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American Penis Vibrator Dildo

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One of the finest realistic vibrators for ladies on a budget. Power beyond anything else, the motor does not loose strength at all - forcing every wave outwards in a finger-numbing tingle. The motor, positioned near the upper portion of the shaft, radiates the force right through the rubber surface directly into your body. It's one of our favorite strong vibrators too because the size fits everybody - its small-to-medium generic size is great for everyone. It's not too big, nor too small.

The mighty soft rubber can bend a little making it easy to insert. A heavily veined shaft adds some visual appeal while the rounded head sure feels like a man's penis. The surface has an elegant powdery feeling and it's higher quality than you expect for the lower price point. The rubber isn't old-fashioned smelly rubber either, it's actually quite luxurious! A strong suction cup graces the bottom of the American Penis Vibrator. It's extremely sticky so bounce away to your hearts delight!

We think this is the single best vibrating strap on dildo attachment ever made. The wide suction cup will fit in any size O-ring. If you are worried about the attachment falling out or moving around, this will ease your concerns. Slide it through the ring and it stays put, and even looks great too. You'd think it was designed to be a harness dildo in the first place because it fits so perfectly.

The 2 foot long cord attaches to the battery pack by plug-in jack, so if you're mood in the mood for vibrations, leave the controller to the side and tuck the cord into the harness. Voila - 2 sex toys in 1 - dildo & vibrator! Regardless if you're planning on using it with a strap on or not, many women think this is the strongest realistic vibrator they've ever had and we would have to agree.

This is ranked the 2nd strongest vibrator according to our blog.

7 1/2 inches
1 3/8 inches wide by 1 1/2 deep
3 AA, not included
3 speed
TPE - Thermoplastic Elastomer, ABS plastic bullet vibrator, power supply
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:
Color Options:
Vanilla (White), Caramel (Brown), Chocolate (Dark)
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