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How to Use a Cock Ring | Full Instructions with Video

How to Use a Cock Ring | Full Instructions with Video

Last Updated on February 20, 2023

Penis rings are a tiny device that provide a huge improvement to a couples sex life, they can make a dildo better (yes, it's true!) and enhance male masturbation. Many people ask how to use a penis ring, what is it, how they work and what does it do, so we'll cover everything we can possibly think of here for you today!

In addition to sexual intercourse, there are a few other ways they can be used. We'll explore all the reasons that a man (or even women) would buy a penis ring for their collection of adult toys for men and the benefits it can bring.

Read on for unique ideas & step by step instructions you won't find anywhere else. If you're totally new here, learn what is a cock ring for your first tutorial before continuing on.

Cock Ring Tutorial

Each type has a different set of instructions, and not all cock ring tutorials are the same for each type. Penoscrotal rings need to be put on a certain way to wear comfortably. Before you learn how to use a penis ring, you have to know which type you are buying first because the fine print varies! We suggest 5 ways to use a penis ring, further below you'll find cock ring video demonstrations.

Please note this information differs from how to wear a cock ring, so if that's the information and advice you seek, scroll down a bit further for the step by step instructions on how to put on a cock ring! Here's a break down how to use a cock ring depending on your final goal:

How to use multiple penis rings
Demonstrating 2 ways to use multiple penis rings in a set.

1. Using a Penis Ring with a Vacuum Pump

Most men use the constriction or tension band in conjunction with a penis pump. To summarize the symbiosis between the two products for men, the vacuum suction pump gives him an erection and the tension ring maintains the erection. The pump draws blood into the penile tissue, and the penile constriction band keeps it there.

Men with severe ED find it more useful to put the ring on the shaft first, then use the pump after. It is also possible to put the ring on after pumping, so we recommend that the customer tries both methods to see which works best for you. A single solution does not always work for everyone!

If you're wondering how to put on a cock ring on the vacuum pump, we actually advise against it because the ring will "snap" onto your erection, which creates a sensation similar to an elastic band snap. Ouch!

2. Using a Penis Ring for Male Masturbation

To enhance jerking off, men often choose a penis ring vibrator. The vibration offers him excellent stimulation while using a masturbation sex toy. Although most vibrating penis rings are marketed to and used by couples, we like to suggest them for solo use for men who want to improve masturbation pleasure.

If you have a single vibrating ring, twist the vibrator to face downwards so that it vibrates over your testicles. It's a nice surprise you wont see coming!

The adjustable / lasso style rings are commonly used for jerking off. Fit it tightly around your cock, then right at the moment of ejaculation, release the pressure and let the flood gates of ejaculate open to the world! I'ves covered the technique in my guide titled: How to use an adjustable cock ring. This little secret greatly improves the power and strength of ejaculation and makes the orgasm feel stronger, like massive surges of pleasure repeated over and over!

3. Using a Penis Ring to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Did you know how to use a cock ring to make penetrative sex last longer? First it's important to note that wearing a cock ring will not stop premature ejaculation, but a tight fitting band will help to prevent premature ejaculation. The added pressure on the penile tissue lessen the load shooting at once. You will still escalate, but it may give you a few extra minutes of sex before for cum.

It's also important to note that only the tightest fitting rings will have the effect of slowing ejaculation, a loose or jelly soft ring will not affect the timing of your orgasm at all. When shopping in our store catalog, look for the filter option that says “Stretchy” and click on “no” to select from the tightest cock rings are have for sale.

Jelly Vibrating penis Rings
Single & double penis ring vibrators are used to improve sex.

4. Using a Penis Ring to Improve Sex

Many rings have bumps, humps, spikes, ticklers and nubs that are designed purely for improving sexual intercourse with your partner. Vibrating penis rings are the shining example of this style. Primarily designed for female clitoral stimulation, gay partners also enjoy wearing these textured styles because a male partner will enjoy just as much added pleasure as a female partner!

The most notable style that couples purchase to make sex feel better is the vibrating cock ring. The buzzing stimulates both partners, and for men – on woman sex, the deeper his penetration, the stronger the vibration fees on her clitoris, so harder and deeper feels better! The dual vibrator devices are powerful sexual enhancers for couples adding a tremendous amount if vibration compared to the single vibrating units.

A thick jelly donut will improve lovemaking because both partners will feel the squishy external padding during penetrations. This subtle hands free enhancement is quite substantial, you'll be surprised!

The cock cage style holds the entire unit higher giving the appearance and the feel of a bigger dick. Because his scrotum is tightly held, this will also have the side benefit if delaying premature ejaculation.

5. Using a Penis Ring on a Dildo or Vibrator

Women are buying penis rings to use on their dildo or vibrator because it adds external stimulation during. A vibrating band will buzz over the clitoris, a textured or thick ring will press over the labia. Not a common trick of the trade his little secret is what women who are sex toy connoisseurs know to improve your dildo or vibrator playtime.

Many vibrators already come with a clit stimulator, but most dildos do not. Using a ring on a dildo is a common practice to spice it up, since most realistic dildos never have a clit stimulator. By combining these 2 sex toys, you've customized your own dildo and make it far better for little cost!

Just make sure never to leave the band on the dildo, the silicone surfaces will melt together causing the color to bleed and the silicone to meld onto one - they may become inseparable!

How to Put on a Cock Ring:

Before we begin with the step by step instructions on how to put on a penis ring, it's important to note WHEN it should be put on!

The best time to put on a penis ring is when it is semi-erect. If your dick is flaccid, it will simply slide right off. If your dick is fully erect, it can be painful to put on, especially if it's a dual ring with a scrotum band. Stimulate your cock a little bit to get slightly chubby then quickly put on the ring before it becomes fully erect.
Lasso Penis Ring
Demonstrating 2 ways to use a Lasso penis ring.
  • Lubricate the interior of the ring's circumference and the sides of your dick all the way to the base of the shaft.
  • For a single ring, roll it down to the base of the shaft. (Do not stretch and pull it over your cock, it may tear).
  • If there are dual rings attached together, put the shaft band on first, then the scrotum band second.
  • If there is a vibrator on the device, point it upwards to stimulate your partners clitoris.
  • If you are wearing a vibrating ring for masturbation, point the vibrator downwards to vibrate your testicles.
  • If you have multiple rings in a pack, put the widest on first, then follow with the subsequent sizes. (The rings can be stacked for maximum pleasure and erection control.)
  • If you have a full cock cage, spread lubricant around the interior completely to reduce friction with your skin and tuck the scrotum into the pouch first.
  • For a cock and ball spreader, spread lubricant around the interior and put the testicle straps on first, followed by the shaft.
  • The Lasso can be placed around the shaft only, or both the shaft and testicles at the same time. Slide the bead or clasp to adjust to your desired fit.

Video Instructions: How to Use Different Types of Cock Rings

The cock ring video demonstration is essential for people to understand exactly how it fits in real life. It's difficult to understand how flexible or solid a cock ring is just looking at pictures on a sex toy store online, so the video tutorial is essential for those wondering how to use a cock ring comfortably. The following demos show you exactly how to put on a cock ring:

Donut Cock Rings

Guys who want to try a cock ring for the first time often choose the donut because they are the cheapest and simplest type. Offering minimal support yet superior comfort, they are super stretchy and a good introduction to what a cock ring feels like on your dick. Donuts are the most comfortable (and cheapest) of all dick rings for sale.

Tight Constriction Ring

Tension rings fit tightly for maximum erection support and have minimal stretch; therefore, they can be uncomfortable to put on and remove without lube. In this cock ring tutorial video demonstration, we apply lubricant to the penis and around the inner circumference so it slides on easily.

Dual Cock and Ball Ring

Penoscrotal rings look like a "figure 8". They are essentially two rings connected together at a central point. Put the shaft loop on first followed by the testicle loop for maximum comfort. Some are more stretchy than others, but in this case, the Crazy Eight dual silicone cock ring is very stretchy and does not require lubricant to put on. The advantage of this device is that it stays in place and never falls off.

Lasso / Adjustable Cinch

The only truly fully adjustable cock ring, the Lasso style is the safest choice to assure it it will fit every man's erection no matter his size. You can use it as tight or loose as you want, the user adjusts the tension. There are 2 ways to wear, watch the video instructions to view a demo of both methods.

Clit Stimulating Cock Ring

This jelly soft style features a stickler or bump on one side that contacts the woman's clitoris during sexual intercourse. You can also face the stimulator downwards and stimulate the perineum. Watch the video as it demonstrates both methods to wear this type.

Adjustable Cock and Ball Ring

The full male erection enhancer, this complex style has three interconnected silicone bands; one for the dick, one for the scrotum and one for both. This video shows step by step instructions how to put on the cock cage starting with the largest strap first, the shaft second, followed by the scrotum last.

Dual Vibrating Cock Ring

Couples enjoy vibrating erection rings because the scrotum band prevents the cock ring from rotating around during sex. The Maximus Ring is our top rated vibrator for couples because it fits comfortably and the silicone band features several metal beads embedded in the silicone that add texture and pleasure for him. Check out the full cock ring vibrator tutorial for more information!

Single Vibrating Cock Ring

A best selling first timers couples vibrator, these discreet and comfortable stretchy silicone or jelly rings include a tiny wireless vibrator. As shown in the video, there are 2 ways to use – place the vibrator facing upwards to contact her clitoris or face it down to buzz the partner's perineum and to vibrate on his balls for sexual enhancement.

  • Triple Cock Rings

    Men normally wear all 3 at the same time, put the largest one around the scrotum, and the other 2 on the shaft. The silicone versions are stretchier than rubber, which tends to be stiff, so if you cannot expand them as much as these, then apply lubricant around the inner circumference and roll them down your shaft.

  • Cock Brace

    The brace offer superior erection control than a regular tension ring because it it thicker and adds more constricting tension. Using lubricant around the interior of the brace is a must to help it slide over your skin. The video shows the proper way to put it on, shaft first followed by scrotum.

  • Men's Ball Spreader

    The ball spreader is an adjustable leather fetish device for men. It may or may not be possible to have full tension because the placement of the metal snaps vary, but guys wear ball spreaders for erotic enhancement and to enjoy the feel of having the scrotum squeezed during sex and masturbation.

  • Large Dual Tension Rings

    The large extra thick bands offer better erection support compared to a small round ring. A dual set includes one large tension ring that can either be put on around the balls for pleasure, or the dick and balls together for staying power. The video shows how to use it both ways.

  • Weighted Cock Ring

    This type has a heavy metal bead connected to the device that sways and moves during sex play or masturbation. The metal ball taps on the testicles and your partner's thighs during intercourse and heightens sexual excitement for both partners. Some vibrate, others do not.

  • Corded Dual Vibrating Cock Ring

    Most couples shop for wireless because of convenience, but the truth is that corded vibrators have more intense power compared to wireless styles. The Diving Dolphin is like a jackhammer to sex. It is by far the most powerful and strongest double motor vibrating cock ring we've ever encountered; don't be deceived by the cute dolphins, it's super hardcore! The video instructions demonstrates the wild power.

  • Dual Wireless Vibrating Cock Ring

    Dolphin cock rings are common because the dolphin “nose” pokes the female clitoris during sexual intercourse to increase her pleasure. The dual vibrating ring is a popular choice because it has a second motor that stimulates the perineum too. Small wireless bullets fit into the device and stay in place as shown in the step by step video instructions here.

Mayla's Top Picks:

Do Cock Rings Work?

If the purpose is sexual enhancement for couples, then yes, they absolutely do work! The hands free enhancement is subtle, and is not enough stimulation to create an orgasm on its own, but the effect you feel is a tease or a tickle that's not normally there.

The newness of it all also helps to increase your pleasure. It's always fun to try something new in the bedroom with your lover and these discreet sex toys are no exception. They are a popular add-on while shopping for adult sex toys online to enhance stimulation during lovemaking & masturbation.

With that being said, they are an ideal first timers toy for couples because they don't get in the way, there's not a specific set of instructions how to use them, a cock ring tutorial is open ended and open to interpretation. You do what feels best!

They don't get in the way, they are cheap and you don't need to feel kinky to use one. It's a nice solution for couples looking to try something new without going overboard and buying up a whole collection of sexual toys.

How to use a cock ring to maintain a firm penis? If the ring is being worn by a man with erectile dysfunction, it's important to note that there are no guarantees if it will work or not. Personal physical features like blood pressure will affect the efficiency of the cock ring.

How to use multiple penis rings
It works! Men's top choice to make orgasms feel amazing.

Some men need to use a penis pump first before the cock gets hard enough to even put on a ring. Other men require medication to get an erection, then they wear a cock ring to keep the erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.

Tip on How to Put on a Cock Ring Comfortably

There are a few things to note that will help your penis ring work better:

Pro Tip: Regardless of the type you have, trimming your pubic hair will reduce the possibility if pulling hairs when the device is being put on or taken off. If you have a cage or scrotum ring, it will fit better and more snug up to your skin.

If the cock ring is being worn for the purpose of ED or to keep the erection hard, trimming the hairs is a just to make sure the material rests against your skin. The minuscule gaps that pubic hair leaves between the materials and your skin can be enough for blood to escape the penile tissue and the erection to go flaccid earlier than you intended!

How to Use a Cock Ring for the First Time

It can be a scary prospect to wear a tight fitting ring around your erection for the first time. There is a possibility to harm or suffocate the tissue if it's too tight or left on for too long.

Some men like the feeling so much they wear a tight ring until the cock turns blue. This of course is very dangerous! You wouldn't wear an elastic band on your finger that long, so why would you wear a ring on your cock for that long?

As long as it is not worn longer than 15 minutes at a time, the risk is minimal. You also want to use personal caution, if the ring is adjustable or lasso style where it can tighten, don't pull it so tight that it hurts!

You need to feel some pressure in order for the erection to remain firm, but absolutely NOT feel pain. You are responsible for your own safety, so don't overdo it!

Mayla's Top Picks:

How Long to Wear a Cock Ring

Never wear a tight penis ring longer than 15 minutes at a time because you could suffocate the penile tissue. Planning an all-night sex marathon? Make sure to leave 15 minutes of time for your dick to breathe in between your 15 minute sessions.

On the other hand, a looser ring can be worn longer since it does not restrict fluid flow in and out of the erection. In this case, they can be worn for up to 30 minutes.

In conclusion, you know are well versed in what is a penis ring, how to use a penis ring (safely!) and tips on making your experience better. This should also provide a good buyers guide so that you can fit the style to your desires. If you have additional questions or would like us to clarify anything, please send an email, we're always happy to help!

Click to buy cock rings online.

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