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Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos offer the perfect erotic fantasy by re-creating sex with a lusty lover. Some life like dildos have a sturdy and firm penis shaft for fast thrusting and others are soft and malleable for a gentle touch. If you like it large, or prefer it small, we've got you covered with the shaft girth & length you desire for real lifelike fun. Shop our best realistic dildos to find your new bedroom buddy today.

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Buy the Best Realistic Dildo for Amazing Sex

King Cock Ballsy
Best selling thick & chunky life like dildo.

Do you enjoy a steamy erotic fantasy? Ever feel tingly when you think about a dreamy sexual encounter with a studly man? Of course, we all do!

Buy the best realistic dildo and bring home that perfect lifelike male replica for recreating your secret personal sexual fantasy at home. It's the most important addition to the female sex toy collection and a cheap way to feel great. We also have higher end luxurious life like dildos such as the king cock dildo line, so every adult can find their perfect penis at the price point they are comfortable with.

One of the most common question we're asked is: What's the difference between the firm rubber and malleable lifelike dildos? We think they're both great; however, it's like comparing an apple to an orange, they are simply different.

First of all, we must note the rubber shafts are not actually solid. It means the material is firm, but often the penis shaft can bend. If you like a hard ride, fast sex, vigorous movement and a heavy sensation, the firm life like dildo is the best choice.

These realistic dildos don't buckle under pressure, you can ram it as hard as your heart desires. The real skin dildos on the other hand are tailor made for gentle and delicate motion. These dual density dildos are squishy, cushy and bendable and should be handled slowly.

Shop in an adult toy store and you'll hardly ever see realistic dildos listed under toys for couples. We truly believe they're one of the best choices for couples! The best realistic dildos are perfect for foreplay; they truly are playful and fun when used together.

Start your engine with a thin lifelike shaft, maybe combine it with a bullet vibrator and have an orgasm before sexual intercourse even starts. One partner will enjoy the view from above, while the other enjoys the feel. It's a wonderful act of erotic sharing and a perfect refresh to your sex life!

Basic Dildo
Our most popular cheap dildo.

Enjoying your New Life Like Dildo

There are many ways to enjoy a life like dildo, but here are a few insider secrets from the pros: This is how to how to improve your sexual enjoyment after purchasing a lifelike dildo for women:

  • If you try to insert a penis dildo into your vagina without lubrication, you'll feel it pull your pubic hairs and create friction (rubbing) with your skin. Sure you can insert it all the way, but it can be a bit of a struggle. Spread lubrication around the head of the penis, and around your vagina so that it slips in easily and comfortably.
  • The silicone and rubber surface feels chilly at first, so to avoid the surprise, use warming lubricant. To activate the heating compounds, rub the lube with your fingers over the penis head for 30 seconds to warm it up.
  • Thrust it slowly at first, then increase intensity as you loosen up. Your body's sexual responses are like a car engine – they need to be revved up gradually! Simply lay back and enjoy the smooth, sensual glide. Once you feel aroused, thrust it faster.
  • Rub your clitoris while you thrust the toy in and out. The culmination of the penis movement imitating sexual intercourse plus the external stimulation from touching your clitoris will create a lovely, powerful orgasm.
  • If your realistic dildo has balls, try and insert the shaft all the way. If it can go deep, the feel of the scrotum pushing on your thighs offers a slight bit of external teasing and helps to make the experience feel more lifelike.
  • If your lifelike dildo has a suction cup base, stick it to your bathtub and squat over top or back up to the shaft. Now you can enjoy your lifelike dildo hands-free. Enact a personal erotic fantasy and behave a little naughtier than normal!

Buy Lifelike Dildos in any Size

This page lists is the general category of realistic dildos for sale that look like a man's penis. From here, they branch out into multiple subcategories based on their features, such as the uncircumcised dildo, color, material or size.

For example, we sell squirting realistic dildos, flexible and curved options, uncircumcised life like dildos with an uncut penis head and multiple color choices including brown, black and flesh tones, (which for simplicity we call “beige”). Also for simplicity, Latin dildos are called “brown”.

You may also buy a realistic penis based off your size preference. Small (6 inch or less) or large (7 inch or more). Furthermore, they can be split into groups based on girth. Thin and thick choices exist depending on how much stretch you want.

If you're looking for the real deal, check the most realistic dildo blog review. It's not to say these toys don't, but they are made with an emphasis on LOOKING real. The firmer silicone and rubber materials can be sculpted down to the most minute, impressive detail.

Because this type of toy is cast in a pre-set mold, they can be sculpted with massive overhanging mushroom heads or an over exaggerated circumcision job that women just LOVE. On the contrary, we also see shapes with lifelike raised veins that snake along the surface. If you buy a realistic sex toy for women with a veined shaft, the texture is noticeable, especially if the product has a higher density.

The realistic dildo with veins and balls are often works of art. If you like hard, rough sex, choose a realistic penis dildo from this category as these can all take a beating! They are tougher than their counterparts in the other category and will last much longer because they resist cracking and tearing.

Finally, if you're on a budget, some of the best realistic dildos are cheap! Rubber is an inexpensive body safe material for sex toy makers to use so you'll get plenty of amazing options for a low price. Also deep discounts exist so we're often having a sale so you can save big money and enjoy big pleasure. Happy shopping!

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