Realistic Dildos

Realistic feeling or looking dildos mimic a lusty sexual encounter. Find the newest body-safe materials in your favorite penis color and size.

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  1. Life Likes Beginner Dildo
    Life Likes Beginner Dildo
    Special Price $20.24 was $24.99

    Compares to the size of a real man to replicate sex.

  2. Life Likes Moderate Dildo
    Life Likes Moderate Dildo
    Special Price $25.10 was $30.99

    Realistic suction cup sex toy with perfect detailing.

  3. Ballsy Super Slim Penis
    Ballsy Super Slim Penis
    Special Price $13.76 was $16.99

    This skinny & long dildo goes deep without discomfort.

  4. Basic Rubber Penis
    Basic Rubber Penis
    Special Price $16.19 was $19.99

    Popular first timer dildo with gentle shaft & suction cup.

  5. Cyberskin European Dildo
    Cyberskin European Dildo
    Special Price $55.07 was $67.99 You Save $12.92

    Elegant, fine penile detail brought to your bedroom.

  6. Cloud 9 Thick Ballsy
    Cloud 9 Thick Ballsy
    Special Price $19.43 was $23.99

    Malleable massive cock big on detail, light on price.

  7. Prince Dildo
    Prince Dildo
    Special Price $21.05 was $25.99

    Little lover packed with big-guy features.

  8. Knight Dildo
    Knight Dildo
    Special Price $26.72 was $32.99

    This studly hero is your fantasy dream come true.

  9. Mr. Perfect
    Mr. Perfect
    Special Price $40.49 was $49.99 You Save $9.50

    Flexible dual layer dildo with ultra realistic feel.

  10. Cyberskin Dream Dick
    Cyberskin Dream Dick
    Special Price $64.79 was $79.99 You Save $15.20

    Bigger version of a traditional Cyberskin dildo for women.

  11. Slim Suction Penis
    Slim Suction Penis
    Special Price $12.95 was $15.99

    Two sizes of extra skinny dildos with suction cup bases.

  12. Naturals Dildo
    Naturals Dildo
    Special Price $20.24 was $24.99 As low as $13.95

    Thinner girths & real sizes mimic a man's erection.

  13. Ultra Skin Medium
    Ultra Skin Medium
    Special Price $60.74 was $74.99

    World's finest sex toy captures the detail of a real erection.

  14. Ultra Skin Large
    Ultra Skin Large
    Special Price $63.98 was $78.99

    The best feeling big dildo, silken, soft & pure luxury.

  15. Cloud 9 Dong
    Cloud 9 Dong
    Special Price $18.62 was $22.99

    The torpedo head sure to make a vagina quiver!

  16. King Cock Ballsy
    King Cock Ballsy
    Special Price $34.01 was $41.99

    Our favorite realistic looking "slightly above average" sized dildo.

  17. Pleasure Skin Large
    Pleasure Skin Large
    Special Price $29.15 was $35.99

    Thicker than humanly possible. Strong suction cup base.

  18. Small Curved Dildo
    Small Curved Dildo
    Special Price $20.24 was $24.99

    G-spot curve beyond anything humanly possible!

  19. Large Curved Dildo
    Large Curved Dildo
    Special Price $24.29 was $29.99

    The eccentric curved dildo that defies gravity!

  20. Basically Yours
    Basically Yours
    Special Price $12.95 was $15.99 You Save $3.04

    Nice & soft average size dildo for women.

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109 items