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Ejaculating & Squirting Dildos

Squirting dildos have a specialized reservoir and interior tubing system designed to squirt on command. Ejaculating dildos hold cum lube in either the balls or in a separate bulb; realistic cumming dildos are a premium sex toy for those who enjoy a wild fantasy. A dildo that cums is only the beginning - the newest trending strap ons that cum bring an exciting level of kink factor to your sex life.

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Buy Squirting Dildos that Cum: The Ultimate Kink Factor

Some realistic squirting dildos have reservoirs in the shaft or testicles, other ejaculating dildos have an exterior bulb or tubing to hold liquid for fake semen lube. Some people use egg whites with cumming dildos and strap ons because the viscous consistency imitates male ejaculate when shooting.

We strongly suggest only using water or cum lube because it's tricky to completely clean out the interior (but it can be done if you're diligent enough!) When you want a dildo that cums, squeeze the shaft, bulb or applicator and the fluid squirts out of a hole in the tip to imitate ejaculation.

Squirting Dildo Hole
Squirting & cum shooting fun!

New to Ejaculating Dildos?

Make sure not to point the shaft directly downwards, or liquid will flow out of the hole! When its time to make the strap on or dildo squirt, press the testicles to force the fake cum upwards out of the hole.

Pressing the base repeatedly and lightly better imitates the realistic flow of a man's semen as it shoots out in short bursts, not all at once. This style works best with a squirting strap on to maintain realism to your experience. The irregular shooting is more realistic.

Another type of squirting dildo that cums holds its liquid inside a syringe with tubing. Hold the tip under water (or a faucet) and pull back the dispenser on the syringe to fill. The advantage of this style of squirting dildo is that they don't spill on the floor when you point the hole down.

Water or cum lube stays inside the tubing until you press the syringe and make the cumming dildo ejaculate. This style does not always shoot realistically though because it typically squirts out in one quick burst.

A Strap On that Cums

Squirting strap ons are here! Just when you thought it couldn't be improved, we are happy to introduce a couple of the most exciting squirting strap ons for sale. Ejaculating strap ons is a fresh new trend in bedrooms across the USA.

As the popularity grows, we'll be adding new strap ons that cum on a regular basis. To tide you over for now, we have a few choices perfect for couples who want to add a wild side to their sex life.

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