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Cock Rings

Buy penis rings for men discreetly online. We offer a few styles each with a different purpose: The constriction ring fits tightly to help maintain a firm erection for sexual intercourse or masturbation and the vibrating ring provides sexual stimulation for both partners during sex.

Best Selling Penis Rings

If you're looking for erection support, sexual stimulation or to pleasure your partner during sex, you'll find a cock ring to suit your needs. The following are the most popular and top rated penis rings across all three styles:

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    Tri Snap Cage
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Men across the USA swear by the use of a cock ring on the penis. The purpose of this discreet yet important sexual accessory is to enhance sexual intercourse and male masturbation. To buy the best cock ring for your needs, we've answered 5 frequently asked questions from guys who are shopping from our website:

Lasso Cock Ring
Adjustable Lasso Cock Ring.

Cock Ring Q&A

Q. What do cock rings do?

A. Cock rings are worn to enhance erection strength and/or provide sexual pleasure. Men buy a cock ring to wear during sexual intercourse to last longer in bed and a stretchy vibrating ring to stimulate his partner. Buy the best cock ring to wear while masturbating or using mens adult toys. They improve orgasms and make ejaculations feel stronger for both gay and straight men.

Q. How do cock rings work?

A. The cock and ball ring maintains a firm erection while the testicle strap adds pressure to enhance ejaculations. An adjustable, rubber, metal or silicone cock ring holds the base of the shaft tightly and keeps blood in the penile tissue which results in a stronger erection. Men with ED need a small tight fitting band to keep his dick hard enough for sex.

Cock rings are safe to use as long as you don't wear it longer than 20 minutes. Homemade cock rings are dangerous and should never be used.. The real thing is cheap and discreet to order online so there is no reason to risk your safety and make a cock ring yourself.

Vibrating Cock Rings
Playful & fun sexual enhancement for couples.

Q. How to use cock rings?

A. Full step by step instructions on how to put on a cock ring can be found on the blog entry about how to use a penis ring. To briefly summarize how to use a cock ring, first lubricate the interior of the device and then slide it down the base of your shaft. If it has a scrotum strap, put than on first before the erection band. Leather cock rings often adjust with metal snaps around the shaft and balls.

Q. What are cock rings for?

A. Men enjoy the feel of the device on his dick. Even a cheap rubber one will have the same pleasure as a luxury silicone ring. Dual vibrating rings boost pleasure even more and adjustable stretchy ones are the most comfortable. In the description of every penis ring for sale we show pictures and explain what each is used for. There are several different reasons a man would purchase one according to its type.

Q. Which cock rings to buy?

A. Which type of penis ring to buy varies according to its purpose. If you have ED, a semi-flaccid penis or soft erections, choose a tight fitting type like the Beaded Prolong Ring. For moderate erection support, try soft and stretchy like the Triple Rings. Cock and ball stretchers like the C-Ringz Stretcher offer full on masturbation pleasure. The best vibrating penis ring for beginners is the Macho Stretch Ring. For extreme sexual pleasure for women and men choose the ultra powerful dual Diving Dolphin.

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