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What is a G Spot? | Where is the G Spot Located?

What is a G Spot? | Where is the G Spot Located?

The greatest sexual myth of all time – revealed!

The documented history of the female G Spot goes back to 1950 from the original discovery by German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg who described a distinct region on the inner upper wall of a woman's vagina that creates sexual arousal and/or an erotic sensation when touched.

The G Spot definition is named after him, the letter “G” being a reference to his name: Dr. Gräfenberg. Since that original discovery, this elusive mysterious erogenous zone has remained the subject of scientific and sexual controversy.

So why the controversy if it's been “discovered” then?

The sole basis of the myth and controversy stems from the fact that the female G Spot location isn’t actually a distinct part of your anatomy. Back in 2017, researchers attempted to find the G spot only to come up empty-handed. So the proof is that is doesn't exist – yet why do woman everywhere report strong sexual stimulation when this spot is touched?

So the G Spot doesn't actually exist?

Instead of being its own distinct area found in your vagina, the G Spot is part of your entire clitoral network, interconnected by nerve endings which all interlink and produce that lovely sense of sexual pleasure when stimulated. Cindy Scharkey, RN, BSN demonstrates a model of the clitoral network in the picture below.

Female G Spot Anatomy

G Spot Anatomy
Female G Spot Anatomy - Source: Cindy Scharkey, RN, BSN

The clitoris is not just a “small magic button” located between your labia nestled under its own protective hood, the visual part of the clitoris is no different than seeing the tip of an iceberg that floats in masses under the water. The rest of the clitoris actually extends unseen inside the body for several inches.

This means that when you’re stimulating the G Spot, you’re actually stimulating part of the clitoris. Think of it just like the aforementioned iceberg comparison. Turns out, the pea-sized nub where the inner labia meet is actually only the tip of the clitoris and divides into two equal sections surrounding the vagina that is usually about 4 inches long.

Q. What is a G Spot?

A. The Grafenberg spot, or G Spot, is a small collection of nerves and tissue located about an inch or so inside the vaginal opening on the upper vaginal wall, on the side closest to the bellybutton. It is is sexually sensitive and swells slightly during arousal and feels raised or bumpy when massaged.

The next pioneer in female G Spot research and education was Dr. Beverly Whipple who discovered how to locate a womans G Spot back in the 1980's.

Dr. Whipple discovered that moving 1 or 2 fingers in a “come here” motion along the upper wall of the vagina produced a physical, often sexual response in women. From the feedback delivered, she believed that this region could be the key to women achieving a “full body” orgasm during sex without external clitoral stimulation.

What kind of research lead to this discovery?

Dr. Whipple was teaching women Kegel exercises to help those with urinary incontinence. In the course of this research, she noted that women's strength of the pelvic floor muscles varied greatly.

The women also reported that when a certain spot was stimulated, the muscles would clench and sometimes cause a quick release of fluids from the vagina. (Almost like peeing during sex). She made the link between muscle strength and sexual response (which is the main reason that exercises with Kegel balls & weights makes orgasms stronger).

Pelvic Floor

Dr Whipple quoted: "Most of the women who came to me had very weak muscles but some women had extremely strong pelvic floor muscles and they said they only seemed to lose fluid through the urethra during times of sexual activity or orgasm." These women also noted a particularly sensitive area which seemed to cause their loss of fluid along with a unique orgasmic experience. The location of this spot was consistent for everyone.

Q. Where is the G Spot Located?

A. The womans G Spot is located between two and three inches inside the vagina on the upper wall. It is on the side closest to the belly button. It is a collection of sensitive tissue that feels bumpy compared to its relatively smooth surroundings and is about the size, texture and shape of a walnut.

Women who think the G spot doesn't exist often search too deep. Inexperienced men who try to locate the G Spot during foreplay typically dig their index and middle finger knuckle deep into the vagina to do the “come here” motion. This does not produce any significant sexual side effect, therefore those who don't know how to find the G spot may not believe it exists because they've never felt it being touched properly before! ~ Mayla Green

Q. Where is a Woman's G Spot?

A. The G Spot is directly on the “roof” of the vagina at about 12 o'clock when the woman is lying on her back. It is between two and three inches in the vagina, if you look closely at a female pelvic anatomy diagram, the G Spot is located directly below her urethra, but not as high as the bladder.

A woman's G Spot is located not too far above the pubic bone that feels like a solid mound inside the vagina. Upon inserting the finger, slide it up the wall and notice the change of texture as you travel over the bone and across the vaginal tissue before finding the bumpy raised gland that can be compared to the feel of a soft walnut.

Pelvic Antomy

Q. Where is a Man's G Spot?

A. Insert one finger a few inches into the anus and push up on the wall facing the penis. Move your finger in a circular massaging motion and also move it in a “come here” motion. When you find it, it will feel like you have the urge to pee. This feeling will quickly result in a strong sensation of sexual arousal.

The prostate gland is the male version of the G Spot. The anatomy is even similar to women too. It is more commonly known as the P Spot; the letter “P” stands for Prostate. This is a whole topic to be discovered on its own so for now look here for tidbits about the biological background of stimulating the male G spot.

Guys don't typically search for their own male G Spot with their finger because unlike the vagina, more men have qualms about sticking their finger up their own butt, so that's why there's a whole selection of prostate toys and prostate massager instructions for him to do the dirty deed while keeping his fingers clean.

Male G Spot location

Where is My G-Spot? Locating it Yourself

Locating the female G Spot yourself can be a bit tricky because of the angle and limited ergonomic function of the arms and fingers (our elbows just don't bend that way!) It's much easier for your lover to find the G Spot, but if you want to explore it solo, do the following:

  1. Moisten one or two fingers with personal lubricant.
  2. Slide those fingers inside your vagina, following the contours of the interior wall facing the front.
  3. Bend the fingers at the fist knuckles in a “come hither” motion so that they are now touching the top anterior wall of your vaginal canal.
  4. If you feel a puffy patch of tissue right around there, you have reached your G Spot.
  5. At first it may feel like you need to pee, but that will quickly change to a feeling of sexual arousal.
G Spot location

Q. How do I Know When I Found it?

A. If you feel a puffy patch of tissue that feels like the contours of a soft walnut, (bumpy shell and all), you have reached your G Spot location. You might notice it feels a little rougher than the rest of the tissue around it. The surrounding tissue is smooth and feels less dense compared to the G Spot location which feels a bit firmer.

In the video demo shown here, I demonstrate first how to locate the G Spot then how to use a vibrator to do the same. First we need to find it with a finger, then measure that point alongside the G Spot vibrator. When inserted into the body, it only goes as deep as the mark noted from the finger test.

The G spot is more pronounced when the body is sexually aroused so make sure this isn't the first thing you try to do before masturbation with a vibrator.

My best piece of advice is start by rubbing the clitoris first and once you feel the vagina getting wet, now it's possible to find the magic mark. Just make sure to stay only a few inches in. Don't go too deep, the most common mistake!

Q. What Does the G Spot Feel Like When you Touch it?

A. The G-spot location is sexually sensitive and swells slightly during arousal and feels raised or bumpy. Although all women have this tissue, some like this area stimulated and others don't. And many notice no difference in sensation one way or the other.

Why the differences? No two women are alike. Just as some females enjoy nipple play, others find it irritating. G-spot stimulation is no different. What really matters is if you know how to hit the G Spot.

In my opinion, ladies who report feeling noting at all have not successfully found it because the gathering of nerves will produce some kind of reaction, either positive or negative. This is why G Spot vibrator instructions are essential because it's really easy to completely miss the mark and go too deep.

A woman or man who has never experienced enjoyable stimulation will certainly benefit from trying one of the the best G Spot toys that vibrate because the buzzing motor greatly amplifies the massage. A finger simply can't compare to a thumping or titillating motor embedded inside the perfectly curved vibrator shaft.

For Lovers: How to Hit the G Spot

Lets' start with foreplay: Use a vibrator or fingers to stimulate the clitoris during penetrative sex. Incorporate oral sex during G Spot stimulation. Females whose partners perform oral sex on them are more likely to orgasm.

A partner can orally stimulate the female's clitoris while using their fingers to stimulate the G-spot. Stimulating several erogenous zones at the same time results in quicker and stronger orgasms.

During intercourse, sexual positions that push the erection to the front vaginal wall encourage a G Spot orgasm. Think doggie style and all sports of reverse positions where he enters from behind. The goal is to make the penis head contact the vaginal wall just below the belly button.

G Spot Toys
The source of the finest full body G Spot orgasms for both women & men!

Q. How to Find the G Spot?

A. The womans G-spot is about halfway between the vaginal opening and the cervix. There can be a small variance to the exact position for each woman. Many women are scared about peeing during G-spot stimulation because it triggers a similar sensation, like they have to urinate.

If you feel this – congratulations you've found the G Spot location! As stimulation increases, the urge to urinate dissipates and is replaced by a erotic sensation. The vagina feel wet and the clitoris gets “tingly”. Keep going and you may experience a full body G Spot orgasm!

"The G-spot is the urethral sponge hitting up against the vaginal wall," explains Carolanne Marcantonio, LMSW, a senior sex therapist and co-founder of Wise Therapy. "Similar to an erect penis, the sponge gets bigger when aroused, so you can find it better when you’re turned on."

So don't just dig right in and expect it to be a pronounced gland inside the body. Start with nipple play or passionate kissing. Rub and lick the clitoris. The body needs to be aroused before the tissue swells and produces the appropriate erotic response when touched.

Q. How Deep is the G Spot?

A. The G Spot is on the roof of the vagina at about 12 o'clock when the woman is lying on her back. It is between two and three inches in the vagina, below her urethra but under the bladder. The angle for self-exploration is essentially backwards for the woman so the location makes it difficult to discover it with her own fingers.

It's best left to your lover to find it, or you can use a G Spot Vibrator which is pretty much exactly what they're made for – solo ladies who want to masturbate or even squirt with a vibrator. (Instructions for that are found in the aforementioned link to the vibrator guide).

The most common misconception is that it's deep inside the vagina. This myth is perpetrated by the fact that most womens G Spot vibrators have really long handles or shafts before the curved tip begins. This is NOT meant for full penetration, rather the extra length is there to help a woman hold onto it and maneuver it when laying down on the bed.

What is a G Spot? Mystery solved, definition explained. Where is the G Spot? Anatomy discussed, location deciphered and now you know how to hit it during sex, foreplay and even masturbation on the lonesome. You're officially a seasoned lover, the finest Casanova now that you've unlocked the secret to powerful sexual pleasure.

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