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Cock Rings

Buy penis rings for men discreetly online. We offer a few styles each with a different purpose: The constriction ring fits tightly to help maintain a firm erection for sexual intercourse or masturbation and the vibrating ring provides sexual stimulation for both partners during sex.

Best Selling Penis Rings

If you're looking for erection support, sexual stimulation or to pleasure your partner during intercourse, you'll find a cock ring to suit your needs. The following are the most popular and top rated penis rings across all three styles:

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Buy a Cock Ring to Enhance Sex & Masturbation

Penis rings are a male sexual enhancer worn to increase pleasure & stamina during sex and masturbation. There is quite the range of styles and materials to choose from so shopping for the perfect penile glans device can be a little complicated.

What does a Cock Ring Do? Curious first timers should be properly informed about safety before buying a penis ring online. The guide will assure men purchase the best cock ring for sale that matches his personal needs along with instructions on how to use with advanced tips and techniques.

A quick summary of what you'll find within this category:

Cock Rings
2 examples for different sensations.
  • The single strap tension cock ring helps men with erectile dysfunction and keeps the erection firm. The tighter it fits, the better it maintains the erection. Putting constant pressure on the shaft prevents blood from flowing from the glans back into the body thus keeping the dick erect. These are often silicone or rubber.
  • The double strap cock and ball ring has a second loop or strap that wraps around the scrotum. Pressure behind the testicles is a sexually enjoyable sensation for guys. The second ball strap prevents it from sliding around so it's good for men who wear a penis ring while masturbating. Most commonly made of rubber silicone.
  • The vibrating cock ring is an erotic enhancer for both partners to enjoy during intercourse. Traditionally, the small penis ring vibrator sits at the top of his dick and vibrates the partner's clitoris during sex, but you can also wear the band upside down and enjoy vibration on the testicles. Some enhance sexual intercourse with 2 vibrators!
  • Some male cock rings are adjustable, you'll notice a small bead placed on the silicone band. Pull the bead to loosen, slide the band over the erection and pull the bead to tighten eliminating the need for sizing. Men don't have to worry about the device not fitting properly, they are “one size fits all” and he can adjust it above or below the balls, as loose or tight as desired.

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