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Loverboy Uncut Wall Mounted Dildo

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Loverboy Uncut dildo is a stocky and sturdy uncut dildo ready for a kinky booty call! The shaft retains an even girth all the way through, kind of like a stovepipe design. The end has foreskin surrounding the penis head eliminating the mushroom tip, smoothing the head into a nicely rounded yet blunt tip.

The foreskin is permanently molded to the shaft and cannot move, this is just for decoration a d to alter the shape compared to the typical penis shaped dildo to add a new sensation for those looking for sex with an uncircumcised dildo. The PVC rubber feels silky smooth to the touch and can bend when you squeeze it but stays nice and erect for good, hard sex.

Loverboy Uncut Wall Mounted Dildo features a suction cup base that is incredibly sticky making it perfect for mounting to a wall or floor. It is one of the strongest suction cups we've seen in a long time. Each of the 3 color options is named and themed with comical packaging and a fun playful design. The white color is “Tony the Waiter”, the brown mocha is “Derek the Bartender” and the chocolate dark color is “Pierre the Chef”.

Total Length:
7 inches
Insertable Length:
5 inches
Ranges between 1 1/2 - 1 5/8 inches
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:
Color Options:
Vanilla (White), Caramel (Brown), Chocolate (Dark)
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