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Quiet Vibrators | Sound Testing 25 Silent Vibrators

Quiet Vibrators | Sound Testing 25 Silent Vibrators

Last Updated on April 6, 2021

A quiet vibrator is a safe thought. The last thing we want is to have our neighbors hearing a loud buzzing sound coming from our bedroom window while we're in the throes of a great orgasm with a womens vibrator. The funny part is that moaning and groaning sounds we make during sex are much louder than the noise emitted from a quiet vibrator. Our perception of silence during sex is quite selective!

The truth is that an electric toothbrush makes a similar noise as a personal massager on its most intense speed setting, but we don't feel shy about pacing in our bedroom while brushing our teeth with the window open. The reality is our neighbors probably think we're using a vibrating sex toy and not brushing our teeth!

So our obsession with quiet vibrators continues. We see searches on “whisper quiet vibrator” and “most silent vibrator” all the time. There is not a sole category dedicated to this type of female sex toy; quiet vibrators are not restricted by style, size or even shape. So then we ask ourselves:

What Makes a Quiet Vibrator?

There are a few different features that signify a discreet vibrator that barely makes a noise, just as there are features that signify a toy with potentially high decibel operation. A super silent vibrator can be found in a range of styles including but not limited to the bullet, vibrating dildo, rabbit, clitoral, wand and even strap on / wearable butterfly vibes.

Certain types of wireless massagers and most small vibrator sex toys are silent because of their tiny size. They simply can't hold many batteries. Other corded or solid massager types are loud because of the structure that has no sound deadening capability. For example, plastic vibrating bullets are typically loud because there is nothing there to mute the noise. If you're searching for a silent bullet vibrator we actually found a few that are quiet! Read on below to discover more!

The following features have an effect on how quietly a vibrator operates:

  • Voltage of batteries required
  • Quantity of batteries required
  • Naturally sound deadening material (ex. silicone)
  • Material that does not provide a sound barrier (ex. plastic)
  • Density of the material
  • Placement of the motor within the shaft
  • Quantity of motors inside the toy
  • Multiple motors that operate simultaneously
  • Vibrating functions that make different sounds
  • Overall girth and thickness of the shaft
  • The size of the weight spinning inside the motor
  • How tight the batteries fit in the compartment (wireless devices only)

The Quiet Powerful Vibrator

Scanning through the list above, one can conclude that large, gently vibrating sex toys are silent, and small powerful vibrating sex toys are loud. Although that's a generalization, it's relatively true. Only thanks to recent technological advancement in adult toys have we seen the quiet powerful vibrator.

So what makes a strong silent vibrator? Fancy engineering, of course!

Sound Level Meter
Sound level meter we used for testing.

A motor with tightly constructed components makes minimal noise. There are less twirling parts that make contact with each other and the components are well lubricated to prevent excessive noise, wear and tear. Some women report their sexual massager increases in noise over time, and this is due to friction inside the motor; protective rubber rings wear out, and viscous oil fades.

The two best ways to buy a strong silent vibrator is by reading test results of measuring a vibrator with a decibel meter, or sorting the powerful quiet vibrators by price in the sex shop catalog. Why sort by price? An expensive adult toy is simply made better. It's higher quality which not only refers to the surface material, but the moving parts inside the motor too.

Luxury adult toy brands are always quieter compared to cheap adult toy brands. Otherwise that, an online shopper can only learn about quiet powerful vibrators through descriptive text and test results like the ones we present here. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the decibel meter measurements.)

If the surface material is made of medical grade super dense silicone for example, the noise is muted but the intensity is not affected. A firmer material naturally passes vibration waves better than a soft materials. The most quiet powerful vibrators are all dense or on the firmer side. Its physics in motion; a quick lesson in science called the speed of sound fulfills your need for scientific knowledge.

If you love to learn, this is a fascinating realm to explore. Additionally, it can also make you a better sex toy shopper because you'll be able to compare the intensity and sound volume of a particular item by making a quick calculation in your head between the density of the material versus how many batteries it requires to operate. Fascinating stuff.

How to Make a Vibrator Quiet

So let's assume that you have a strong personal massager you love but its noisy. You can't seem to find a comparable replacement online because the science doesn't add up – you love a soft feel but soft means less intense (but quiet). You have to take word of mouth from those who work with these products every day). It's a give and take; physics isn't always kind to our love of silent vibrators. Don't settle for less power however, keep your firm massager and use the following tips to help mute some of the sound.

A few hacks to make your noisy vibrator silent:

  1. Do not remove the paper or plastic insert from the battery compartment.
  2. Many toys come with a paper or plastic insert inside the battery compartment with a diagram showing how the batteries should be loaded. Do not remove this insert because it lessens extra space inside and prevents the batteries from rattling around.

    If the batteries inside have too much extra space, they will rattle against the plastic holder inside the center. This creates a massive amount of unnecessary noise that can easily be muted. If your toy does not have a paper insert already, cut a small strip from a sheet of paper, roll it up, and slide it inside the compartment yourself.

    Make sure not to impede the small metal connectors that are required to make the motor operate, and make sure the batteries polarities make contact with each other if they stack vertically. If the batteries insert side by side, you can wrap each battery individually with paper.

    In our tests with the sound meter, adding paper in the battery compartment reduced the noise level by 1 decibel.
    Paper Insert in a Vibrator
    Free sound deadening!
  3. Limit head-on body contact pressure.
  4. We see this problem specifically with smaller clitoral vibrators. You turn on the motor and it doesn't sound that loud, but when you press the device against your clitoris, it becomes really loud! The problem is that you are squishing the motor and putting extra load on the spinning components.

    To resolve this issue, lay the device perpendicular to your clit and rock it back and forth instead of pressing straight down. You'll still enjoy the same intensity if you lay the strongest section over your clit in a rocking motion as opposed to pressing it head on.

  5. Turn on music!
  6. Some women find it really distracting to hear a buzzing sound while they're engaging in a sexual fantasy. Sometimes all you need to do is drown out the noise! Instead of silencing your sex toy, turn up some music. Pick your favorite sexy or erotic songs list from your favorite music provider and enjoy the beat while you enjoy your sex toys.

    Pro Pleasure Tip: Look up an exotic dancer's music playlist on Spotify as it's typically slow, sexy beats over a provocative rhythm. You may be surprised at how much this influences your sexual response and engages through your intimate fantasy in a positive way.

  7. Wrap the toy in a towel.
  8. Of course you won't wrap the insertable shaft, but wrapping the base in a towel will help to make it quieter. When the vibrator is inside the vagina, your body naturally masks some of the sound waves, so wrapping the base in towel will further enhance the silent operation. A vibrating dildo with the motor near the base will benefit from this tip, if the motor is in the tip, your body will naturally mask the noise on it's own once inserted vaginally.

The Quiet Bullet Vibrator

One of the best sex toys for women is the corded bullet vibrator. They are so intensely powerful that most ladies can reach orgasm in less than a minute. The downside to all this intense, amazing orgasmic pleasure? They are usually noisy. We searched far and wide to come up with some quiet bullet vibrators and we have located a few. As stated above, the luxury brands are quieter because the motor is well made and tightly constructed. FYI - Wireless bullet vibrators are mostly silent.

A light layer of rubber over the surface is the best feature of the silent bullet vibrators we see for sale. Rubber is a natural sound deadening material, so by layering the plastic bullet with a dense rubber, it reduced the decibels by a significant amount. The rubber is so dense that you'll hardly even notice its on there, it almost seems like the bullet is painted with a velvety coating but in reality, it's soundproof rubber.

The Truth about Silent Remote Control Vibrators

Many couples purchase a wireless remote control vibrator to wear in public. This is a form of secret exhibitionism and a truly kinky practice of couples everywhere. The concept is that the woman wears the device and the partner controls it with a separate remote from several feet away. The reality is these are noisy enough to be heard in public when it's quiet.

If you go to a rodeo, concert or wine tasting festival for example, people who are standing right next to you will hear a buzzing noise. We've seen many “extra whisper quiet remote control vibrators” for sale but once we've tested them in house, we realized they are far too noisy to be worn in public undetected. The only way to make it truly 100% silent? Wear it under ski pants and enjoy your private vibration discreetly with no one knowing. But ski pants aren't sexy...

How to Choose a Silent Rabbit Vibrator

Advanced jack Rabbit
Multiple Motors = More Noise

The rabbit is one of the best adult toys for women and has been a hot seller for over a decade. The reality is, they are also the noisiest of all female sex toys! Many women get quite the audible shock when they activate the vibrating motor and turn on the spinning beads for the first time. Yikes!

Why are rabbit vibrators so loud?

Most rabbit vibrators for women have 2 motors – one that vibrates and one that rotates a circular axis of beads fixed inside the shaft. The rotating motors are always the loudest because it takes lots of kinetic energy to make the axis spin. It needs extra power because those metal beads that feel so great in the vagina and contribute to amazing orgasms also make noise when they spin on their tiny axis inside the shaft. It requires a high level of momentum to make the magic happen.

If you look at the rabbit vibrator from a sound technicians point of view, you'll see they are designed for pleasure with no concern whatsoever about what your roommates will hear coming from your bedroom. No wonder they're so noisy, there are so many moving parts in one confined space! When you insert the spinning beads into your vagina, the muscle naturally squeezes it and adds extra load to the motor, then it gets a little bit louder.

There's not much one can really do to avoid this issue, the only suggestion would be to turn down the power, but what fun is that when you're trying to orgasm! More power is better, so when thinking about a silent rabbit vibrator, the truth is if you want a great orgasm, you'll have to accept the noise. As stated above, turn on your sexy music list and ignore the motor doing its thing, focus on your body and your seductive beats from your Spotify list.

If you want to buy the most quiet rabbit vibrator:

  • Select a rabbit without the twirling beads and only 1 motor. (2 motors will always make more noise than 1 motor, obviously!)
  • Choose one with a motor placed near the tip of the shaft. It will be silent during use because the motor will be deep inside the vagina to pleasure you from the inside without being noisy on the outside!

How to Buy the Most Silent Vibrator

The best way to choose a silent vibrator is to select by material. You can select a material from the filters menu on the left hand side (or choose “shop by” at near the top of a category page on a mobile device.)

The most silent vibrator materials & types:

  • Rubber is the most silent vibrator material. Rubber is a naturally dense material that absorbs sound waves very well. Just because it absorbs sound waves does not means it's less powerful, some of the newer rubber sex toys are very strong with excellent transfer of energy through the surface into your body. Even our modern malleable rubber emits a high level of power with minimal noise.

  • Silicone is the second most quiet vibrator material. Silicone is often softer than rubber and often feels slightly less powerful, but it's just a silent as rubber toys. (It's important to note some silicone are very firm so they are more powerful. Since silicone describes a wide range of materials densities, be sure to read the product description because we'll describe the texture, density and power / decibel level.

  • Finger vibrators are the most silent vibrator type. They are also the smallest self contained stimulators therefore battery space is limited! Finger vibrators operate via cell (or watch) batteries which have a low energy output resulting in practically whisper silent operation. They have more power than you may expect however because the distance between the motor itself and the batteries is so the transfer of power is fairly direct. Check out my list of the best fingertip vibrators here.

On the opposite spectrum, plastic vibrators are the loudest of all vibrating sex toys. Plastic has no sound deadening capabilities and the decibels are higher than anything else. Plastic does not just buzz but some actually rattle too! (Although we avoid selling the rattling plastic ones, they don't make customers happy!)

Plastic is often cheapest vibrator, and like I mentioned earlier, “you get what you pay for” and the extra cheap sex toys are really noisy. Don't worry though, we don't sell any of the extra cheap ladies massagers, they make customers unhappy. (We are in the business of making customers happy, not unhappy!)

Decibel Levels of the Best Quiet Vibrators

Sound Testing Vibrators
Our controlled setup for sound testing vibrators.

Now for the good stuff, the results of our testing! We have a decibel meter that we used to compare the decibel levels of all our most silent vibrators. If you've ever wondered which is the best quiet vibrator, pick from this list because we measured with our meter and published the proof to back it up! Power is a consideration too, so we've also listed how strong and powerful the motor feels to help you choose the best silent vibrator.

Sound Meter Comparables:

  • 10 dB – Breathing
  • 30 dB – Whisper
  • 40 dB – Typing at a Computer
  • 50 dB – Refrigerator Motor Humming
  • 60 dB – Normal Conversation
  • 70 dB – Taking a Shower
  • 75 dB – Vacuum Cleaner
EXPERIMENTAL CONTROL: All vibrators were sound tested by a decibel meter at exactly 1 foot away from the sensor using the motors highest setting.
Name Price Decibels Feature | Material | Batteries
American Realistic Vibrator $48.99 58 dB Vibrating Dildo | Rubber | 3 x AA
Ultra Skin Medium $88.99 53 dB Realistic Luxury Vibrator | UR3 Silicone | 2 x AA
Tomas Vibe $35.99 56 dB Ultra Real Skin | Silicone | 2 x AA
Tyler's Vibrating Cock $59.99 54 dB Large Real Skin Shaft | Silicone | 2 x AA
Real Feel Deluxe $48.99 54 dB Extra Thick Realistic Shaft | Silicone | 2 x AA
American Penis Vibe $39.99 58 dB Vibrating Dildo | Rubber | 3 x AA
Raw Studs $25.99 59 dB Budget Large Realistic Vibrator | Rubber | 2 x AA
Dual Dancer $33.99 61 dB Clitoral Vibrator, Dual Motor | Silicone | 2 x AA
Triple Flex $57.99 62 dB Dual Motor, Flexible Shaft | Gel | 3 x AAA
Thrusting Stroker Rabbit $78.99 63 dB Thrusting Beaded Shaft, Dual Motor | Gel | 3 x AA
Fluttering Butterfly $42.99 51 dB Luxury Butterfly, Dual Motor | Silicone | 2 x AAA
Small Caribbean Vibe $21.99 60 dB Small Beginner Vibrator | Jelly | 2 x AA
Wild Ride $30.99 56 dB Large, Thick Jelly Style | Silicone Gel | 2 x AA
Slimline Vibe $16.99 56 dB Thin, Traditional Style | Plastic | 2 x AAA
Sparkler Mini Massager $11.99 60 dB Smallest & Cheapest Vibrator | Plastic | 2 x AA
Cloud 9 Silken G $22.99 62 dB Slim G Spot Vibrator | Plastic | 2 x AA
Basic Pocket Rocket $11.99 62 dB Budget Pocket Rocket | Plastic | 2 x AA
Power Touch $59.99 57 dB Remote Control | Silicone | USB Recharge
Double Turbo Accelerator $38.99 64 dB Most Powerful Dual Bullet | Plastic, Silicone | 4 x AA
Pink Passion $10.99 57 dB Our Cheapest Bullet Vibrator | Plastic | 2 x AA
Kissing Lips $18.99 56 dB Small Clit Stimulator | Silicone | 3 x Cells
Frisky Finger $17.99 54 dB Finger Vibrator | Silicone | 3 x Cells
Clit Kisser $24.99 56 dB Egg Vibrator & Sleeve | Plastic, Silicone | 2 x AA
Magnetic Rocket $15.99 60 dB Pocket Rocket & Sleeve | Plastic, Silicone | 1 x AA
Mini Travel Wand $14.99 54 dB Mini Wand Vibrator | Plastic & Rubber | 1 x AAA

Summary of Results:

Our results reflected the content within this article. Thanks to all of our years of experience working with adult toys, we know what makes a toy quiet, and what makes it loud. This is the first time we actually tested toys with a sound level meter however and we did experience some interesting results:

  1. There is a direct correlation between power & decibels. The stronger the vibration, the higher the decibels. Price has limited effect, even expensive powerful vibrators ranked fairly high on our sound meter.
  2. Rubber & Silicone are the quietest materials.
  3. Plastic & Gel are the loudest materials.
  4. Realistic Vibrators, Clitoral Stimulators & Finger Vibrators are the quietest types.
  5. Pocket Rockets, Thrusting Vibrators & Bullet Vibrators are the loudest types.
  6. Toys that operate with mini cell or watch batteries are significantly quieter than toys that operate with AA or AAA batteries.
  7. The decibel output of USB rechargeable vibrators is identical to the output of battery operated dildos.
  8. Adding a sleeve over a vibrator has minimal effect on decibel readings.

The decibel range between the quietest and the loudest vibrators was a mere 15 decibels, which is a little more than the equivalent to heavy breathing. In conclusion, even the most silent vibrators still make a noise that's comparable to people talking quietly.

It's better to consider features that appeal to you rather than specifically searching for a device that operates in silence. If you forgo sound during your quest for the perfect female sex toy, you'll be able to select one with more power, resulting in amazing sexual pleasure and a more enjoyable experience overall.

Click to buy vibrators for women.

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