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Squirting Dildos

Realistic ejaculating dildos have specialized interior structure that holds liquid until you're ready to make it cum. Some squirting dildos have reservoirs in the shaft or testicles, others have an exterior bulb or tubing to hold liquid for ejaculate. Some people use egg whites because the viscous consistency imitates male ejaculate, but we suggest water or cum lube because it's tricky to completely clean out the interior (but it can be done if you're diligent enough!) When you want the dildo to cum, squeeze the shaft, bulb or applicator and the fluid squirts out of a hole in the tip to imitate ejaculation.

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  1. Squirting Realistic Cock Dildo
    Squirting Realistic Cock
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  2. Squirting Realistic Dildo
    Squirting Realistic Dildo
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  3. 8 Inch Squirting Realistic Dildo
    8 Inch Squirting Dildo
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  4. Small Squirting Dildo
    Small Squirting Dildo
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  5. Squirtz Cum Lube
    Squirtz Cum Lube
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15 Items

How to Use a Squirting Dildo

There are 3 types of realistic ejaculating dildos that cum, and the way you use them depends on the style you buy:

  1. The most common type of squirting dildo has a reservoir either inside the shaft or in the scrotum. Squeeze the balls, then dip the shaft under water OR squeeze the balls and hold the tip under a running tap. Release your grip to suck water into the holding area.

    Make sure not to point the shaft directly downwards, or liquid will flow out of the hole! When its time to make the dildo squirt, press the testicles to force the ejaculate upwards out of the hole. Pressing the base repeatedly and lightly better imitates the realistic flow of a man's ejaculate as it comes out in short bursts, not all at once! This style works best with a strap on.

  2. Squirting Dildo Hole
    Where all the magic happens!
  3. The next type of dildo that cums holds its liquid inside a syringe with tubing. Hold the tip under water (or a faucet) and pull back the dispenser on the syringe to fill. The advantage of this style of squirting dildo is that they don't spill on the floor when you point the hole down. Water stays inside the tubing until you press the syringe and make it squirt out. This style does not always cum realistically though because it typically squirts out in one quick burst.

  4. The final type of ejaculating dildo has a separate bulb that contains water. Fill the bulb directly then insert it into the base of the toy. Once your sexual fantasy has reached it's orgasmic peak, squeeze the bulb to force ejaculate into the hollow center and out of the hole on the top.

    This style does not contain the high volume as the other types, but it also tends not to spill as much and can be used to make a life like cumming pattern. It cannot be used as an ejaculating strap on because the base is not flat to rest against the wearer's pelvis.

Water is the best fluid to use, but water base lubricant is a good choice too; it is viscous and thick to imitate male ejaculate. We advise against using silicone based lube or making your own semen with egg whites to fill your realistic ejaculating dildo because it is difficult to properly clean the interior; furthermore silicone lube reacts with the silicone material and cause the tunnel and penis hole to melt shut. These cumming sex toys can be used vaginally or anally by men or women, but please note they are typically large so most adults may find them too big for anal use.

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