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Bullet Vibrators

Every woman should own a bullet vibrator. They produce powerful orgasms quickly, hold the magic vibrating bullet over the clitoris during intercourse to climax simultaneously with your partner and buy an egg vibrator for full clit and vaginal stimulation. It'll be the the best sex you've ever had and is our favorite sex toy ever made.

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  1. Turbo Accelerator Vibrator Sex Toy
    Turbo Accelerator Vibrator Sex Toy
    $28.35 $34.99 You Save $6.64
  2. Micro Bullet Vibrator Toy
    Micro Bullet Vibrator Toy
    $16.42 $20.99 You Save $4.57
  3. Colt Vibrating Bullet
    Colt Vibrating Bullet
    $8.90 $10.99 You Save $2.09
  4. 1st Timer's Teaser
    1st Timer's Teaser
    $10.52 $12.99 You Save $2.47
  5. Screaming O Wireless Bullet
    Screaming O Wireless Bullet
    $11.17 $13.99 You Save $2.82
  6. High Intensity Bullet
    High Intensity Bullet
    $18.12 $22.99 You Save $4.87
  7. Crystal Wireless Vibrator
    Crystal Wireless Vibrator
    $20.96 $25.99 You Save $5.03
  8. Rain Bullet Vibrator
    Rain Bullet Vibrator
    $20.27 $24.99 You Save $4.72
  9. Double Turbo Accelerator
    Double Turbo Accelerator
    $35.34 $43.63 You Save $8.29
  10. Sterling Bullet
    Sterling Bullet
    $21.67 $26.99 You Save $5.32
  11. Jumping Gyrator Female Vibrator
    Jumping Gyrator Female Vibrator
    $23.29 $28.99 You Save $5.70
  12. Golden Egg Vibrator
    Golden Egg Vibrator
    $11.33 $13.99 You Save $2.66
  13. Gold Double Bullets
    Gold Double Bullets
    $14.58 $17.99 You Save $3.41
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Items 1-20 of 52


The Amazing Bullet Vibrator Orgasm

The best silver bullet vibrator is a small sex toy designed for precise clitoral stimulation. If you follow a specific series of steps, you'll experience magical pleasure! It's best to learn how to use a bullet vibrator before you buy online.

Bullet Vibrator
Check out our guide before you purchase!

Even though the majority of women enjoy the feel of penetration during clitoral stimulation, there's something special about the externally induced orgasm. To hold the mini bullet sex toy over the clitoris and experience an orgasm without distraction is one of the nicest ways to treat yourself to a good rush. 

The most powerful bullet vibrators have enough strength to produce an orgasm in seconds. They are the most discreet and simple of all female massagers and the non-phallic shape keeps the inhibited mind at ease. As such, these are our favorite recommendation for a lady shopping for the first time.

Q. Should I buy a wireless vibrating bullet?

A. Without battery packs and cords to get in the way, wireless bullet vibrators are perfect for travel and a popular choice for couples to use during foreplay. Because they are completely self contained, there isn't much space for batteries; therefore, they are powered by mini cell batteries. As a result, wireless ones typically aren't as powerful as the corded versions but they tend to run quieter and are more discreet.

If you're looking for pure power however, the corded versions will always be the best choice. The more batteries it requires, the more strength it will have. (The Turbo Accelerator is our strongest option). Another newer option is the rechargeable & remote control magic bullet vibrator via USB cable. The Power Touch is our best remote control adult toy for her with amazing strength & high quality features.

Q. Is the egg vibrator a good sex toy?

A. The egg vibrator is another variant of this style. The blunt and wide egg shape offers more coverage compared to the slim bullet sex toy. The wider egg design not only stimulates the clitoris, but it vibrates over the the labia too. Try holding the egg directly over the vagina, this placement is highly arousing and helps the body to produce natural lubricant.

It is a popular solution for women who experience vaginal dryness during sex. Use the vibrating egg before intercourse to heighten sensations and you'll likely feel wetter than normal. Speaking of sexual intercourse, either the egg or bullet dildo is a great way for couples to climax together. She holds it over the clitoris to “warm up” before penetration which makes sex feel more welcoming, sensitive and enjoyable.

Q. What are your best bullet vibrator tips?

  •  Buy a powerful vibrating bullet with a textured or soft sleeve that slides over top of the solid device. This adds a touch of texture, warmth and softness. Remove the sleeve to experience full strength.

  • Massagers with a thin rubber coating increases grip and prevents it from sliding around too much. We like to use the silver bullet vibrator dry. Using lubricant on the surface causes it to slip from side to side over the clitoris' natural “hump” shape and minimizes direct stimulation. When used dry, it “sticks” in place and revvs your sexual response much quicker.

  • Try a bullet massager with various vibrating patterns and multiple speed settings. The pulsing or thumping settings are perfect for foreplay, especially when you want to encourage sexual response but want to delay orgasm. It's a fantastic teasing sensation and once you select the consistent vibrating setting to finish the job, your orgasm is extremely intense.

  • Slim silver bullet sex toys and large egg vibrators are a highly versatile bedroom toy for both women and couples, purchase one of each type; they are a cheap massager that produces amazing orgasms and high quality sexual pleasure.

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