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Heated Magic Bullet Vibrator

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Heated Magic Bullet Vibrator is a new addition that is quickly gaining steam as one of the forefront sex toys for women to own this year. It truly has everything going for it – it's whisper quiet, self heating and tiny enough to tuck between your bodies during sex to add stunningly powerful clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse.

Looking for a quiet bullet vibrator? They can be hard to find. Most make an audible buzzing or rattle, but this one is very quiet. The sound is subtle and high pitch, like a honey bee buzzing by. Don't think because it's small and quiet it lacks power however, it has a supremely high intensity tingle that can best be described as a relentless “tickle”.

To pile on more awesome features, it is a heated vibrator too! Activate the motor and within a minute or two you'll notice the surface of the vibrator feels warm. It doesn't get super hot, but bringing the surface up to body temperature is all you need to make it feel hot as it pokes into the clitoris, a lively invigorating sensation.

Heated Magic Bullet Vibrator and its controller are coated in a silky feeling satin finish for elegance and class. This is certainly not your traditional magic bullet vibrator, it's for classy and sophisticated ladies who know the benefits for clitoral stimulation during sex. It's even low profile enough to press between your bodies during missionary position sex.

The unique shape of the mini bullet vibrator is quite interesting too. The top third is topped by a tiny bead that matches the size of a clitoris, and small enough to bury it under the clitoral hood too. Quite the erotic experience, to say the least! This is rated one of the best mini bullet vibrators according to our blog.

Vibrator Length:
1 inch
Vibrator Diameter:
3/8 inch
Cord Length:
32 inches
Plastic, rubber coating
2 AA, not included
2 speeds
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:
Color Options:
Black, Pink, Purple
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