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Types of Vibrators | 24 Different Types of Vibrators for Women

Types of Vibrators | 24 Different Types of Vibrators for Women

Vibrators are the hallmark female sex toy with a huge array of features, textures shapes sizes and pretty much any detail you can think of. If you've imagined it – trust me, someone has made it!

Vibrators for women are one of those unique personal items that target specific paths to sexual satisfaction in minuscule detail. No two women are alike in their sexual desires and preferences, but each lady will always be able to locate an intimate personal massager that touches the right buttons. Yes, pun absolutely intended!

I've divided all personal massager styles into 24 best types of vibrators for women and provided reasons why it's a fun type worth trying. If you want to find a good one, check out the best female vibrators for some simple shopping. It's always good to be adventurous and leave your comfort zone sexually speaking, therefore picking an adult toy from this list will provide a new way to enjoy an orgasm in the privacy of your own home.

Scan through the different features of these vibrator styles to find one that tempts you, then take the plunge and make the purchase! If you find the information lacking and have additional questions, I'd be happy to hear from you. Please send me an email and I'll be happy to assist you to locate the type of vibrator you'd like best.

To learn the basics before being bombarding you with too much information, learn what is a vibrator to discover the very basic information everyone needs to know first.

This is my personal vibrator guide listing the best types of vibrators for women. I've been around the block with a womens sex toy or two and know exactly what works best for that stunningly joyful feeling of a good, strong orgasm. If you want to buy a vibrator today, you've discovered the most complete guide; you won't find this much insider information anywhere else!

1. Bullet Vibrators

Double Pleasure Bullet Vibrator

Even though these types of vibrators are designed for external (clitoral) use, and therefore not classified as a traditional toy that inserts into the vagina, they top of my list of best styles of vibrators for women anyway. The silver bullet vibrator packs a powerful punch, bombarding the clit with unrelenting intense power.

They are primarily designed to be held over the clitoris during lovemaking to enhance sex, but women also use them simultaneously with a dildo (view video for a demo), or on their own for masturbation. Learn how to use a bullet vibrator.

Some have an egg shaped stimulator which covers a larger area including the labia, vaginal entry and clitoris at the same time. The skinny wireless vibrating bullets are for pinpoint clitoral vibration.

Most eggs & bullets are solid plastic to transmit all the power they have, others have a softer coating or a sleeve that pads the firmness with a nice cushy layer making it feel warmer & adding texture.

2. Thrusting Vibrators

Thrusting Stroker Rabbit Vibrator

The thrusting dildo is the only style of female sex toy that features a shaft that moves up & down. Wireless thrusting rabbit vibrators are an excellent choice because they combine powerful clitoral stimulation in addition to the movement of the shaft.

Most thrusting vibrators have an accordion style shaft that extends and retracts anywhere between 1 – 3 inches during operation to imitate the movement of sexual intercourse.

Some models have beads that spin inside the top portion of the shaft. This is a feature we often see on regular vibrator styles but the directional spinning of the beads combined with the up & down movement of the thrusting sex toy offers women an extravaganza of pleasure!

The newest style has a hollow tube hidden inside the shaft with a heavily weighted ball that is thrown up and down giving it a heavy duty “thumping” type of feel. Learn more about the self thrusting dildos. If you love intensity and movement during sex, the thrusting vibrator should be your top choice.

3. Butterfly Vibrators

Fluttering Butterfly Vibrators

There are a few different styles of butterfly vibrators for women all characterized by the presence of a butterfly shaped stimulator designed for clitoral vibration.

The rounded head & antennae rests over the clitoris while the wings flutter over the labia. They have a light tickling feel on the clitoris which is where the name “Butterfly Kiss Vibrator” originates from.

Strap on butterfly vibrators, also known as the “Venus Butterfly” are naturally ergonomically fitted to the female body. The waist band straps connect to each end of the wingspan while the body nestles over the pubic bone. My personal favorite Venus butterfly kiss vibrators are listed here!

The final type is a wireless vibrating penis ring that fits over a man's erection (or on a straight dildo shaft) for female clitoral stimulation during intercourse. Fluttering vibrators are the best choice for first timers because they have a pleasant, gentle appearance making them perfectly suited to a lady who prefers a discreet or innocent looking non-phallic toy.

4. Powerful Vibrators

Triple Flex Vibrator

Understandably it's tricky to shop online for the strongest vibrator because it's impossible to tell what's strong based on only looking at some pictures.

Don't worry though because we've tested thousands of vibrating female sex toys and listed the most powerful vibrators in the world. It's been over 10 years of research so our list is the most accurate you'll find. We're proud of this compilation.

The majority of the most powerful types are bullet and clit vibrators. Why? Focusing intense power onto the clitoris produces earth-shaking unrelenting orgasms. In fact, some women don't even bother with vaginal vibrators, they prefer the small ones only.

What makes the strongest vibrator? It's all about the quality of engineering and battery power. A powerful motor doesn't loose any energy, it transfers the buzzing from the spinning motor directly into the body. Firm materials such as harder rubbers and plastic transfer the most powerful vibrations with minimal absorption.

5. Wearable Vibrators

Petite Butterfly Vibrator

This is the most playful style of female sex toy, the wearable vibrator is designed for hands free clitoral stimulation and often worn during sex. Couples think they're super fun, the naughty looking lingerie style wireless and hands free vibrator has a massive amount of feminine erotic appeal.

The wearable clit vibrator has straps that wrap around the waist and leave the vagina accessible making them suitable for wear during lovemaking. Fun character shapes include rabbits & butterflies.

Some even have remote control making them truly a hands free vibrator that allows the partner to control the intensity of the motor remotely. There is another subset of wearable vibrators called the double vibrating strap on that is worn by couples during erotic play, the kinkiest sex trend on fire right now!

Wearable strap on clit vibrators are ergonomically designed to snuggle next to the woman's pubic bone, labia and to make contact with the clitoris. If you're seeking hands free sexual stimulation, this is the only style of vibrator that lets you move around freely without touching the toy.

6. Finger Vibrators

Finger Fun Vibrator

One of our favorite types of vibrators as an adult gift idea, tiny finger sex toys are a fun way for couples to experiment with foreplay. It encourages mutual masturbation, body exploration and spurs creative play in the bedroom.

If your sex life is a little on the boring side, a finger vibrator is a great way to spice things up for minimal cost; they're one of the cheapest vibrators available.

These wireless finger tip vibrators are designed to slip over the index finger and provide a gentle buzzing sensation wherever the hands wander.

They're not all that powerful since they are so small and self contained, but you'll notice a sensual tingle, even a tickle! We love suggesting that one partner gets blindfolded while the other partner uses a finger vibrator to tickle the body. Perfect for use during intercourse too, press it over the clitoris during sex and enjoy a heightened sensation.

Our sexpert Mayla Green recently published a finger sex toy guide with instructions on how to use a fingertip sex toy for sexual arousal, vaginal stimulation and even to dabble on the backside by massaging the perineum.

Most ladies think that finger toys are for external stimulation only, but the reality is that they can be used internally by inserting a finger along with the sleeve into the vagina.

Incorporate the thumb to create a fully interactive sexual experience, lovemaking will never be dull again and it teaches you how to relax and take your time while enjoying intimate foreplay with your lover.

7. Clitoral Pumps

Suck Her Pump

There are 2 styles of clit pumps: The first is a small cylindrical tube that fits over the clitoris and the second is an oblong egg shaped cylinder that fits over the clitoris, vagina and labia together.

Why would anyone want to try a vibrating clit pump?

The sucking action draws blood to the region resulting in increased sensitivity. When the clitoris is engorged with blood, every touch feels amplified, when a larger pussy pump is used, the vagina feels wetter than normal and the labia are also more sensitive. Additionally, it makes the clitoris looks fuller and larger which is natural visual sexual stimuli for men.

Learn how to use a clitoral sucker in detail, or review the summary: Most clit pumps vibrate; therefore, women often use clit sucker toys for masturbation and to get in the mood for sex.

Couples have been using vagina pumps together as part of foreplay, which is a newer trend emerging that I think is super fun! You can pump and remove the cylinder as soon as you feel the tingle by pressing the quick release button. Some new versions, like the Vibrator Rose are powered by air pressure technology.

Alternatively, leave the suction in place for a few minutes to enjoy the tingling feel. Never pump to the point where you feel pain as its possible to burst blood vessels, so it's suggested to stop pumping when you feel the tingle. That's the perfect amount of suction!

8. Clitoral Stimulators

Neon Rabbit Stimulator

There's an array of tiny sex toys for the clitoris with interesting designs, textures, shapes and characters that all have one goal in mind: To tease her clitoris. It's important for me to mention that compared to other styles of vibrators, clitoral stimulators are generally lower in power range.

Why? These tiny clit toys are so small and self contained that there is limited space inside to fit the batteries resulting in minimal power output. Don't expect to be stunned by these little guys, they are for delicate sexual arousal only.

As a result, the clit stimulator is the most popular vibrator choice for seniors are who looking for a gentle external toy. My favorite feature on a clit toy is a curve that matches the roundness of the clitoris.

Many of these are also quiet, perfect for discretion, and since they are made for external sexual stimulation, they are ideal for a beginner looking to buy sex toys for the first time.

9. G Spot Vibrators

Pearlessence G Spot Vibrator

G Spot vibrators for women are truly a wonder of personal enjoyment, if you've never had an orgasm focused on the G spot, you're missing out on one of the finest female sexual pleasures in existence.

Discover techniques on how to hit the G Spot with a vibrator because most women insert it too far into the vagina, as a result, they completely miss the sensation of the G spot orgasm.

It is located only 2-3 inches inside the vagina facing the front, so even though most of the insertable shafts are long, it must be held shallow inside the vagina in order to hit the mark.

The best G Spot vibrator is made of plastic. The curve is solid placing firm pressure, vibrations and force directly into the magic spot.

Sure jelly and rubber curved vibrators feel nice, but they don't have the same impact as solid plastic. The majority of G-spot sex toys have thin shafts compared to other styles making them the best choice for beginners.

In our experience, the vast majority vibrate because that extra stimulation on the most highly concentrated of all female erogenous zones has such a massive impact on her orgasm, that no one even buys a G spot sex toy without a motor!

10. Realistic Vibrators

King Vibrator

Dildos are awesome, but vibrating dildos are even better! There are several variations to the realistic vibrator type, most notably, the presence of suction cup on the bottom. This adds versatility to use and is a perfect “handle” for maneuvering.

Some realistic vibrators are wireless, others have cords and separate control units. There are pros & cons to each: It's hard to change speed settings on a self contained realistic vibrator and it's easy to change the speed on one with a separate controller unit.

Some of these are wildly powerful because most vibrating dildos are made of rubber, and rubber is a great material for transferring vibration waves into your body.

(Some women love that last second boost of power just before an orgasm). Cords can get in the way during active sex, whereas wireless vibrators never have this concern. If you're looking for a true to life experience, a real skin vibrator has the most luxurious and best feeling skin of all sex toys.

Aside from the vibration, it feels just like sex with a man. Some are designed to look stunningly life like, others are made softer and more delicate.

These also come in a wide range of girths from fantasy thick vibrating cocks to a skinny floppy shafts bets suited for first timers.

11. Rabbit Vibrators

Beginners Rabbit Vibrator

This style hardly needs an introduction, heralded as one of the most popular vibrator types for women, learn why in my rabbit vibrator guide and discover secrets behind it's popularity.

Examine the shape of the bunny and you'll notice the ears are split in the middle with a perpendicular head sticking out from the ears like a shelf. Place the clitoris in that exact spot and activate the motor to instantly realize why rabbit vibrators are one of the best sex toys for women.

The rabbit ears have function behind the cute feminine design, we must note that the luxury models are capable of producing a hard orgasm very quickly because the rabbits are so meticulously designed and produce intense, tingling strength.

Add on the insertable shaft that usually gyrates in a 360 motion with rhythmically matching twirling beads and you've created an unrivaled sexual experience for women.

12. Double Penetration

Lucky Lady

Wonder about the purpose of this peculiar design? A popular kinky sex fetish known as double penetration, or DP, is the act of inserting one dildo head into the vagina and another into the anus at the same time.

Since the anus is packed with sensitive and erotically charged nerve endings, sharing the stretch between vagina and anus amplifies sexual enjoyment.

Even though this may to too far into kink for some, we have smaller double penetration toys that have thin heads for the backdoor letting the lady try this out without any discomfort.

If you'd like to try this for the first time, buy a small double penetration dildo, place the smaller head between your butt cheeks and push it over the anus with your finger while inserting the larger head into the vagina.

You don't even need to insert fully into the anus to enjoy the tingling from behind. Step up the pleasure with a DP vibrator which usually focuses the vibrations externally to stimulate the perineum. The sensations are truly out of this world!

13. Quiet Vibrators

Dazzling Daisy

Honestly, silent vibrators are hard to find. The majority make a noise; some rattle and most make a buzzing sound. Over the past decade, we've activated & inspected every single vibrating toy we could get our hands on.

Thanks to this overwhelming amount of real world experience, we're able to compile this list of quiet vibrators that hardly make a sound.

The best quiet vibrators are also powerful, but that's a tricky combination to achieve since more power means more movement inside the motor resulting in a stronger buzzing noise. Some high end bullet, clit and luxury rabbit vibrators are engineered so well that they are both silent AND powerful.

Consider a fully internal vibrator because when the device is completely contained inside the body, it's hardly discernible from anyone around you. The best vibrating Ben Wa balls are the ultimate example of this type of self contained sex toy.

If discretion is the utmost of importance to you, we highly suggest that you pick one of our best silent vibrators and rest assured knowing your neighbors & roommates won't hear your naughty little secret coming from the bedroom!

14. Suction Cup Vibrators

Real Feel Deluxe

The majority of vibrating dildos have suction cups, and the usefulness goes beyond just sticking them to a wall, bathtub or shower. Suction cup vibrators provide the user with the perfect palmful to grasp during self pleasure.

The testicles & suction cup fit in your hand allowing you to thrust and maneuver the shaft exactly how you want it. Of course the suction cup is perfectly suited for application to a flat surface like a bathtub or shower wall, but that's the obvious use. Try a suction vibrator and you'll appreciate how easy it is to handle.

Suction base vibrators will commonly have a separate battery pack because you won't be able to load the batteries in the base. Having a separate control unit allows you to change functions & speeds during use so you can time the intensity of vibration or pattern to coincide with the onset of orgasm. This is my favorite feature that most people don't really think about!

15. Wand Vibrators

Cutey Wand Vibrator

Women who want to try a vibrator type but are too shy to admit it often choose the magic wand vibrator first. Originally designed for (and perfectly disguised as) a back muscle massager, wand vibrators just happen to do wonders to the clitoris in addition to soothing sore muscles.

The rounded firm head transfers powerful vibrations into the body, and often the head is on a flexible spine allowing the user to bend and press the device in the angle that feels best. It is also commonly known as the magic wand vibrator.

Some large wand massagers can be inserted vaginally, but the traditional smaller style of the round head, skinny neck and handle are best for clitoral stimulation.

Some magic wands have an assortment of attachments that add texture and form to the tip. They snap on easily and usually provide a bumpy texture or a have a wide piece that's meant to lay over the labia for external stimulation.

Some have an insert that goes into the vagina and stimulates the G-spot. The wand is a very versatile style of discreet sex toy for women.

16. Pocket Rocket Vibrators

Revitalize Pocket Rocket Vibrator

These unique clitoral vibrators are named pocket rocket because of their shape. They look like a tiny rocket standing upright. The battery inserts directly into the device and operates on a single speed.

As a result, pocket rocket vibrators don't have as much power as some of the bigger massagers, but they're cheap to make and cheap to buy.

If you're on a budget, we highly suggest a pocket rocket sex toy. Additionally, they are discreet and an easy choice for a first timer. The top will have three rounded bumps, either made of plastic or rubber.

Rubber is grippy on the skin and feels warm while plastic is slippery, smooth and has a chilly touch. Often a pocket rocket vibrator will come with attachments that snap on the top to add texture and/or a different shape.

We like the spiky attachments, they feel highly erotic when pressed on the clitoris and are perfect for massaging sore shoulder or neck muscles too!

17. Rechargeable Vibrators

Air Touch Vibrator

Technology is no stranger to sex toys, we're seeing an increase in types of vibrators that charge with a USB cable instead of requiring batteries.

These are more environmentally friendly since there are no longer batteries to dispose. Rechargeable dildos are classier than their aged counterparts and a popular choice for trendy gals.

One of the secrets you may not know is that a full USB charge lasts for many uses, I'm still working on the original charge of one of my bullets and it's been 3 months! My battery operated dildo would have certainly been dead by now.

Furthermore, there are no limits to the power output of USB sex toys and we're seeing some rechargeable vibrators with incredible vibrating strength. Charging takes anywhere between 2-10 hours, but we leave them plugged in overnight to make sure to obtain a full charge. These high end sex toys for females always include a USB cable and adapter.

18. Dolphin Vibrators

Aloha Dolphin Vibrator

Unbeknownst to most women, dolphin vibrators are perfectly designed to provide intense clitoral based orgasms. The dolphin stimulator ends in a single point shaped like a rounded, pointed nose.

The elongated nose applies direct and consistent pressure to the clitoris, combine this with vibrations and you've got one of the finest orgasmic experiences.

We think that most adults don't give the dolphin sex toy enough credit, but we're trying to spread the word. Diving dolphin vibrating penis rings slide over your partner's erection and the nose pushes into the clitoris during penetrations.

It's fantastic way to enhance lovemaking as the curve of the dolphin seems to perfectly reach the clitoris during the deepest penetrations. We also like the discreet styling of the blue dolphin vibrator, complete with an aquatic theme and petty designs.

Dolphins are best choice for hesitant women who don't want a blatant penis shaped vibrator, this choice is a tad more subtle and certainly more discreet!

19. Vibrators for Women

Vibrators for Women

Sure this section may been redundant because, one could reasonable ask, aren't all these types of vibrators for women? Technically yes, but also no! You may be surprised to hear that men buy vibrators too.

Of course they use them anally so the main difference between vibrators for women and men is that men have a single penetrative probe whereas women have at least 2 parts that stimulate the clitoris and vagina at the same time.

If intended for first timers, check out the best small vibrators for women for inspiration.

Vibrators for women are used specifically by ladies who want to stimulate all of their female erogenous zones. We're talking about multi function, multi prong, multi probe toys with lots of action.

These bring excellent orgasm because just like the rabbit vibrator it combines clitoral and vaginal stimulation resulting in an interior/exterior orgasm that feels simply astounding.

One could argue that pussy pumps are just for women, but men have been known to use them on their nipples. As is the case with the sexes of a particular sex toy, a persona's imagination dictates the use and function of it all! Be creative and think outside the box when it comes to your sexual pleasure.

One of the most notable hallmarks of vibrators for women is the feminine styling including overlaid floral patterns and coloration in shades of pastels, purples and pinks.

The goal is to appeal to delicate femininity which helps some women feel more at ease when buying a vibrator for the first time. A simple, friendly and lady-like appearance removes any taboo, dirty or naughty feeling when using a vibrator for beginners.

It's a psychological aspect that helps to ease the mind of the shopper and quite common hence most come in either pink or purple.

20. Cheap Vibrators

Cheap Vibrator

If you are looking for sex toys on a strict budget, then choosing a cheap vibrator is a great way to compromise between cost and quality.

”Cheap vibrators” can mean one of two things: Either cheap in price, or cheap in construction. In our experience, there is a difference between the two types of vibrators.

Sure you may find lists of cheap vibrators elsewhere that are half the price of our selection, but the reality is that these are not very good.

If you don't believe it, go ahead and buy a cheap vibrator for $5 and see what it's like once kit arrives in the mail! Most don't last long, they are hastily made in production factories and often the components are not saudered properly and they wear out quickly.

Some can eat up battery power and blast through batteries faster than a remote control jet engine. There are such things as cheap vibrators that are good quality. It's a fine balance between both, and since we hand pick all of our adult toys, we've gone through each offering and tested it out.

The resulting difference is that we offer cheap vibrators for sale that are good quality. Vintage vibrators are a perfect example of simplicity being cheap. Of course you get what you pay for and your expectation of cheaply prices sex toys should be significantly lowered compared to luxury brands, but at least you know that yours will last longer than one that costs half the price.

21. Clit Vibrators

Clit Vibrator

This category of female toy comprises of 2 sub types: The first type consists of targeted and precise clitoral stimulation that buzzes over the clit only. Think of a bullet vibrator. The second type has an insertable dildo shaft with a separate clit vibrator. Think of a rabbit sex toy, the concept is the same.

The main difference between the two sub types however is that the insertable clit vibrator does not need to have a rabbit shape to qualify, all it needs is a clit kisser of some sort.

It can be confusing because there is a significant amount of crossover between other vibrator styles, I have created a separate section with my top rated clit vibrators, absolute favorites you must try.

Many of these are straight points, but we also see some new styles that are suction devices that combine clit pump with vibrating clit toy. This is an exciting type of vibrator for women that is constantly on the edge of new technology.

We're always seeing new styles and be sure that as they are developed, we'll be adding them for sale in the online catalog. Stay tuned!

22. Egg Vibrators

Egg Vibrator

Egg vibrators are grouped together with vibrating bullets and listed for sale in a single category. We categorized it this way because they are identical in concept and construction, but the only difference is the shape of the vibrating mechanism.

Egg vibrators are oblong, shaped just like a chicken egg (hence the namesake, obviously!) They fill your labia nicely and not only just vibrate the clitoris, but they cover the vagina opening too.

The reason for this shape is to provide a full-on tease for women. It's simply a different way to enjoy sexual stimulation providing a good, healthy even buzz. These are wonderful for getting your mind and body in the mood for sex because the vibration covers a larger area.

You'll be surprised at how nice it feels when you hold the egg over the vagina but don't insert it. The external buzz is a real erotic treat. Find the best remote vibrating egg bullet from my personal favorites list here to try for yourself!

Alternatively, a woman can insert the egg into the vagina, but not as far as a dildo would go, just let it rest immediately after the opening. The shallow vibration inside feels similar to that of a vibrating Kegel ball, but these are more intense because they are corded with a separate battery pack that typically operates on 2 AA batteries meaning you'll enjoy a bigger and stronger surge of power compared to the tiny ball shaped wireless vibrators.

23. Thick & Large Vibrators

Raw Studs Vibrator

Bigger is better! A 2 inch wide, 12 inch long vibrator is a must-have adult toy on many women's sexual wishlist. Being stretched to the max is one of the kinkiest and most popular sexual fantasies.

A real man rarely has a dick this big, so leave it to sex toy manufacturers to fill the void for ladies seeking massive penetrations. If you picked up the pun there, that was absolutely intended! Not all extra large vibrators are necessarily long, they can be short & thick, or long & thin.

It's a complex sub niche of personal play toys, so we've created a list of the best big vibrators which lists out top rated and 20 best selling large vibrators for women along with a how-to section with a few tips to make your experience more enjoyable.

Huge vibrating dildos make up the majority of big sizes since women most often seek a real man replica but with an erection size that trumps all guys.

This type of vibrator is also a popular choice for women who dream of a fantasy of having sex with a porn star. Within this category are several actual replicas or porn star's erections, crafted in super soft extra life like silicone to bring home a true to life experience.

The soft yet wide girth eases into the vagina quite nicely, or you can go more hardcore and pick a firmer rubber shaft to really stretch yourself to the limits.

The fantasy is not as naughty or raunchy as you think, we sell thousands of large vibrators to normal women everywhere. In our opinion, it's the perfect bored housewife sexual fantasy to re-enact in your imagination.

24. Couples Vibrators

Couples Vibrator

Although there is no specific type of vibrator called Couples Vibrators, it is more of a collection of styles that come from an assortment of subcategories across our adult sex shop. The most notable styles are vibrating penis rings that a man wears on his erection that stimulates his partners clitoris and vagina during intercourse.

Couples vibrators are used as a part of both foreplay and lovemaking simply to make the couples sex life more exciting. Vibrator cock rings are worn on the penis during sex and stimulate both partners at the same time.

Some toys have subtle stimulation for getting the woman in the mood for sex. Other styles insert into the man's anus for prostate massage. It's a vast range of intimate accessories that couples like to experiment with in the bedroom.

Make sure to check out the blog post in the link above that suggests some interesting and unique ideas for lovers. The blog post is regularly updated as new sex toys are added that are most suitable for couples sexual experimentation.

Shop online for Womens Vibrators.

Mayla Green

Mayla Green has been involved in the sex toy industry since 2004. Working behind the motto “Sex TOYS should be FUN”, Mayla provides unique tips & advice amassed from over a decade of hands on experience with adult products. She also coaches clients how to fully enjoy sexual pleasure and can be seen in major publications & magazines online.

Happily married since 2009, she knows firsthand how the sex life eventually becomes repetitive (which truthfully means boring), so if you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, Mayla's your gal! Her literary pride & joy is covering topics for established couples needing inspiration to keep lovemaking exciting and fun.

Not in a relationship? Her other focus is teaching women how to properly handle the “little person in the canoe” to experience the best orgasms ever, no partner required! Her creative and innovative tips, techniques and advice is on par with a certified sex therapist or Sexologist, but with an extra advantage from her knowledge of the adult toy business.

View all articles published by Mayla Green exclusively for The Adult Toy Shop sex blog and Mayla Green's Pressfolio to follow her newest & trending content published online.

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