppy ears that tickle the clitoral hood. Entertain yourself with a variety of pulsing patterns & functions instead of only a constant speed. This one even includes a fancy discreet storage box!

10. Sexy Things Thruster

Sexy Things is the quietest thrusting vibrator we've found. It's gentle, delicate and a lovely option for someone who want to try the intensity of motion and gyration but in a slightly toned down package. It's squishy soft jelly like silicone is a delight to insert, the beginner will surely enjoy this selection.

There is a raised bumpy nodule on the front just underneath the head. This section is designed to touch the G-spot as the head gyrates around. The butterfly has a flexible body and flock tickling antennae. The high intensity tingling is a true intimate tease. We like this one for seniors and women who can't handle too much strength, it has all the great features in a sedate, adorable little package.

In Conclusion

I hope you find my videos useful and informative, these are a tricky item to sell based solely off pictures a customer sees online. Most of our customers have never been in a neighborhood sex shop, which I think is a disadvantage when you're trying to purchase something new and different than you're used to.

In my days of working behind the counter in the adult toys store in my city, I was able to demonstrate the thrusting vibrator and dildos by loading in the batteries and turning on the engine! If you're reading this, it's likely that you prefer discretion and don't want to visit a store. Maybe you live in a remote town and can't visit a sex shop without driving 100 miles to the nearest major metropolitan center.

The internet is the perfect discreet way to buy vibrators online in the comfort of your own home. I truly hope this blog entry fills in all the missing information and now you feel confident about which adult toy to choose. If you have additional questions however, I'd be happy to assist. Just send me an email to the customer service email address on the “contact us” page and I'll get right back to you!

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